What is the Dice Game

what is the dice game

Dive into the fascinating realm of dice games! Explore their origins, rules, and popular variations in our comprehensive guide.

A dice game is every form of entertainment where players roll a certain number of dice to get a better score or more points than opponents, or they involve a betting procedure to determine the outcome of the next player’s turn.

Right now, we are focusing on casino games like Craps, Sic Bo, and other games you can play with dice, both physical and virtual. Our main goal is to make you a proficient player and potential winner, whether you play with your kids and friends or in a Bitcoin casino for large sums of crypto assets.

What Constitutes a Dice Game?

In casino terms, Dice games can be played with actual, physical dice rolled every round by a player, players, or a dealer, or they can be used in virtual form as part of a more complex game in a digital format to determine random outcomes of every single bet.

A dice game can be played like a board game in a land-based or virtual online casino, and it can be done with physical dice or virtual dice in the case of online casinos. In some games, the player with the highest score wins (Yahtzee, The Dice Game), while most casino Dice games rely on successfully predicting the outcome of Dice rolls (Craps, Sic Bo, etc.).

To summarize, a Dice game is made out of a set of dice, played in several rounds by one or more players, involving an end-game goal or a bet player makes every round after each dice roll. If you’re eager to try one of the dice games, you can do so right away at our best Bitcoin casinos.

Dice Board Game vs. Dice Gambling Games

Dice Board Game vs. Dice Gambling Games

Although they might look quite the same, there are several critical differences between Dice board games and those played for real money in casinos, virtual and land-based.

First, classical Dce board games are intended for maximum enjoyment for the whole family. The Dice Game, Yahtzee, and other games are designed to bring joy and excitement, with you and the next player taking a turn rolling the dice, but that does not mean they are equally suitable for betting purposes. Here’s an example:

Yahtzee is played with five or six dice. A player rolls the dice and eliminates the worst number rolled in a six-dice game. Players take turns rolling the dice, and whoever gets the most points wins. Technically, you can bet on the winner, but that’s just one bet for a half an hour game – it’s just too slow and tedious for gambling purposes.

Yahtzee allows you to re-roll several times, while other casino games like Bac Bo combine dice features with seemingly unrelated card games, such as the game of Baccarat in this case, thus improving its gambling value in addition to the possibility to make wagers every turn, depending on the results of your opponent, or a dealer.

Regular board games are not lesser games in logical and entertainment value; they are simply not made for gambling. Even a kid can learn a game of Blackjack with a bit of practice, but playing Blackjack without any sort of real-money betting (and bluffing!) takes away the essence of the game.

On the other hand, Dice gambling games have rules made explicitly for betting, involving the right mathematical combinations and payout odds so that the game carries an acceptable amount of risk for both player and the casino.

Also, dice used in casinos differ from those used in table dice games. If you pay close attention, you can tell that casino dice have sharp edges and corners paired with drilled pips, while dice made for family games have rounder, smoother edges and tips and, in most cases, painted pips.

This is because rounded corners yield less random results. A veteran player can influence the outcome simply by throwing the dice correctly, while casino dice tend to be practically impossible to cheat on.

Types of Casino Dice Games

There is a vast amount of casino Dice games at our disposal, but in general, they are split into two categories – real physical Dice games and casino games using virtual dice in a more complex setting.

Games with physical dice include six-sided dice rolled by a player, a dealer, or a machine, producing an instant result and settling the wager. Games with virtual dice use computer programs and other random generators. Their purpose is to digitally make dice results, later used in a more elaborate gambling sequence, as described below.

The Best Gambling Dice Games

Here are the most-played Dice games in the world, played equally in real and virtual casinos. They are split into two basic categories: games with actual physical dice and games using computer-generated dice results.

Dice Game With Physical Dice

Dice Game With Physical Dice


While there is no such thing as “the best Bitcoin Dice game,” Craps is undoubtedly the most common. It’s a fun and exciting game requiring two dice, a table, and some chips to bet. The game’s goal is to correctly guess what value the dice will show when the shooter rolls them.

A game of craps consists of multiple rounds and can accommodate up to 20 players at the table. Each player takes turns being the shooter and rolling the dice.

Sic Bo

In a game of Sic Bo, you’ll use three regular dice with numbers ranging from 1 to 6. But before you start rolling, it’s time to place your bets. The table is divided into different sectors, each representing another type of bet.

Bet on a specific number or combination and hope for the best. You can even bet on multiple sectors to increase your chances of winning. Each sector on the table has its unique set of rules, so read up on them before placing your bets.

Bac Bo

This Bitcoin dice game combines elements of Sic Bo and Baccarat. With four six-sided dice, two for each side, players can bet on which side will have the higher total. Will it be the Player, the Banker, or a Tie?

If you bet on the winning side, you’ll receive even money for your winnings. However, if both sides tie, they’ll lose 10% of their bet. But if you’re feeling lucky and want to bet on a Tie, you could win big with a payout of 7 to 1 for ties of 11 or less. And if both sides roll a 12, you could win a massive payout of 79 to 1. We advise you to avoid Tie bets due to the risk involved.


A game of Hazard is the predecessor of the popular game craps. In Hazard, rolling a 2 or 3 is considered a bad throw and is referred to as “crabs.” While the rules may vary slightly from source to source, here is a basic set to get you started.

First, one person acts as the caster, but everyone can wager. The more players, the bigger the potential win or loss for the caster. The caster chooses a main by selecting a number between 5 and 9 and places a stake on the table. If the caster wins, the others must cover the original bet. Other players can make their bets at any point between throws, and if the caster accepts a bet, they must put down the same amount to cover it.

Once all bets are placed, the caster rolls two dice. If they roll their selected main, they “nick it” and win all bets on the table, plus the other players must cover the original stake. If not, any roll between 4 and 10 becomes their chance. From here, the caster rolls until they roll their main or chance again. After the first roll, the main loses, and the chance wins, with a few exceptions.

Chuck A Luck

The game has many names – Bird Cage, Chuck Luck, Chucker Luck, Chuck, Sweat Cloth, and more. It’s a banking game that has a connection to Grand Hazard. The game operator rolls the dice using a special chuck cage – a rotating wire cage shaped like an hourglass. Players then bet on numbers 1 to 6.

The operator will roll the dice and pay according to the numbers thrown. They keep all other stakes, and some operators only allow one bettor per number and spread out the bets.

If your number comes up on one die, you’ll get paid at odds of 1 to 1 (evens). Two dice? You’ll get paid at odds of 2 to 1. And if you’re fortunate and your number comes up on all three dice, you’ll get paid at odds of 3 to 1. The overall house edge is 7.8703%.

Dice Game With Virtual Dice

Dice Duel

In this game, two standard dice are used. The presenter will shake them in the box and let them roll onto the table. But before the excitement begins, you’ll need to place your bets. Many options include predicting which die will have a higher value, guessing if the total will be odd or even, or even betting on specific numbers.

The betting round lasts 30 seconds, so you must think fast. The odds in Dice Duel are presented in a fractional format, making it easy to see how much you could win. For example, if you bet $100 on the blue or red die and get it right, you’ll see a sweet $125 profit!

But the best part is combining multiple bets on a single bet slip. So let your imagination run wild and create your own unique betting strategies. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the thrill of the game. So get ready, place your bets, and let the dice roll!

Boom City Live

Boom City is a vibrant 6×6 grid where players can bet on 36 exciting squares. The outcome of the live dealer’s roll of two dice determines the wins in this thrilling game. Prepare for betting options, including instant cash prizes with 1x, 2x, and 5x multipliers and three bonus games. And hold onto your seat because the maximum win can reach a mind-blowing 20,000x!

But that’s not all! In the base game, Boom City offers a fantastic Power-Up feature. If luck is on your side, this feature can boost the multiplier of the square you’ve chosen on the grid, leading to even bigger winnings. It’s an exhilarating twist that keeps you on the edge of your seat, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

However, beware of the Bust symbol. If you land on it, your luck takes a nosedive, resulting in an instant loss. Stay sharp and avoid this symbol at all costs.

Monopoly Live

The game is split between two parts. First, we have the money wheel where you can bet on different segments to win cash prizes. Then, we have the traditional board game bonus round, which has been given a modern twist.

The money wheel offers six different bets spread across 54 segments. Each bet has its own outcomes, giving you plenty of opportunities to win. All you need to do is place your bets on the segments and hope that luck is on your side when the wheel stops.

The ultimate goal is to bet on either 2 rolls or 4 rolls and win. This will give you access to the virtual Monopoly section of the game, where the real fun begins. As you make your way around the board, you’ll collect rent and other exciting bonuses, leading to bigger payouts and prizes.

Lightning Dice (First Person)

In this dice roll prediction game, you’ll have 14 seconds to place your bet before the dice are placed at the top of the Lightning Tower. A lightning strike will flash across the screen each round, selecting two to four spots on the grid. These lucky spots will receive special multipliers ranging from 50x to 1,000x.

Now, the host pulls the lever, setting the dice into motion. As they come to a rest, the results will be revealed. If you correctly guessed the sum of the three dice, you’re in for a big win, especially if your number was one of the chosen Lightning Numbers. An additional multiplier will be applied for even greater rewards in that case.

What is the Best Dice Games Strategy?

What is the Best Dice Games Strategy

Suppose you are interested in copious details on best gambling strategies. In that case, we advise you to read our article, which analyzes the most popular casino strategies and tactics in-depth.

However, you can improve your odds of winning even without complex mathematical strategies and a lot of money. Before you turn to Martingale, Fibonacci, and other systems devised for pros, you can do a few things immediately before you start to play that will significantly help your bankroll in the long run.

  • Visit a reputable crypto casino.
  • Choose a game with the highest RTP possible and the lowest house edge
  • Select a good game provider
  • If you are using bonus cash, seek the games you can wager said bonus on
  • Never play using the highest bet amount possible unless it’s a Jackpot game
  • Set aside the money you are willing to lose without serious consequences
  • Likewise, determine a winning amount that’s good enough to keep you satisfied
  • Split your bankroll into at least 200 betting units ($200 budget = 200 x $1 bet)
  • Set a gaming session time limit, your goal is to stay at a casino as briefly as possible
  • If you lose the predetermined bankroll or score your projected win, leave immediately
  • Take frequent rests if needed
  • Never play intoxicated, tired, frustrated, sick, or in a hurry; a focused, serene mind is your best ally.

Should You Play Dice Games in Bitcoin Casinos?

If you accept them for what they are, you should play Dice games in Bitcoin instead of regular fiat casinos. There are a couple of crucial reasons:

  • BTC Casinos offer better casino bonuses, promotions, and VIP rewards and are overall more generous than regular casinos
  • Cryptos stand for unparalleled deposit and withdrawal speed, security, and improved privacy
  • Such casinos have more considerable deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Crypto casinos host provably fair Dice games, and you are always 100% sure that the outcome of a bet is random


Are Dice games legal?

Yes. If you live in a country where gambling is legally regulated and allowed, Dice games are also included and are perfectly legal to play in state-approved casinos.

Can I play Dice games with cryptocurrency?

Yes. Cryptos are legally acceptable means of trading, and if your country allows gambling, you have nothing to worry about.

What Dice games have the best return-to-player percentage (RTP)?

Online Craps has an RTP ranging from 84% to 99,15%, while Sic Bo has an RTP of 95,5% to 97,30%. For example, with a good strategy and the lowest-risk bets employed, you will lose 0,85% or 2,70% of your bankroll at the end of the gaming session, respectively, provided you and the casino (dealer) have equal luck.

Is it safe to play Dice games with cryptos in online casinos?

It is safe, but not 100%. Your biggest threat is not casinos; instead, you must protect yourself against criminal cyber-attacks and con artists, as well as the notorious volatility of cryptos that can result in significant losses due to unpredictable exchange value.

What is the best Dice gambling strategy?

The best strategy is to keep your bankroll in check, hands down! It has nothing to do with luck, which is why it works well. Before you start to play, set aside a budget, split it into at least 200 betting units, keep your session time at a minimum, set your spending limits, and stick to it no matter what.

Why can’t I wager my bonus playing live casino Dice games?

Because casinos fear live games more than anything and want to protect themselves against significant losses that can occur in your favor. Table games, on the other hand, are run by the random number generator (RNG) programmed to deliver just the right amount of wins and losses in a predetermined period of time.

Can I deploy a specific set of skills in Dice games?

No. Dice games are entirely based on chance, and you can’t affect the outcome of any individual roll. However, you can use different gambling strategies to maximize your chances of hitting it big or to recuperate your losses over time, but in the end, it all depends on luck.

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Best Coupon Sites – Find Some Top Ways to Save Money Online

Swagbucks Home Page

Gone are the days of thumbing through local newspapers and magazines, looking for coupons to cut out and take shopping with you. Now, you can sift through all the money-saving offers from the comfort of your armchair. There are plenty of popular coupon websites, but we’ve done the legwork and found the top 10 for you.

What is a Coupon Site?

If you’re looking to score a fantastic deal and enjoy quality items at discounted prices, the best sites for coupons can be your secret weapon. A coupon site is a platform that lists coupons, coupon codes, and other kinds of offers.

The coupon code websites are accessible to the public, sometimes for a fee, and you can redeem the vouchers at other online retail websites or brick-and-mortar stores. In addition, you can receive cash back on your purchases that you could use when having fun at one of the top 50 UK online casinos.

Best Sites for Coupons – Top 10

Finding the best sites for coupons can be an overwhelming search. In the table below, you can see our pick of the top 10 UK coupon sites. To help you decide which is best, you’ll find more details in the sections below.

Coupon Code Website Sign Up Bonus Browser extension or app Ways to Save/Earn
Swagbucks Yes Yes Coupons, cash back, answer surveys, deals
Rakuten Yes Yes Cash back, deals, shopping rewards
RetailMeNot Yes Yes Coupons, cash back, promo codes
CouponFollow No Yes Coupons, cash back
BeFrugal Yes Yes Coupons, cash back, deals
Brad’s Deals Yes Yes Coupons, deals
Amazon Coupons No Yes Coupons
The Krazy Coupon Lady Yes Yes Coupons, coupon codes, deals, freebies
Coupon Cause No No Coupons, promo codes
Coupons.com Yes Yes Coupons, promo codes


Swagbucks is popularly known for being a survey website. However, it’s so much more than that. It’s earned itself a place on our list because you can also print off coupons and shop using the site’s online portal.

The concept behind the site is to earn Swagbucks, and you can do it in many ways. Earn them by watching videos, taking surveys, printing coupons, and using the Swagbucks search engine. You receive your first Swagbucks as soon as you sign up, and if you refer a friend, you earn the same time they do.


Rakuten Online Shopping

Previously known as Ebates, Rakuten is one of the best cash back sites that offers coupons as well. Signing up is free, and there are hundreds of websites where you can use your coupons or earn cashback. If you download Rakuten’s Chrome extension, you’ll receive an alert if the site you’re visiting offers cashback.


RetailMeNot Coupon Shopping

RetailMeNot is another of our best coupon websites to see exciting in-store coupons, online promo codes, and cash back offers. Some stores it provides coupons and deals for include Amazon, Macy’s, Airbnb, Domino’s, and Sephora. To help you find the latest deals quickly, you can use an app that notifies you when you’re in a store.

Coupon Follow

Coupon Follow has been helping shoppers save money for over a decade with its coupon codes, exclusive promotions, and cash back offers. Using the platform provides opportunities to make savings at more than 4,000 retailers, including DoorDash and Target.

Coupon Follow does all the hard work for you by tracking retailer’s newsletters, social media accounts, and websites daily. The site then organizes the information, making it easy to find. Cently is the brand’s Chrome extension you can use to apply eligible coupons to your shopping cart at the checkout.


BeFrugal is a simple app you can use to help you save money while you’re shopping. One of the best features is its accessibility. With a push of a button, you can allow BeFrugal to apply coupons and codes while shopping. You can receive any earnings you make via PayPal. Then you can use your extra cash at a PayPal betting site, for example. Other payment options include cheque, direct deposit, or gift card.

Brad’s Deals

Brad’s Deals features offers that are hand-picked by the site’s editor. While the editor is not Brad, the name behind the brand still plays an active role and leads a team of experts who scour the internet for deals daily.

Brad’s Deals is one of the longest-running coupon sites. Brad created the site in 2001 and has enjoyed constant growth since then. As well as the editor’s hand-picked deals, there are coupons to browse and a wealth of other resources, including shopping guides.

Amazon Coupons

Amazon Online Shopping

If you’re an avid Amazon shopper, try Amazon Coupons for size. The coupons are only for Amazon products, but that’s not such a big deal when considering the variety of available items. Think of something you’d like and you’ll have no problems finding it and save money at the same time.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

The Krazy Coupon Lady is a coupon site started by two real-life coupon ladies who wanted the world to learn about extreme couponing and how lucrative it could be. An app is available and features weekly deal matchups by stores, online and printable coupons.

These are all updated daily, and the vast library of resources makes it a great place to start your couponing journey. There’s also an active community which provides inspiration and a lot of fun.

Coupon Cause

Coupon Cause is a little different from the other best coupon sites in the UK that we’ve featured. Its tagline is “you save, we donate”, and this sums up the website’s ethos. Coupon Cause is similar to other sites in that you’ll find discounts on thousands of brands, but what makes it stand out is that they donate a percentage of their profits to charity.


Coupons.com does precisely what it says on the tin. It launched in 1998 and was one of the pioneers in online couponing. You’ll find a wide selection of digital coupons you can use when shopping online or in a store.

You can enter your zip code to help you find local deals in addition to the more generic big retailer offers. You can print your coupons or use them online. Plus, you can earn cashback if you link a card to the site. With a little extra cash to play with you could visit one of the best online casinos in the UK.

Different Types of Coupons

Saving Money Using Coupons

Before you rush off and sign up at a coupon website, you must know the different coupon types. Also, remember always to read the fine print on your coupons. Only then will you get the most bang for your buck.

Here is a list of the most common coupon types:

  • Manufacturer’s coupons: These are issued by the manufacturer of a product. You can use them at any store that accepts the coupon and stocks the product.
  • Printable manufacturer’s coupons: These work in the same way, but you print them from a website and take them to a physical store.
  • Store coupons: Some retailers issue store coupons, which you can only use at the issuing store.
  • Coupon code: Coupon codes give you discounts on purchases while shopping online. Many stores include a field for coupon codes at the checkout. Before you complete your order, enter the coupon code, and the website will inform you of its validity.
  • Cashback: Cashback works slightly differently but is still a great way to save money. You receive cashback directly in a store if you shop in person. If you shop online, the cashback is credited to your account with a particular coupon site. Once you hit a certain threshold, the cashback is sent to you.

Tips on Making the Biggest Savings

We have a couple of tips to share that will help you make the most of your couponing journey. The first is to sign up for multiple coupon websites because they all offer something different in terms of savings.

You’re not restricted to just one, and in most cases, it costs nothing to sign up, so sign up to as many as you want. You’ll get a regular selection of emails and notifications, so you’ll be prepared for when you find a great deal.

Cheerful Woman Holding Money

The second tip is to ensure you’ve got all the necessary supplies. If you plan to print out your coupons, you’ll need a printer, some paper, and ink. Something to store the coupons in would also be a good idea.


If you’d like to save money on your shopping bills, knowing about the most popular coupon websites is bound to be helpful. In our experience, there are often a few questions our readers like to ask, and we try to answer them as concisely as possible here in this final section of the blog post.

1️⃣ Which coupon code websites are legitimate?

Luckily for you, there are very few scams associated with couponing. However, if you like the sound of saving money when you’re shopping, you should understand how couponing works and always read the small print on any offers. You also need to be aware of the type of coupon you’re using, as some might be a store-run promotion.

2️⃣ Where can I get coupons for free?

All of the top ten coupon sites listed above are free to use. Sites like these can give away coupons because they make money through affiliate links and advertisements. This is good news for you because it means you don’t have to pay a fee or worry about covering the cost of joining.

3️⃣ Where can I use the coupons?

There are several different types of coupon you can use. How and where you use them depends on which coupon you use. For example, some are only valid when shopping online, whereas others can be printed and taken to a physical store. In general, many of the best coupon websites offer both options.

4️⃣ Can I only sign up with one coupon website?

There are no restrictions on the number of coupon websites you can register with. It’s up to you to decide. However, a good tip is that when you follow multiple coupon websites, you’re less likely to miss a lucrative offer. The fact that it costs nothing means you’ve not got any additional expenses to worry about.

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How to Play Dice Gambling

How to Play Dice Gambling

Learn the art of dice gambling with our comprehensive guide. Discover the rules, strategies, and tips for your next roll of the dice!

What are Casino Dice Games?

Casino dice games involve one or more players, with or without a casino dealer, who roll the dice on a flat surface and bet on the outcome. Playing dice games relies exclusively on luck, and rules are easy to master, making them extremely popular worldwide.

This time, we will focus on Craps because it’s the most popular game, played in Las Vegas and (in most cases) illegally on street corners in every major city.

Physical vs. Virtual Dice Games

Casino dice games are broadly split into two categories: those played with physical dice and games played with virtual dice “rolled” by a computer.

For example, regular Sic, Craps, and other dice games are played with physical dice, and the casino dealer or the player rolls three dice (Sic Bo) or two physical dice (Craps) and tries to guess the outcome of the initial roll.

However, in the game First Person Craps, a player can be set at a virtual Craps table, where he or she places virtual chips and roll virtual dice. But have no worries, rolling dice this way has no impact on the outcome of your initial bet. All dice rolls are produced by a verified random number generator, producing random results no matter the betting amount.

Casino Dice Rules: How to Play Craps?

Craps are a simple game played with two dice. You will need a table, or a street corner, with a backstop that the dice bounce against and some people to play with.

In street craps, you only need two dice and two players minimum to get the game going. But don’t worry; anyone can join the fun and participate in the action! It all starts with a roll of the dice to determine who gets the honor of being the roller for that game. Once that’s settled, everyone can bet whether the roller will ‘pass’ (by rolling a 7 or 11) or ‘crap out’ (rolling a 2, 3, or 12) on their first roll. The game ends immediately if the roller hits one of those lucky numbers, and the bets are paid out accordingly.

But before we start rolling those dice, there’s a bit of betting to be done. The player shooting the dice gets to make the first bet, and the other players have to match that bet at least before the game can move forward. If someone can’t match the bet, the shooter has several options. They can either lower the bet to make it fair for everyone or change the odds to give themselves an advantage. Once the shooter’s bet matches, the other players can get in on the action and place their side bets.

The point rules are simple. If the shooter doesn’t pass or craps out on the first roll, the number rolled becomes the ‘point.’ From then on, only two values matter the point value and 7. The player keeps rolling until either the point or seven is reached. Bets that the shooter would ‘pass’ now become bets that the shooter will roll the point before rolling a 7. On the other hand, bets against that outcome are bets that seven will be rolled first. When the game reaches the point, as soon as the shooter rolls the point or 7, the game ends, and the bets are awarded accordingly.

Street Dice Rules

To play Street Craps first, you must learn the basic rules before the shooter rolls the dice. The rules are straightforward and almost identical to casino Craps: players roll two dice and bet on the result. Rolling a seven or eleven means a win while rolling a two, three, or twelve results in a loss. Any other total sets a point, and the player must roll that total again before rolling a seven to win.

The game can be played with any number of players, usually two to four. One player starts as the shooter, rolling the dice for everyone to bet on. If the shooter rolls a seven or eleven, they win, and others lose their bets. Rolling a two, three, or twelve means the shooter loses, and others win. The shooter establishes a point for any other total and must roll it again before a seven to win.

Players can bet on their rolls or the rolls of others. Usually, two six-sided dice are used, but some game variations involve four dice. And here’s the critical difference

Casino Craps vs. Street Craps

Street Craps and Casino Craps are the chase game with only minor differences. According to the Street Craps rules and betting options, players can bet against other players, while in land-based casinos, players bet against the banker or the casino.

Also, in the casino version, two six-sided dice are rolled on a Craps table, while in Street Craps, you can roll the dice wherever you please.

Casino Dice vs. Ordinary Board Game Dice

Dice used in casinos are often called precision dice because they are shaped like perfect cubes with perfectly square edges and corners. They combine precision, accuracy, and impeccable craftsmanship to avoid potential problems with cheaters.

On the other hand, regular table dice have rounder edges and smoother corners to roll more efficiently on every surface available. They are not designed with real-money bets and gambling in general in mind.

Important Terminology and Vocabulary in Street Dice & Casino Dice

  • The Shooter: This is the player who rolls the dice. For each game of Craps, another shooter rolls the dice.
  • Come Out: This is the initial player’s result.
  • “To crap” or To “Crap Out” means to roll a failure – 2, 3, or 12 on the come-out roll.
  • “To pass” means to succeed and roll a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll.
  • The point or Making the Point is any result between 4 and 10 on the come-out roll minus 7.
  • “Seven out” is a failure – when the dice hit a seven before rolling the point.
  • The side bet is an additional bet placed at the beginning of every round.
  • Bounce is a physical barrier enabling the dice to bounce back and produce entirely random results.
  • “Fingers” is used for restricting all body parts in the shooting zone, most commonly feet and hands or fingers.

Street Dice Tips and Tricks

  • Learn the rules by heart: Join a table or a corner only when you are 100% ready
  • Set a bankroll and stick to it no matter what: this is paramount, do not lay wagers once you broke the budget, do not chase your losses, or you will end up flat broke
  • Play Street Craps with the people you can trust: scammers are everywhere; choose your street dice company very carefully
  • Don’t play intoxicated and emotionally unstable: grab the dice only when you feel like it, and never join a table if not fully in control of your actions
  • Place wagers with the lowest house edge: go for the bets with the highest probability, don’t get distracted by bets with the highest payout

Street Dice Game Bets and Odds

Pass (line) Bet – Wins on rolls of 7 and 11, loses on 2, 3, and 12. The house edge is 1,41%, and the payout odds are 1:1.

Don’t pass (line) bet – Wins on rolls 2, 3, and 12, loses on 7 and 11. The house edge is 1,36%, and the payout is 1:1, or even money.

Come Bet works like Pass Line bets, but the critical difference between the two is that you make a Pass Line bet before the shooter establishes a point, whereas you make a Come bet after the shooter establishes a point. The House edge is 1,41%, and the payout is 1:1.

Don’t Come Bet – After the point is set, players bet the shooter will land 2 and 3 before 7 or 11. The roll of 12 is a tie, and a seven is needed before payout. The house edge is 1,36%, and the payout is 1:1.

Any 7 – A player bets that a seven will emerge. The House edge is 16,67%, and the payout is 4:1.

Any Craps – A player places a wager on 2, 3, or 12. The House edge is 11,11%, and the payout is 7:1.

Field Bets – A player wins on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12 rolls. The bet is lost on 5, 6, 7 and 8. Payout is 1:1, or 2:1 for the roll of 2, or 3:1 for the roll of 12. The house edge is 5,56%.

Laying the Odds Bet – A player can do this after a pass or come bet. Players wager that the shooter will score seven before a point number. House edge is 0%, payout odds 1:2 on rolls of 4 or 10, 2:3 on 5 or 9, 5:6 on 6 or 8.

Buy Bets – A player predicts the shooter will land a specific point number before scoring a 7. The casino pays true odds but imposes a 5% commission on each win. House edge is 4,76% or less if the casino claims a commission on winning wagers. Payouts are 2:1 on 4 and 10, 6:5 on 6 and 8, and 3:2 on 5 and 9.

Place Bets – Similar to Buy Bets, a player places a wager on a specific number rolled before 7. House edge is 1,52% on 6 or 8, 4% on 5 or 9, and 6,67% on 4 or 10. Payout odds are 9:5 for 4 or 10, 7:5 for 5 or 9, and 7:6 for 6 or 8.

Big Six, Big Eight – A player bets that 6 or 8 will be scored before a 7. The House edge is 9%, and payout odds are 1:1.

Hardways Bets – Both dice reveal the exact number before a shooter lands a 7. House edge is 9,09% on 6 or 8 and 11,11% on 4 or 10. Payout odds are 9:1 on 6 or 8 and 7:1 on 4 or 10.

2 or 12 – A player bets on 2 or 12. The House edge is 13,89%, and the payout is 30:1.

3 or 11 – A player places a wager on 3 or 11 before rolling a seven. House edge 11,11%, and payout odds are 15:1.

The Brick bet is set before the point is set. The wager is a push on rolls of 7 or 11 and loses if the result is 2, 3, 5, 9, or 12. In all other cases (4, 6, 8, and 10), the roll becomes the point, and the goal is to roll the point again the hard way (two dice with identical results) within three rolls before rolling a seven or the point “the easy way” (2+6, 4+6). The House edge is 6,27%, and the payout is 25:1.

Shooting Dice Step by Step

Shooting Dice Step by Step

If you want to shoot dice correctly and be good at it, follow these step-by-step instructions. Fortunately, unlike other games, you can play street or casino Craps with few resources. All you need is a pair of dice and a flat surface to roll them on, provided it has a blocking part designed to bounce the dice back.

The Goal of The Game

The game aims to predict the winning dice combinations and bet on them. The shooter throws two dice and tries to score 7 or 11 or to re-roll a point before throwing a 7.

Other players place bets accordingly and can bet on the shooter or against him or her.

Playing One Round of Street Craps

The Street Craps rules are very straightforward. Now we’ll play a round of fictional craps and see how it goes.

Choosing a Shooter

Selecting the first shooter is up to the players; they can select a shooter among themselves. But more frequently, players prefer to roll for it. A dice is rolled, and the player with the lowest or highest value is the first shooter.

Setting the Bet

The next step is setting the bet value. Players often agree upon a fixed wager, for example, $5. However, it is not unusual to introduce the rule where players match the shooter’s wager, provided it is limited to a predetermined value.

For instance, a player decides that the maximum bet is $10, and a regular bet is $5. The shooter can opt between $5 bets and up to $10 whenever he or she pleases.

Placing Bets

Before the dice are rolled, each player places a bet. The bet value is agreed upon before the rolling, or you can use the optional rule of allowing the shooter to set the wager limit within the maximum bet range.

Pass bets and don’t pass bets are the most commonly played, but you can set the house rules to include additional side bets – it’s all up to the players involved.

Shooting the Dice

After the betting round is over, the shooter rolls the dice. As a rule of thumb, the dice should hit the back wall, or a table barrier, to avoid cheating and produce genuinely random results.

The Outcome of The Dice Roll

One round of Craps can end immediately after the first roll if the score is 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12. Let’s say that 7 or 11 are rolled; in this scenario, the player wins the pass bet, and the player loses on don’t pass bets. Scores of 2 and 3 wins don’t pass bets, and 12 is a push.

If any other number is involved, it sets a point for the remainder of the turn.

What is a Set Point?

When a shooter rolls 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, that particular number becomes “the point” number. The shooter wins a pass bet if he or she rolls the point before a 7. Likewise, if the shooter bets on a don’t pass line wager, he or she must roll seven before the point number. The same rule applies to all players.

Bets Get Resolved After The Next Round

Street Craps payouts are based on true odds, and there’s no house edge – players lose the same amount of money as winners. Once the turn ends and the final score is established, losers give money to winners, and the game continues with another shooter.

Moving the Dice to the Next Shooter

In most instances, a winning shooter will throw dice until he or she loses, but this is optional. In other games, when the round is over, the shooter has to pass the dice to the right (or left, it depends on the players), and another player becomes the shooter.

Should I Play Craps and Dice Games in Online Casinos?

The answer is “yes,” provided you’ve met the following criteria. You should play casino Craps in licensed and regulated online casinos with fair terms and conditions. Avoid playing street craps with strangers or entirely if the game is illegal in your country.

Playing Craps with your friends in your private home is legal in most countries, but most countries prohibit gambling for money in public spaces.

As for casinos, pick a casino that offers the best deal overall. Focus on reliability and trust it has in the gambling community, but don’t overlook bonuses and other lucrative incentives.

Find a reputable casino with few unresolved complaints that allow you to use bonus assets in a table and live games paired with low wagering requirements and a high wagering contribution for dice games like Craps.

If you are combating addiction or just want to be on the safe side, opt for a casino with good support and a bevy of responsible gambling tools.

To conclude, playing Craps and other dice games in legit online casinos is entertaining and potentially rewarding. Such games offer decent odds and chances but maximize your time, money, and casino bonuses.

Please, gamble responsibly.

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Will Sports Betting in Ontario Be a Success or Not?

Luke Garrison: Sports & Casino Author from Canada

Sports & Casino: Luke Garrison

Luke Garrison is a professional writer who grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He currently works at the Canadian Press and enjoys the outdoors in his free time.

On Wednesday July 19th, iGaming Ontario released a full report including a detailed breakdown of igaming revenues from the first fiscal quarter of 2023-24. This is significant as previous iGaming Ontario reports hadn’t provided such thorough statistics.

Some of the numbers painted a picture of victory for Ontario sports betting. Every fiscal quarter since the launch of legalized sports betting via iGaming Ontario (April 4th, 2022) has been a smashing success from a profit revenue standpoint.

In fact, the first fiscal quarter of 2023-24 was leaps and bounds better than its 2022-23 counterpart. The latest quarter boasted a whopping $545 million in igaming revenue, which is more than 3x the amount of the $162 million revenue generated in the first quarter of iGaming Ontario’s existence.

It’s even better than the last quarter of igaming revenue in 2022-23 ($526 million), albeit not by much. Still, it’s hard to argue against incremental growth when the profits are consistently so lucrative.

Some of this increase can be attributed to the expansion of available sportsbook operators and igaming websites. In the first three months of 2022, there was just 18 operators and 31 active websites. Currently, there are upwards of 46 operators and 71 active gaming sites – with that number expected to grow.

What Are the Arguments Against the Success of Ontario Sports Betting?

The arguments against the success of Ontario sports betting aren’t necessarily revenue-based. Simply put, the problems lie within regulation and consumer interest. Not to say that any of these operators are conducting business illegally, or that consumers aren’t at all interested.

In regards to regulation, the most pressing issue has been the onslaught of betting-related advertisements. Whether sportsbooks or casinos (or both), operators have been buying up ad time at a torrid pace. At this point, the greater majority of commercials seen during local sports broadcasts are about igaming.

In addition to being aggressively present, many of these advertisements include well-known superstars such as BetMGM’s ads featuring hockey greats like Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid. The outcry of criticism surrounding the sports betting ads has become loud enough to reach parliament.

Several solutions have been posed, including banning professional athletes from being able to give endorsements to igaming operators. Without limits, many worry how far things can go before meeting any form of resistance.

Nowadays, even local sports networks such as TSN and Sportsnet have included sports betting segments in pregame shows. Yet another way to ensure viewers are being exposed to igaming content at every possible juncture.

How Interested Is the Adult Population of Ontario in Sports Betting?

In Ontario, consumer interest in sports betting is actually quite low compared to casino. In fact, sports betting only drove 14% of total bets and just 25% of total igaming revenues overall.

In a vacuum, the $7 billion in cumulative sports betting wagers since launch is no doubt a staggering number. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as impressive when it’s shown that this $7 billion only accounts for roughly 20% of the $35.6 billion in total Ontario wagers (submitted since April 2022).

Casino, on the other hand, has been absolutely unstoppable. Its igaming revenue has accounted for roughly 78% ($27.6 billion) of total wagers and nearly 67% ($940 million) of cumulative revenue overall. It leads one to wonder, has sports betting really ‘taken off’ if it’s still lagging so far behind the growth of casino?

It’s hard to be negative about generating a few billion dollars in revenue in a little over one year’s time. Still, the potential for revenue growth and customer acquisition in Ontario sports betting is massive. According to the igaming revenue report, Ontario operators reported a cumulative total of 920,000 active player accounts in the first quarter of 2023-24.

A user-base of that quantity is hardly small, but it only makes up for about eight per cent of total adults living in Ontario. According to statistics from Ontario.ca, there are roughly $11.1 million adults over the age of 25 living in Ontario.

Exact population statistics for Ontarians aged 18-25 aren’t currently unavailable, but even looking at adults aged 25 or older shows that significant user growth isn’t out of the question.

In fact, some would use this as an argument for why aggressive sports betting ads should be permitted. But the main counterargument still reigns true – a high-volume of sports betting ads can be dangerous.

What Is the Ontario Government Doing About the Surplus of Ads and Problem Gambling?

The Ontario government does allot $31 million in annual funding for gambling addiction – $25 million for treatment programs and $6 million towards augmenting education and prevention efforts. With billions of dollars in igaming revenue being generated each year, that $31 million contribution could arguably be a lot bigger.

It’s hard to say when something actionable will happen on that front, or when any legal efforts will be made to curb the number of sports betting ads. Luckily, the pressure to improve has been there thanks to the work done by a group called ‘The Campaign to Ban Gambling Advertising.’

Led by former Toronto mayor John Sewell and Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) board member Karl Subban (father of former NHLer P.K. Subban), the group believes sports betting ads can pose harm to both young people and gambling addicts.

Frankly, they have a point. Even a reduction in sports betting ads wouldn’t remove them entirely, and there are a lot of underage sports fans who are tuning into these broadcasts on a regular basis.

Passing a bill in the Senate takes time, but the federal government is certainly aware of what needs to be done. Until then, some may not characterize the presence of Ontario sports betting as a full-scale success.

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Will Ontario Ban Spots Betting Ads

Luke Garrison: Sports & Casino Author from Canada

Sports & Casino: Luke Garrison

Luke Garrison is a professional writer who grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He currently works at the Canadian Press and enjoys the outdoors in his free time.

From a revenue standpoint, the first year of legal online sports betting couldn’t have gone any better. In total, the province amassed roughly $35.6 billion in cumulative wagers resulting in a $1.4 billion profit.

The real problem lies with the avalanche of sports gambling advertisements that have clogged every sports network since the launch of the Ontario iGaming market on April 4, 2022.

To say there’s been a couple of sports betting ads, or even a few, would be grossly underselling how much these commercials have dominated the airwaves. One of the reasons these ads have been effective is due to appearances from well-known and loved athletes – past and present.

For example, there’s a series of commercials produced by BetMGM Sportsbook featuring all-time hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and modern-day superstar Connor McDavid. As a pair of talented, well-respected members of the hockey community, very little can beat the appeal of their dual endorsement.

Naturally, both hockey and sports fans are a lot more likely to engage in betting when they are encouraged by one of their heroes. This sentiment hasn’t gone unnoticed either, and is the reason why these aggressive sports betting ad campaigns have fallen under scrutiny.

What Is Being Done To Stop Sports Betting Ads in Ontario?

Will Ontario sports betting advertising one day face similar restrictions to alcohol and cannabis ads? A group called ‘The Campaign to Ban Gambling Advertising’ is at the head of the cause, and wishes to accomplish just that.

Led by former Toronto mayor John Sewell and Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) board member Karl Subban (father of former NHLer P.K. Subban), the group believes sports betting ads can pose harm to both young people and gambling addicts.

There are certainly statistics that back up the group’s claim. For example, a study released by Statistics Canada in August 2022 cited that ‘nearly two-thirds (64%) of people aged 15 or older reported gambling at least once in 2018.’

Thankfully, most people did so without incurring any harm; however, nearly 300,000 Canadians (roughly 2%) of that demographic were deemed to be ‘at a moderate-to-severe risk of gambling-related problems.’

Such a low percentage usually isn’t reason for alarm, but we must also consider the fact that this study was conducted in 2018 – despite being released to the public in 2022. At the time, only parlay gambling was legal in Ontario and had to be done so from a brick-and-mortar, OLG-approved location.

The presence of sports betting ads also wasn’t a factor, with perhaps the exception of the occasional Proline commercial. For all of these reasons, and more, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is already mulling over the idea of banning both sports and celebrity iGaming advertisements.

Nowadays, the temptation is all over Ontario in almost every conceivable way. The greater majority of commercials shown on TSN, Sportsnet, and other local Canadian sports channels are about sportsbooks.

Each of these networks has also tailored its programming to include sports betting odds and segments, providing advice on which bets to place and when.

Sports podcasts and radio shows are another culprit. Many of the most-followed programs now feature sponsored sports betting segments where a representative from a particular sportsbook will appear as a guest on the show.

Betting odds and markets that are specific to the sportsbook sponsor will be presented in a conversational way. Easy to digest, and not overtly seen as predatory in nature.

It doesn’t stop there, either. Teams in every North American sports league are partnering up with some of the biggest sportsbooks around, with these deals further solidifying sports gambling’s presence in the life of the average fan.

Furthermore, sports betting lounges are being built within arenas so that fans can place wagers more comfortably. After all, someone is a lot more likely to hang out and participate in an activity if it’s convenient and comfortable.

This level of engagement can cause people to lose track of time and, more importantly, lose track of how much they’re spending.

The psychology behind this stems from the same logic that some casinos have used during venue design. If there are less windows and clocks (at least prior to the smartphone era) in view, time becomes less relevant and it’s easier to get caught up playing the slots, for example.


Essentially, sports betting (and gambling in general) can be a slippery slope for those who aren’t constantly checking on themselves. People with low introspection can sometimes be prone to being impressionable, meaning they’re more susceptible to placing a wager after viewing a bombardment of sports betting ads.

A scorched-earth removal of all sports betting commercial content would be more-or-less impossible, but the reasons to do so are far from few. Especially when a restricted advertising precedent has already been set by comparable industries like alcohol and cannabis, for example.

Addiction is a violent, unrelenting monster regardless of what the vice is, and it would certainly be a lot easier to mitigate the risk of sports betting ads if they were to face restrictions. As a wise man once said, everything in moderation. There are a lot of fun positives when it comes to sports betting, and it is far from the root of all evil.

With that being said, the pressure to drastically reduce the number of sports betting ads has been escalating, and for good reason. There’s a compromise to be found here, and it may come in short order. Until then, the risks of tempting those on the brink of serious addiction with continuous sports betting ads will remain prevalent.

Many will simply hit ‘Mute’ or finish other things during the commercial breaks of sporting events, but that doesn’t mean anything in relation to those who won’t. Especially those who are moderate-to-severe risk of developing gambling-related issues.

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Rotterdam Casinos ✔️ Top Land-Based Casinos in Rotterdam, NL

Casino Floor with Electronic Gaming Machines

The casinos in Rotterdam have an incredible selection of electronic and table games. Alongside this, you need to consider many amenities and extras before deciding where you will play. We decided to help you by introducing the various gambling locations.

Legal Status and Particularities of Rotterdam Casinos

Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and one of the most populated cities in the world. This means there are many locals and visitors seeking entertainment, and one of the popular options is the Rotterdam gaming locations.

Gambling in the Netherlands is legal, so operators can legally open land-based gambling locations. The licensing process is strict, and every Rotterdam casino meets the following requirements:

We know that people have always wagered on competitions and skills display, but the written history of gambling in the Netherlands begins about 14th century with the first gambling regulations and evolves through time.

Today, if you enter either one of the casinos in Rotterdam, you will see the latest technological wagering innovations and gaming opportunities. In the next part of the blog post, you can find brief information about the major casinos in the Netherlands’ city of Rotterdam.

Brick-and-Mortar Casinos for Rotterdam Players

Picking a casino in Rotterdam may take time, but it is easier when you know what the operators offer in advance. What is equally strong to all listed land-based casinos is that they are all licensed and secure gambling locations following the requirements of the responsible gambling in the Netherlands.

Fair Play Casino

The first Rotterdam casino is the Fair Play Centre Rotterdam. The gambling room was opened 35+ years ago and had a DEKRA certification. The land-based casino and its online version are great options for Dutch high-roller betting.

Flash Casino Rotterdam

This is a great example of a casino for Rotterdam players and visitors of the city. The Flash Casino Rotterdam is one of the 43 establishments in the Flash Casino chain. The games are located on two floors, and the casino has the following amenities:

  • 🎂 Players Age: 21+
  • 🎉 Free entrance
  • 🥞 Free snacks & drinks
  • 📶 Free WI-FI
  • 🅿️ Free parking
  • 🍀 Quick entrance with Luckey

Holders of a Luckey card can enter all locations offering this access pass. The card also allows them to save Luckey points, use many benefits, and more. Additionally, Flash Casino Rotterdam has diverse, interesting promotions for all players.

Holland Casino Rotterdam

Playing Cards, Dice, and Casino Chips in Black and gold

Researching the Rotterdam casinos will lead to the Holland Casino chain with 14 establishments in the Netherlands. Each of those locations is worthy of entering the top 10 quality casinos for Dutch players.

In 1996, Holland Casino received the ‘Beschikking Casinospelen’ (permanent casino gaming licence), which covers all franchised land-based casinos. If you intend to play at Holand Casino Rotterdam, you need to know this:

  • 🎂 Players Age: 18+
  • 💃🏻 Dresscode: stylish and well-groomed
  • ⏰ Open: 24/7
  • 🚬 Smoking: Designated and outdoor smoking areas
  • 🥗 Restaurants: Taste, Brasserie & Wines, The Global Kitchen
  • 🎙️ Entertainment: live performances, special events

This casino in Rotterdam offers 150+ slot machines as part of the nationwide Mega Millions Jackpot. Players who like spinning the reels for the highest possible prize should know that this progressive jackpot slot’s initial amount is 1,000,000€.

Holland Casino Rotterdam is also a great place for all poker players. This is where the WSOP Rotterdam, Dutch Open Poker Series, Small Ball Series Rotterdam, and other tournaments are held.

If you prefer playing online, the operator has one more surprise – the online version of Holland Casino. We have a detailed Holland Casino online review for NL that can be useful for interested players.

Jack’s Casino – Alexandrium & Centrum Locations

There are two casinos in Rotterdam part of the Jack’s Casino chain with 30+ locations – Jack’s Casino Rotterdam Centrum and Jack’s Casino Rotterdam Alexandrium (Alexandrium Shopping Center). Here are the amenities in those locations:

  • 🎂 Players Age: 21+
  • 🍀 Lucky quick entrance
  • 🎉 Free entrance
  • 📶 Free Wi-Fi
  • 🥞 Free snacks & drinks
  • 🅿️ Paid parking
  • 🥗 Restaurant: Jack’s Bar & Restaurant (Jack’s Casino Rotterdam Centrum)
  • ♿ Wheelchair Accessibility: Jack’s Casino in Alexandrium Shopping Center

Jack’s Casino is a great example of a best player experience oriented Rotterdam casino. The upscaling of the services is the online gambling site available to all local players over the legal age. Our Jack’s Casino review for the Netherlands can help you decide if this is the online casino for you.

Merkur Casino Rotterdam

Neon Casino Sign Over Red Background

Merkur is a popular brand in the gambling world for creating excellent games. It has 5 casinos in the Netherlands and more gambling brick-and-mortar locations in Europe. This brand’s casinos for Rotterdam citizens is called Merkur Casino Rotterdam.

The casino meets the latest technological standards and offers an exciting gaming atmosphere. Inside, you will find only legal games in the Netherlands, and the Merkur Loyalty membership program is a must-try.

Queens Casinos in Rotterdam

Palace Casino brand upgraded its entertainment at the Queens Casino. The Rotterdam casinos allow players and visitors over 18 years to use all amenities, promotions, and extras after entry. Here are the four land-based gambling sites part of the Palace Casino chain in Rotterdam:

  • 💎 Corso Casino
  • 👑 Queens Casino Old Courtyard
  • 👑 Queens Casino Botersloot
  • 👑 Queens Casino 1e Middellandstaat

Each of those locations offers many excellent slot machines and progressive jackpot slots comparable to the top 10 casino slots in the Netherlands. Going through the whole casino floor is the only way to explore all gambling opportunities.

Games at Rotterdam Casinos

Slot Machines in a Row

Upon entry into either one of the casinos in Rotterdam, you will see modern gaming machines and astonishing wagering opportunities. All gambling games are legal and offered by licensed suppliers. The brick-and-mortar casinos in Rotterdam predominantly offer electronic games like:

  • 🎰 Slot Machines: classic, video, and progressive jackpot slots.
  • 🃏 Electronic Gaming Machines: roulette, video poker, bingo.
  • ♥️ Table Games: roulette, poker, blackjack, dice, and more.
  • ♠️ PvP Poker: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, cash games and tournaments.

The Rotterdam casino poker draws attention because there are many professional, local and international games. The jackpot slots and games are another type of games that constantly draw attention. Those slots, lottery, and PvP poker games are known to bring some of the highest gambling wins in the Netherlands.

Online Gambling in Rotterdam

Casino Chips and Dice Placed over a Laptop

Rotterdam’s history goes back to the 1270s, and the city has always been known for its seaport and travellers. The city’s history of gambling is just as old. The modern casinos for Rotterdam players are licensed online gambling sites offering games like:

  • 🎰 Slots
  • ♥️ RNG Table Games
  • ♣️ Electronic Gaming Machines
  • 🃏 Video Poker
  • ♠️ PvP Poker
  • 🎱 Bingo
  • ⚽ Virtual Sports
  • 👽 Daily Fantasy Sports
  • 🏒 eSports
  • 🏇🏻 Horse Racing
  • 🥊 Sports Betting

Some of the land-based casinos we mentioned also have an online version. The brands Holland Casino, Jack’s Casino, and Fair Play Casino have gambling sites standing next to the top online casinos in the Netherlands.


Exploring the Rotterdam casinos is an adventure that takes us through different modern amenities, extras, and games. Deciding where to play also brings questions that need answers. We gathered the most frequent inquiries and answered them. For more details, follow the links in the brief information.

*️⃣ Are there casinos in Rotterdam, Netherlands?

Since gambling in the Netherlands is legal, and Rotterdam is one of the busiest and most visited cities, there are many licensed brick-and-mortar casinos in Rotterdam. Each of the Rotterdam casinos has a unique atmosphere and delivers a top-ranking gambling experience to all players over the legal gambling age.

*️⃣ Who licensed the land-based Rotterdam casinos?

The legal gambling locations in Rotterdam have a licence by the Kansspelautoriteit (Netherlands Gaming Authority). Besides the government-issued certification, the casinos in Rotterdam are monitored by government and independent organisations. All games are regularly tested for fair play, and every issue is removed to meet the legal and latest technological standards.

*️⃣ What games can I play at Rotterdam casinos?

In all casinos, Rotterdam players can enjoy the latest and hottest casino games. Every operator has a rich catalogue of wagering entertainments, including slots, electronic gaming machines, video poker, and more. Many land-based casinos also offer PvP poker and other real dealer table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, dice, and more.

*️⃣ Are there online Rotterdam casinos?

If playing at a land-based Rotterdam casino is impossible for you, then try the online version of the Rotterdam casinos. The operators of chains like Holland Casino, Fair Play, and Jack’s Casino also have great online gambling sites with rich game catalogues, interesting promotions, and everything else that makes the gambling experience unforgettable.

*️⃣ Which are the most famous casinos in Rotterdam, Netherlands?

Every casino in Rotterdam deserves attention, but if we are looking for a leader in the industry, then that is the Holland Casino brand. This is the first operator with a KSA gambling licence for the Netherlands, extending over 14 establishments and an online casino. Here, you can play for the largest slots jackpots or join the WSOP tournaments.

*️⃣ Why players like the casinos in Rotterdam?

Despite their differences, all Rotterdam casinos aim to create the best gambling experience for every player. A great example is Jack’s Casino chain, where the visitors of Jack’s Casino Rotterdam Centrum can enjoy tasty snacks and drinks in the Jack’s Bar & Restaurant. On the other hand, Jack’s Casino in Alexandrium Shopping Centre is wheelchair accessible.

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Comprender los Sentimientos y Emociones como Ser Querido de un Jugador Problemático

Understanding Feelings and Emotions as a Loved One of a Problem Gambler

¿Tienes un amigo, familiar o ser querido que está experimentando problemas con el juego? Si es así, entonces entiendes lo devastador que puede ser, no solo financieramente, sino también emocionalmente, porque también estás experimentando los impactos negativos del juego compulsivo. Llamar o enviar un mensaje de texto al 888-ADMIT-IT es un primer paso para comprender mejor lo que está sucediendo y lo que puedes hacer por ti mismo mientras apoyas al jugador compulsivo.

Cada caso de juego problemático afecta a un promedio de 8-10 personas además del jugador. Como ser querido de alguien que sufre de adicción al juego, uno de los desafíos más grandes es equilibrar tu deseo de apoyar a esa persona mientras te cuidas a ti mismo. ¿Sabías que la Línea de Ayuda 888-ADMIT-IT ofrece servicios completos y recursos específicamente para los seres queridos? No estás solo con estos sentimientos y emociones que pueden apoderarse de tu vida. Vivir con los impactos de la adicción al juego es muy similar a vivir con la adicción a las drogas o al alcohol. Dos de las diferencias más grandes son que el juego problemático es una adicción oculta que no puedes ver ni oler y la rapidez con la que puede devastar todas las partes de tu vida.

Los Impactos Crecientes del Juego Compulsivo en los Seres Queridos

Los datos de la Línea de Ayuda muestran un aumento en los problemas de salud mental personal y en problemas domésticos experimentados por los seres queridos de jugadores problemáticos en La Florida, con un 67% informando sentimientos de ansiedad y casi la mitad (49%) reconociendo períodos de depresión debido a la presencia de un problema de juego en sus vidas. Cuando se les preguntó, la abrumadora mayoría (90%) de los seres queridos dijo que había conflicto familiar presente, más de la mitad (60%) aconsejó que se sentían descuidados y el 10% informó algún nivel de violencia familiar en el hogar debido al juego, reflejando aumentos sustanciales en todas las áreas en comparación con los datos del año anterior y permaneciendo como una preocupación importante.11

Muy a menudo, en las etapas iniciales del lidiar con un jugador compulsivo en tu hogar u otro lugar, se experimenta la negación de que existe un problema, incluyéndote a ti como ser querido. Incluso mientras experimentas ansiedad, depresión, shock, traición, culpa, resentimiento y otras emociones poderosas, los seres queridos pueden usar la negación como un mecanismo de afrontamiento para no causar conflictos en la relación y tratar de mantener un equilibrio para otras personas en el hogar, como niños o ancianos que no son conscientes del problema.

La ira no es un sentimiento, es un comportamiento en reacción a emociones subyacentes. La ira bloquea la conciencia del dolor, descarga sentimientos incómodos, borra la culpa y coloca la culpa de los problemas en otros.

Aunque puedes sentirte inclinado a poner tus necesidades a un lado y posiblemente mentir para encubrir al jugador compulsivo, esto inevitablemente conducirá a más estrés, agotamiento y problemas de salud propios, mientras que el jugador está siendo habilitado y no ve razón para cambiar. Debes cuidarte primero pidiendo ayuda y dejando de tratar de mantener el secreto. Una vez que obtengas ayuda y tengas más información sobre lo que está sucediendo, entonces pueden luchar juntos contra la adicción, en lugar de luchar entre ustedes.

Aquí hay cuatro pasos que te ayudarán en el futuro:

  1. Identifica tus Sentimientos
  2. Reconoce que hay Cuatro Formas de Expresarte:
    • De Forma Pasiva
    • De Forma Pasivo Agresiva
    • De Forma Agresiva
    • De Forma Asertiva
  3. Comprende tu Ira y Cómo se Manifiesta
  4. Utiliza el Pensamiento y Comportamiento Asertivos con las Afirmaciones “Yo”:
    • Tengo derecho a pedir lo que quiero y necesito.
    • Tengo derecho a decir NO.
    • Tengo derecho a expresar todos MIS sentimientos, positivos o negativos.
    • Tengo derecho de cometer errores y no ser perfecto.
    • Tengo derecho de seguir mis propios valores, creencias y estándares.
    • Tengo derecho de no ser responsable de la conducta, acciones, sentimientos o problemas de los demás.
    • Tengo derecho de estar enojado con alguien a quien quiero.
    • Tengo derecho de estar en un entorno no abusivo.
    • Tengo derecho de ser tratado con dignidad y respeto.
    • Tengo derecho de que se respeten mis necesidades y deseos.

¡Comienza Ahora Mismo con la Línea de Ayuda 888-ADMIT-IT!

La ayuda confidencial y multilingüe para el juego compulsivo está disponible las 24 horas, los 7 días de la semana en La Florida, ¡también para los seres queridos! Llama o envía un mensaje de texto a la Línea de Ayuda 888-ADMIT-IT para tener una conversación segura y con conocimientos con especialistas que te remitirán a los recursos que marcan la diferencia para los seres queridos de los jugadores problemáticos, incluyendo la consejería profesional de proveedores de tratamiento certificados, grupos de apoyo de autoayuda, literatura de autoayuda y mucho más. La Línea de Ayuda también se puede contactar a través del chat en vivo en gamblinghelp.org, por correo electrónico a [email protected], a través de la aplicación móvil 888-ADMIT-IT y conectándote con el FCCG en las redes sociales.

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Understanding Feelings and Emotions as a Loved One of a Problem Gambler

Understanding Feelings and Emotions as a Loved One of a Problem Gambler

Do you have a friend, family member, or loved one who is experiencing problem gambling? If so, then you understand how devastating it can be not only financially, but emotionally, because you are also experiencing the negative impacts of problem gambling yourself. Calling or texting 888-ADMIT-IT is a great first step to finding better understanding of what is going on and what you can do for yourself while supporting the compulsive gambler.

Each case of problem gambling takes a toll on an average of 8-10 people besides the gambler. As a loved one of someone who is suffering from gambling addiction, one of the biggest challenges is balancing your desire to support that individual while also caring for yourself. Did you know that the 888-ADMIT-IT HelpLine offers full service and resources specifically for loved ones as well? You are not alone with these feelings and emotions that can take over your life. Living with the impacts of gambling addiction is very similar to living with drug or alcohol addiction. Two of the biggest differences are that problem gambling is a hidden addiction you can’t see or smell and the speed with which it can devastate all parts of you and your life.

The Increasing Impacts of Problem Gambling on Loves Ones

HelpLine data shows increases in personal mental health and domestic issues experienced by loved ones of problem gamblers in Florida, with sixty-seven percent (67%) reporting feelings of anxiety and almost half (49%) acknowledging periods of depression due to the presence of a gambling problem in their lives. When asked, the overwhelming majority (90%) of loved ones said there was family conflict present, more than half (60%) advised they felt neglected, and 10% reported some level of family violence in the home due to gambling, reflecting substantial increases in all areas when compared to the previous year’s data, and remaining a major concern.1

Quite often in the beginning stages of dealing with a compulsive gambler in your home or otherwise would be denial that there is a problem, including from you as the loved one. Even while experiencing anxiety, depression, shock, betrayal, guilt, resentment, and other powerful emotions, loved ones may use denial as a coping mechanism so as not to cause conflict in the relationship and attempt to maintain a balance for others in the home, like children or elders who are not aware of the issue.

Anger is not a feeling – it is a behavior in reaction to underlying emotions. Anger blocks the awareness of pain, discharges uncomfortable feelings, erases guilt, and places the blame for problems on others.

Though you may feel inclined to put your needs aside and possibly lie to cover up for the problem gambler,this will inevitably lead to more stress, burn out, and health issues of your own – all the while, the gambler is being enabled and sees no reason to change. You must take care of yourself first by asking for help – and stop trying keeping the secret. Once you get help and have more information on what is going on, then it can become you and the problem gambler fighting against the addiction, instead of each other.

Here are four steps that will help you going forward:

  1. Identify Your Feelings
  2. Realize There are Four Ways to Express Yourself:
    • Passive Way
    • Passive Aggressive Way
    • Aggressive Way
    • Assertive Way
  3. Understand Your Anger and How It is Manifesting Itself
  4. Use Assertive Thinking and Behaviors With “I” Statements:
    • I have the right to ask for what I want and need.
    • I have the right to say NO.
    • I have the right to express all of MY feelings; positive or negative.
    • I have the right to make mistakes and not be perfect.
    • I have the right to follow my own values, beliefs, and standards.
    • I have the right to not be responsible for other’s behavior, actions, feelings, or problems.
    • I have the right to be angry at someone I love.
    • I have the right to be in a non-abusive environment.
    • I have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
    • I have the right to have my needs and wants respected by others.

Get Started Right Now with the 888-ADMIT-IT HelpLine

Confidential and multilingual help and hope for problem gambling is available 24/7 in Florida – for loved ones too! Call or text the 888-ADMIT-IT HelpLine to have a safe and knowledgeable talk with Specialists who will refer you to the resources proven to make a difference to loved ones of problem gamblers, including professional counseling from certified treatment providers, self-help support groups, self-help literature, and so much more. The HelpLine can also be reached through live chat at gamblinghelp.org, by email to [email protected], through the 888-ADMIT-IT mobile app, and by connecting with the FCCG on social media.

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Should You Bet On The Melbourne Cup Favorite?

Should You Bet On The Melbourne Cup Favorite?

They call it the ‘Race That Stops a Nation.’ And with good reason. Every first Tuesday of November, more than a million Australians tune in to watch the Melbourne Cup, with about a hundred thousand more at the racecourse itself. 

One of the most enduring questions about the Melbourne Cup (or in any race, for that matter) is, ‘Should you back the favourite?’

A Melbourne Cup favourite is a horse bookmakers believe will most likely win the race. Usually, it’s the horse with the best form and ridden by the most experienced jockey. But you know what? Favourites don’t always win. In fact, favourites in the Melbourne Cup have only won 32 times since 1861. That’s only about 20% of the time. Hardly a guarantee, right? Yet a favourite is a favourite, and there are reasons why that particular horse is the favourite. 

The role of the favourite

The heart of the Melbourne Cup betting often revolves around the favourite horse—that one equine contender deemed by the bookmakers to have the edge. 

So who’s the favourite horse in the Melbourne Cup 2023? As suggested earlier, the favourite is usually the horse that earned the nod of bookmakers and punters. Mind you, it isn’t easy to earn their approval. Check out Racenet or other reliable online resources to get up-to-date information and coverage on this year’s top contenders.

When determining the favourite, oddsmakers consider various factors, including the following:

  • Past race performance
  • Jockey reputation
  • Weight assignment

Becoming the favourite is the result of meticulous calculations. The odds aren’t arbitrary but determined based on each horse’s strengths and weaknesses. In recent Melbourne Cup history, the favourites Makybe Diva and Fiorente proved their mettle, but many other favourites failed to meet the expectations of many punters. 

Also, do you know that only four favourites finished in the money (in the top 3) since 2006? They are the following: 

  • Incentivise: Second in 2021
  • Hartnell: Third in 2016
  • Fiorente: First in 2013
  • So You Think: Third in 2010

The last favourite to win the Cup was Fiorente in 2013. The other favourites didn’t even place in the top 3, which goes to show that favourites aren’t shoo-ins.

So who’s this year’s favourite?

For this year’s Melbourne Cup, Vauban is the current favourite after the weight release last September. He’s deemed the horse to beat because of the following reasons: 

  • Endurance: Vauban has won over distances of up to 2,500 meters, including the Group 3 Ballyroan Stakes at Naas in Ireland in August.
  • Recent form: Vauban has won two of his last three starts and ran a strong third in the Group 1 Hardwicke Stakes at Royal Ascot in June.
  • Versatility: Vauban has won on various ground conditions, including soft and heavy ground, giving him a good chance of handling the conditions at Flemington on Melbourne Cup day.

As a result, the four-year-old bay gelding’s popularity among punters is very high. But don’t forget, there are a number of other horses that could challenge Vauban for the 2023 Melbourne Cup. 

Check these horses out:

  • Gold Trip
  • Soulcombe 
  • Breakup 
  • Francesco Guardi
  • Lunar Flare

These entries are all in good form and have the potential to be a serious threat to the favourite. Ultimately, the decision of which horse to bet on in the Melbourne Cup will depend on your strategy. 

The case for betting on the favourite

That the favourite doesn’t always win is no reason for punters not to bet on that horse. Favourites, as mentioned earlier, are favourites for a reason—or a number of reasons, in this case. Racing experts and bookmakers using various metrics—like consistency in previous races, a jockey that knows how to win, and others—decide that a particular horse is likelier to win compared to the others in the field.

Moreover, the favourite is often the horse trained specifically for the Melbourne Cup. The horse’s trainer has been preparing for this race for a long time; presumably, it’ll be in peak condition on race day.

If you think betting on the favourite is a good idea, here are a few additional things to remember: 

  • Look for horses with a good record at Flemington Racecourse. 

The Melbourne Cup is run at Flemington Racecourse, so looking for horses with a good record at this track is important.

  • Consider the horse’s weight. 

The Melbourne Cup is a handicap race, meaning horses are assigned weights based on their form and ability. Remember, horses carrying lighter weights have an advantage, especially in a two-mile race like the Melbourne Cup. Note also that horses carrying a weight heavier than 56 kilograms have only won five times since 2000. 

Typically, horses with heavier weights are the better horses. But in long distances, the added weight can be costly.  

  • Take note of the barrier draw. 

At 3,200 meters, the Melbourne Cup is among the longest handicap horse races in the world. Due to the race’s distance, some people may think the barrier draw doesn’t matter much for races over 1,500 meters. They may have a point. 

But because of the number of horses in the field (24 for this year’s race), the barrier can play a significant role. For example, horses from the middle typically struggle to get a good position early in the race. Historically, the middle barriers from 7 to 17 have only produced one winner since 2000. 

On the other hand, horses from barriers 1 to 6 have won 11 of the 19 races since 2003. Among these barriers, number 5 is the winningest—it has eight winners so far.  

Why you should not bet on the Melbourne Cup favourite

The favourite is the horse with the shortest odds of winning a race. Typically, most punters put their money on the favourite. In turn, the amount of money on each horse can influence the odds set by bookmakers.

So let’s say you’re betting on the favourite horse at odds of 2:1, meaning that for every $1 you bet, you’ll win $2 if the horse wins. However, since the favourite is the most popular choice, it’s also less lucrative because the odds get shorter and potential payouts decrease.

For example, if you bet $10 on the favourite at 2:1 odds, you’ll win $20 if the horse wins. But if the horse loses, you’ll lose your entire $10 bet. On the other hand, if you bet $10 on a less popular horse at 10:1 odds, you’ll win $100 if the horse wins. 

Therefore, betting on the favourite can be riskier because you have to bet more to win the same amount. So if you want to win big, you won’t get it betting on the favourite. Well, maybe you can, but then again it would take a lot of money. 


So should you bet on the Melbourne Cup favourite in 2023? If you’re a casual punter seeking thrill and excitement, placing your money on a favourite might offer a reasonable choice. After all, favourites earn their status for sound reasons—be it their proven form, experienced jockeys, or meticulous training regimens.

However, if your aim is more about making a profit than joining the festivities, you might want to consider other horses in the race. The favourite is the most popular choice and can demand a higher wager for a potentially smaller return. Though riskier, betting on horses with longer odds can yield more significant winnings for a smaller investment.

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It’s about balancing the thrill of the race with your risk appetite. 

Learn more about this year’s Melbourne Cup here.


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Casino Marienlyst ▶️ Quality Games & Luxury Amenities

Casino Game Hall

Everything You Need to Know About Casino Marienlyst

Casino Marienlyst opened doors in 1902 in a lavish hotel along the picturesque Oresund Strait, establishing a premier entertainment destination. Nowadays, Casino Marienlyst is a first-class venue that combines the thrill of gambling with the charm of a historic location.

Casino Marienlyst is the oldest casino in Denmark. The venue is owned by Casino Copenhagen K/S and is one of the most beautiful places in Northern Europe. The casino’s architecture reflects the neoclassical and Art Nouveau styles, popular during the 20th century.

Inside, the Marienlyst casino boasts an opulent interior featuring chandeliers, plush furnishings, and a sophisticated atmosphere. Although the magnificent building is deeply rooted in history, it has embraced modernity to meet the preferences of its visitors, offering them entertainment and 5-star luxury.

Casino Marienlyst in Denmark boasts exquisite dining venues that cater to a range of culinary tastes. Visitors can savour gourmet dishes, accompanied by a selection of fine wines. Whether enjoying a romantic dinner or hosting a special event, the casino provides a memorable dining experience.

🗺️ Location Helsingør, Denmark
📍 Address Ndr. Strandvej 2. DK-3000 Helsingør
🏢 Foundation 1902
☎️ Phone Number + 45 49 28 01 23
📧 Email [email protected]
🕛 Opening Hours Sunday – Thursday – 19:00 p.m.- 03:00 a.m.
Friday and Saturday – 19:00 p.m.- 04:00 a.m.
🎲 Games American Roulette, Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold ’em Poker, Poker Tournaments, Casino Denmark Jackpot
🛏️ Accommodation Hotel Marienlyst
🍴 Restaurant & Bar Restaurant Isabelle, Rory Bar
📅 Events Meetings, Conferences, Team Buildings, Celebrations, etc.
ℹ️ Offical Website Casino Marienlyst

In addition to the amazing dining offerings, Casino Marienlyst presents a variety of entertainment options. The gambling venue frequently hosts live performances, including concerts, theatre productions, and comedy shows, adding an extra layer of excitement to visitors’ experiences.

The excitement offered at Casino Marienlyst in DK and great variety of gambling options combined with attractive deals and regular promotions outshines the ones available at the best online casino sites in Denmark.

Casino Marienlyst Games Selection

Casino Marienlyst offers a wide range of gambling options. The casino floor is home to a premium selection of slot machines, providing both classic and modern gaming experiences. From traditional reel-style slots to cutting-edge video slots, there is something to suit every player’s preference.

Furthermore, the Marienlyst casino offers an amazing variety of table games. Customers can enjoy classics like blackjack, roulette, and poker, all played in an elegant and refined setting. The knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to assist both seasoned players and novices.

In Casino Marienlyst Danish players can win the nationwide Casino Denmark Jackpot, with a minimum prize of 2 million DKK. Furthermore, they can also book a seminar to play a no stakes game of roulette and blackjack outside the casino’s working hours.

The Marienlyst casino in Denmark supports responsible gambling in Denmark. The operator is licenced and regulated by the Danish Gambling Authority, also known as DGA or Spillemyndigheden. The casino accepts customers aged 18 or over with a valid ID and no previous gambling-related issues.

Casino Slots

Although there are only 60 slot machines in Casino Marienlyst in Denmark, they cater to players with varying preferences and budgets. The casino’s portfolio features a premium assortment of traditional mechanical reels, video, and progressive jackpot slots, provided by leading software developers.

Slot Machines

The Marienlyst casino offers Danish players responsible and fair play by utilizing state-of-the-art Random Number Generators (RNGs) in its slot machines. These RNGs guarantee that the outcomes of each spin are completely random, ensuring a fair and unbiased gaming experience for every player.

Casino Table Games

Casino Marienlyst features a comprehensive selection of classic table games, each providing its own distinct flavour and allure. At the gambling venue, players can find multiple blackjack tables with varying minimum and maximum bet limits, accommodating both casual gamblers and high rollers.

Roulette is another highlight at the Marienlyst casino in Denmark. Players place their bets on a number, colour, or combination of numbers, while the croupier spins the wheel to determine the outcome. With its captivating atmosphere, the Casino Marienlyst roulette provides a thrilling gaming experience.

Table Games

For those seeking a game of chance with a rich heritage, baccarat is an excellent choice. Players at the Marienlyst casino can bet on either the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. A tie is also an option with the goal of getting a hand value closest to nine.

Casino Marienlyst Poker Games

In addition to the classic table games, the Marienlyst casino offers a range of other options to cater to diverse tastes. From Caribbean Stud Poker to Three Card Poker, visitors can find a variety of exciting alternatives that ensure a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. Alongside the special selection of gaming options, players can join the exciting poker tournaments in the casino and go for the big prizes.

The Casino Marienlyst poker tournaments are held every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 p.m. The game variations include some of the most popular titles, such as Texas Hold ’em and Omaha Poker, where players can compete against each other rather than the house.

Hotel Marienlyst

Although Casino Marienlyst and Hotel Marienlyst are two individual companies completely independent of each other, they have built a great collaboration. Since its foundation in 1861, the Marienlyst hotel has welcomed plenty of guests, including prominent figures, artists, and royalties.

Alongside its rich history, the sophisticated place offers a range of accommodations to cater to every guest’s needs and preferences. From cosy rooms to spacious suites, and luxurious amenities, the Hotel near Marienlyst casino provides a blend of comfort and style.

Hotel Marienlyst

As already mentioned, one of the highlights of staying at Hotel Marienlyst is the exceptional dining experience it offers. The hotel boasts several restaurants combining various culinary options. From traditional Danish cuisine to international dishes, each meal will bring you an instant delight.

Hotel Marientlyst goes beyond providing comfortable accommodations and delectable dining experiences. Additionally, the place offers a range of wellness and leisure facilities. Whether it’s a soothing massage, a rejuvenating facial, or a refreshing dip in the pool, you can fully enjoy it.

Casino Marienlyst Dress Code

According to the website of Casino Marienlyst, it maintains a relaxed dress code at the gambling venue, meaning that formal clothes aren’t obligatory. For more ideas on your casual look, have in mind that there are great casino dress codes and outfit propositions out there.

Casino Marienlyst Dress Code

Whenever there is a special event, the Casino Marienlyst dress code may be subject to change. For that reason, it is advisable for the guests to check the venue’s website or contact its staff to inquire about any specific dress code requirements for a particular event.

Things to do in the Area

Casino Marienlyst in Denmark is situated in close proximity to world-famous attractions. Known for its stunning architecture and cultural heritage, Helsingor offers its visitors an unforgettable experience. Here is our list of the must-see places in the area:

  • Kronborg Castleit stands as the crown jewel of Helsingor and is undoubtedly the most famous attraction in the area. The magnificent Renaissance castle, dating back to the 16th century, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is widely recognised as the setting for Shakespeare’s renowned play, “Hamlet”. With its imposing towers, intricate detailing, and breathtaking location overlooking the Oresund Strait, Kronborg Castle attracts visitors from all around the world.
  • Danish National Maritime Museumthe place is located in a unique underground setting within the old dry dock. The museum showcases Denmark’s maritime heritage and offers an immersive journey through the country’s seafaring history. Visitors of the museum can marvel at impressive ship models, interactive exhibitions, and historical artefacts, providing an engaging and educational experience for all ages.
  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Artthe world-renewed museum is situated just a short drive from the city of Helsingor. It is known for its stunning seaside location and its impressive collection of contemporary and modern art. The museum’s exhibitions feature works by both Danish and international artists, and its beautifully landscaped gardens offer a serene environment for relaxation.
  • The Museum of National Historyit is located in nearby Hillerod, inside the Frederiksborg Castle, and showcases an extensive collection of artefacts, portraits, and tapestries, providing an insight into Denmark’s royal history. The castle’s idyllic gardens, adorned with fountains and sculptures, offer a serene retreat from busy everyday life.
  • The Coastline of Helsingornature lovers will find solace in the beautiful surroundings of Helsingor. The stunning beaches that line the city’s coastline, such as Hornbaek Beach and Snekkersten Beach, offer great opportunities for sunbathing and leisurely walks along the shore. The lush forests and tranquil lakes of North Zealand allow visitors to practice hiking, cycling, and picnicking amidst the region’s natural beauty.

Apart from the lovely places around Helsingor, you have to experience the lively atmosphere and local flavors of the city. Tourists can explore its charming streets and alleys, boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants, offering local delicacies while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of Helsingor.

In case you get tired of sightseeing in the area and the bonus offers at Casino Marienlyst don’t look appealing to you, you can always check out our list of the best online casino bonuses in Denmark and try out the operator that suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of our Casino Marienlyst review, we included a bonus section with the most frequently asked questions that you might have before starting your gambling adventure at the Danish venue. To clear up any doubts, just read the FAQ section carefully and you will find all the information you need.

Who owns Casino Marienlyst in Denmark?

The Marienlyst casino is owned by Casino Copenhagen K/S and it is the oldest gambling venue in Denmark. The sophisticated look of the casino is based on royal chandeliers and plush furnishings, which take you back in time and revive the traces of Danish history. The old-century atmosphere is combined with contemporary modernity to meet every player’s preference.

What games does the Casino Marienlyst offer?

The Danish gambling venue offers a wide range of casino games that cater to both beginners and experienced players. The most popular options include roulette, blackjack, slots, and poker variations. Additionally, the players can participate in poker tournaments, which take place at Casino Marienlyst. All games are provided by top developers and stand out with extraordinary quality.

Are there any other amenities at Casino Marienlyst?

Although there are no other amenities at the Marienlyst casino itself, it cooperates successfully with Hotel Marienlyst, which offers luxury accommodation and excellent dining options to its visitors. Many of the cosy rooms and sophisticated suits offer breathtaking views of the famous Oresund Strait and its beautifully sparkling waters.

Is there a dress code for Casino Marienlyst?

There is no requirement for a formal dress code at Casino Marienlyst. However, players are expected to wear smart casual clothes, excluding some types of sports and swimwear, such as sleeveless T-shirts, flip-flops, and tracksuits. Apart from these, you are not allowed to wear hats that don’t allow your face to be recognised.

What else can you see nearby Casino Marienlyst?

The Danish casino is located in the city of Helsingor, north of Copenhagen. This area is famous for its historical and cultural heritage, as well as the beautiful beaches around the coastal city. If you happen to visit it, take the chance to explore its magnificent museums and astonishing surroundings.


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