Adam Walton Jams 80 Big Blind Stack Into Pocket Aces, Busts WSOP Main Event

The 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event is now heads-up after Adam Walton shoved his deep stack all in with pocket eights and ran into pocket aces.

Entering today’s 10th and final session of poker’s world championship event, only three players remaining — Walton, Daniel Weinman, and Steven Jones. All three were vying for the $12.1 million first place prize, along with the glorious gold bracelet. Walton, however, will not be the lucky winner.

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Aggressive Player Runs Into It

Walton reached the final table with aggressive play, but that aggression inevitably cost him on Monday. Shortly before busting, he jammed on Jones with AxKx and forced AxQx to fold. Although he knocked an inferior hand out of the pot, he won a crucial hand that helped bolster his stack to around 100 big blinds.

Moments later, with the blinds at 1,000,000/2,500,000, Walton, who was sitting on around 200 million chips, raised to 6,000,000 with 88 before Weinman, who had him covered by a small amount, three-bet to 27,000,000 with AA. Without hesitation, the Las Vegas local then snap-jammed all in and was in turn snap-called by the preflop nuts.

Walton was at risk and would get some help from the board when it came out 7539, giving him a gut-shot straight draw on the turn. But the K on the river sealed the deal and sent Walton home in third place for $4 million, more than four times his prior Hendon Mob results.

Weinman moved into a massive chip lead, better than 2-1, but Jones still has 63 big blinds. The winner will receive $12.1 million and the runner-up will take home $6.5 million.

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