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Peak season worries

Three of Atlantic City’s northernmost seafront casinos are bracing for a hit during peak tourism season.

desperately need their beaches replenished

Ocean Casino Resort, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and Resorts Casino Hotel desperately need their beaches replenished, but the US Army Corps of Engineers only expects to deliver the sand in the late summer or fall.  

According to The Independent, prolonged winter storms have gobbled up beaches in the north of Atlantic City, leaving “little if any sand on which to play during all but the lowest tides.”

The beaches are a major summer season draw for Ocean, Hard Rock, and Resorts. So much so that executives from the three casinos are urging the federal and state governments to fast-track a beach replenishment project meant to have happened in 2023.

But the overseer of the project, the Army Corps, stated it will only put out a contract for the work in April or May.

Casino execs raise alarm

Alarm bells are ringing for the three casinos after Army Corps spokesman Stephen Rochette stated the work on replenishing the beaches will only start “sometime this summer or in the fall.”

Atlantic City has long marketed its beaches as a unique selling point over other gambling destinations in the region. Therefore, the three casino resorts most reliant on beaches to attract gamblers and tourists face a hard sell summer.  

Hard Rock casino’s General Manager Mike Sampson stated: “It’s going to be a challenge.”

“One of the highlights of coming to Atlantic City has always been the beaches and the Boardwalk.” Sampson added that Hard Rock’s beach “was totally destroyed” by the winter storms.

By the end of summer, all that sand was gone.”

It’s the same story over at Ocean. Despite spending $600,000 to truck in sand for its beach in 2023, Project Director for the effort Ian Jerome stated: “By the end of summer, all that sand was gone.”

Jerome added that winter storms have left only two out of the 12 casino resorts beach entrances still accessible. The Independent reported the remaining entrances were “just dead-end in mid-air, with treacherous drop-offs that could cause serious injury — or worse.”

Oceans General Manager Bill Callahan summed up the dilemma with: “How do you run a beach resort without a beach?”

Sense of urgency

President of Resorts casino Mark Giannantonio is hoping for at least some of beach replenishment project to happen early summer, what he dubbed a “beach-like” option.

Atlantic City was due for additional sand in the summer of 2023, but Congress failed to green light funding. This year, however, $25m in federal funding is available to offset the $30m beach replenishment price tag, of which the state will pony up a smaller percentage. Despite the funds, time is not on the beach resorts’ side this summer.

Giannantonio, who is also Casino Association of New Jersey President said: “Everyone realizes the importance of getting this sand,” adding, “The sense of urgency is real.”

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