Alan Keating is in for Over $1 Million on High Stakes Poker and is Ready to Battle JRB

PokerGO released the newest edition of High Stakes Poker Season 10 — Episode 14 — Tuesday night, and high roller Alan Keating was into the $200/$400 cash game for more than $1 million.

Keating, who rose to poker fame on Hustler Casino Live over the past year, isn’t afraid to make big plays and splash chips around. During this action-packed episode, he went to battle multiple times with a High Stakes Poker veteran, Jean-Robert Bellande.

Those two popular poker pros were seated at a table that also included Jeremy Stein, Stanley Choi, Stanley Tang, and Eric Hicks. Here’s a look at the stack sizes that were displayed early in the show:

Player Stack
Alan Keating $1,098,900
Jean-Robert Bellande $517,800
Jeremey Stein $501,100
Stanley Choi $246,800
Stanley Tang $185,100
Eric Hicks $146,400

Hicks and Stein Fight with Big Pairs

jeremy stein high stakes poker
Jeremy Stein

With Keating straddling, Bellande raised to $3,000 with QJ from early position before getting three-bet to $11,000 from Stein, who had 1010 on the button. Hicks then woke up with KK in the big blind and three-bet it to $35,000. Only the pocket 10’s made the call.

The flop came 993 and the big blind led for the same $35,000 bet, and he received a call. When the A appeared on the turn, both players were concerned with the over-card, so they both checked to see the 5 on the river, which gave Stein a flush for a suck-out. Once again both players checked and Stein took down a $144,000 pot.

Moments later, Stein would win a decent-sized pot with pocket aces against Bellande. He’d then pick up KK and faced a three-bet to $8,000 from Tang, who was holding 76. Stein four-bet it to $27,500 and his opponent made the call.

The flop ran out 745, and both players loved it. Stein, however, went for a sneaky check, and then the DoorDash founder over-bet jammed all in for $148,000. That earned a snap-call, and the players agreed to run it twice.

On the first run out, it came 5 followed by the A, clean for the kings. Stein would then collect the entire $354,200 pot when the second run out went 2 and J. Tang then rebought in for another $200,000.

Later in the show, Stein would win another huge pot, this one against Hicks again. Hicks picked the wrong time to make a $50,000 bluff wager on the turn with eight-high because Stein was sitting there with the nuts. He went for an all in raise and then promptly took down the pot when his opponent couldn’t even consider making the call.

Bellande and Keating Battle for Some Big Pots

alan keating hustler casino live
Alan Keating

During Episode 14 of High Stakes Poker, JRB and Keating faced off multiple times, starting with the following two hands. In the first one, Bellande raised to $800 from early position with AK, and then Keating made it $5,000 on the button with 87. Choi, in the big blind with Q9, made the call before JRB four-bet it to $35,000, getting a call only from Keating.

The AK3 flop appeared to be an action-killer considering Bellande had his opponent drawing only to runner-runners. When both players checked, the 7 appeared on the turn and it again went check-check.

Bellande couldn’t get Keating to bite and the 5 finally convinced JRB to bet, and he did to the tune of $55,000 but received no action.

These two poker players would tangle heads-up again with $41,000 already in the pot heading to a flop of 234, giving both players a gutter ball and no pair with Bellande sitting on A7 and Keating holding AQ. Bellande checked and then called a $25,000 bet.

The turn was the 8, no help to either player and they each checked. When the K on the river again didn’t improve either hand, they checked it around and Keating grabbed the $91,000 pot.

Alan Keating Torches Off Money on High Stakes Poker

Can Poker Pro Get Max Value with Trips?

jean-robert bellande poker
Jean-Robert Bellande

Bellande was quite active on Episode 14. He played a number of sizable pots, including a late one against Choi.

In the hand in question, the double straddle was on and Choi started off the action with a raise to $4,000 with 87. Bellande called on the button with QJ, while Stein made it $12,200 from the small blind with AJ. Choi and JRB both called and the flop came out 474, connecting with Choi and Bellande.

The action checked around to the turn, which was the Q, giving Bellande top pair to go along with his flush draw. Stein, who had nothing but ace-high, led out for $18,000 and both players made the call. When the Q was turned over on the river, Stein thought better of it, and checked, as did Choi.

Bellande, however, wasn’t going to check his trips back in position, so he ripped off a wager of $43,000, looking for maximum value, which he’d get from Choi, who made the call with an inferior hand to finish off the show.

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