888poker Ontario's The Festival Series Crowns Twelve Big Winners

This has been a great summer for poker players in Ontario. As well as all the WSOP action coming to our screens, there has been a flurry of online poker events in the province. Poker sites in Ontario have put on a string of awesome tournament series, including the July edition of 888poker Ontario’s The Festival, which ran from July 16 to July 24.

The Festival consisted of twelve numbered events with $100,000 in guarantees spread across the schedule. By the time the last late registration period closed on July 24, the total prize pools came to $100,340.

This just beat out the guarantees overall for the series, though at the level of individual events, there was still some overlay value to be found.

The twelve events ranged in price from $11 to $109, offering a wide range of players a shot at a title. However, the biggest turn out ended up being be for the most expensive events.

*All dollar amounts in this article are in CAD.

Highlights From The Festival

The most popular event proved to be Event #12 – $40,000 GTD Mystery Bounty Main Event. Despite its high buy-in of $109, the event drew 412 entries, undoubtedly helped along by having several Day 1 flights.

All-in-all, the prize pool came to $41,200, much of which was distributed as mystery bounties to those who knocked an opponent out along the way.

The Main Event’s first-place prize went to “Jeffismyhero” who outplayed his opponents to take down the first-place prize of $4,297.


One notable detail of The Festival was the strange prevalence of animals in the usernames of winners. These animal references appeared to be a lucky charm for this series, with four of the twelve events going to zoologically named players.

There was “unclegoose ($390 for first in the Micro Opening Event), “Dolphinboy” ($1,400 in the Mini Opening Event, “HarristheCat” ($395 in the Mini Texas PKO 6-Max), and “ThatsSoRaven” ($1,264 in the $5,000 PKO Closing Event).

After the Main Event, the next biggest tournament was Event #02 – $30,000 GTD Opening Event. Despite being another $109 buy-in event, the Opening Event attracted 306 entries. This allowed it to also beat its guarantee with a total prize pool of $30,600.

The winner in this case was “jammyboi” who took down $6,202 for first place.

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888poker Ontario The Festival Complete Series Results

Event Buy-in Entrants Prize Pool Champion Prize
#01 – $1,200 Micro Opening Event $16.50 93 $1,395 unclegoose $390
#02 – $30,000 Opening Event $109 306 $30,600 jammyboi $6,202
#03 – $5,000 Mini Opening Event $55 93 $5,000 Dolphinboy $1,400
#04 – $2,000 Super KO $55 34 $2,000 big_bluff99 $594*
#05 – $600 Mini Super KO $11 72 $720 SAMsung4761 $203*
#06 – $10,000 Texas PKO 6-Max $109 88 $10,000 0canada014 $2,728*
#07 – $1,500 Mini Texas PKO 6-Max $22 77 $1,540 HarristheCat $395*
#08 – $1,500 Mini Mystery Bounty $11 130 $1,500 JournyMan $411*
#09 – $2,000 Mystery Bounty $22 129 $2,850 Allmypennys $692*
#10 – $1,200 Mini PKO Closing Event $16.50 77 $1,200 Tarps0ff $309*
#11 – $5,000 PKO Closing Event $55 94 $5,000 ThatsSoRaven $1,264*
#12 – $40,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event $109 412 $41,200 Jeffismyhero $4,297**

*includes bounties.

** does not include bounties.

Take Part In The Action On 888poker Ontario

To join the action on 888poker Ontario, all you have to do is download 888poker Ontario and set up your account on one of the best poker sites Ontario has to offer.

If you want to take part in the fun on 888poker Ontario, you do need to be physically located in and a resident of Ontario. If you are both these things, then the process for creating an account is easy — just click one of our download links and follow the instructions in the sign-up form.

You can also read the PokerNews review, if you want to learn more about the 888Poker Ontario site and software before you dive straight in.

Stick with PokerNews for Ontario news, views, and gossip, as well as all the info on the upcoming tournament series and poker festivals that are coming your way.

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