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Atlanta rapper 21 Savage has paid Kick streamer Adin Ross $250,000 after he supposedly cheated in an online card game on the latter’s channel.

Streamer and YouTuber Kai Cenat confirmed Ross’ receipt of the payment along with details of the controversy in a live phone call with him on Friday. Ross told Cenat:

He sent the money — he sent me $250K.”

Hiphop DX cited social media users taking to X with a clip of the rapper opening a fresh pack of traditional red playing cards in front of Ross. However, when Ross was not looking, one of 21 Savage’s friends allegedly passed him a pack of marked cards. The British American rapper went on to win $120,000 from Ross while playing with the marked deck.

After the game, Ross inspected the marked deck and realized the rapper had duped him. Ross stated 21 Savage initially denied any knowledge of the markings until the Kick streamer showed him the dodgy deck. Ross told Cenat the rapper placed the blame on the friend in his camp.

“[21 Savage] spoke to me last night on camera. It was somebody around him that he said he should have cut off and sh*t.” Ross agreed with the rapper’s explanation, telling Cenat: “They’re not his cards. I know he’s not gonna do that to me.”

In the camera call, 21 Savage and Ross allegedly agreed to play an NBA 2K game so the latter could have a chance to win back his money. Ross’ key take in his discussion with Cenat about the scandal? “We’re playing dice and cards, bro. Just don’t cheat.”

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