Best Slots to Get Started on Global Poker

Global Poker is known as one of the biggest names around the world in free online games, covering both poker and casino, but did you know they have an impressive selection of online slots?

If you’re just getting started on Global Poker and wanted to check out the slots alongside your poker playing, you may be wondering which are the best and why. Well, that’s where we can help by giving you a look at the best Global Poker slots.

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Top 5 Global Poker Slots

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What is Global Poker?

Global Poker is a site that offers online poker and gaming action through sweepstakes promotions and prizes.

By exploring these following slots, you will have the chance to win more coins and level up your experience.

How Does Global Poker Work?

If you are interested in playing on Global Poker, you may be wondering how it all works. Global Poker operates using a sweepstakes model and virtual currency, which you can read about here.

Gold Coins are a virtual currency used by Global Poker for poker, slots, and other games. When you set up your account, you receive 5,000 Gold Coins to play poker and other games. Gold Coins can also be purchased.

In addition to Gold Coins, Global Poker uses Sweeps Coins that can be used in promotional play to give players a chance to win more Sweeps Coins and ultimately redeem real prizes.

Global Poker – Free Online Casino Games

There are several poker variants offered by Global Poker that are the primary draw of the site. Of course, there is No-Limit Hold’em, but Global Poker also offers Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Jackpot Sit & Go’s, Crazy Pineapple, and Surge Poker, a fast-fold offering that allows players on a time crunch to get in on the action.

But there’s more than just poker on Global Poker. The site also offers classic table games, including blackjack, Premium Blackjack, Caribbean Poker, and Casino Hold’em. These table games allow players to test their skills with Gold Coins and then switch to Sweeps Counts for an opportunity to win real prizes.

Global Poker – Free Online Slots

In addition to several poker variants and a variety of table games, Global Poker game also offers slots that allow players to earn Gold Coins or win real prizes with Sweeps Coins.

There’s a wide range of slots to play on Global Poker that provide hours of entertainment, among them Diamond Panther, Lightning Nudge, and Lucky Show. Many of these slots offer free spins and win multiples allowing players to spin up their winnings.

Several progressive jackpot slots allow for big wins.

Now, let’s start our countdown of the top 5 best slots to get started on Global Poker!

#5: Snake Arena

If you’re going to start playing the slots on Global Poker, why not try your hand at one of the newest? Featuring five reels and five rows, Snake Area is a reptilian-themed slot and includes 30 active lines.

Joining the Snake Area will allow you to slither your way to the top of the castle and play across a board packed full of symbols. Start thinking like a serpent, and plot your next move!

  Number of Reels 5×5
  Number of Pay Lines 30
  Bonus Feature Yes
  Free Spins Yes
  Minimum Stake (Per Line) SC 100 / GC 500,000
  Maximum Win 20,000x
Snake Arena gameplay

Snake Area features two prominent features which will help you make the most of this venomous game, especially if you’re new to the slots on Global Poker. Never fear, though; here’s some extra, exciting information about these features and how they work:

Free Spins

First things first, when it comes to playing slots, how can you spin for free? Luckily, free spins are fundamental on Snake Arena – but how are they triggered? Well, that’s easy; the free spins feature is triggered by landing the snakehead and the knight.

Before your next spin, the snake will move toward the knight symbol. Once the snake reaches the knight, it will eat it, which will result in the snake growing even longer. This is when the new spin will start!

As an additional bonus, if the snake fills up all positions on reels 2-5, the free spins feature ends, and a prize of 1000 times the play amount will be awarded – what’s better than that?

Wild Chase Feature

The Wild Chase feature is triggered at random, and once active, it turns reels 1-5 wild.

In the Wild Chase feature, the snake peeks out above one random reel, and the knight peeks out below one reel at the same time. This action can repeat up to three times when triggered by the Wild Chase feature.

As the snakes and knights continue to peak at opposite ends of the grid, if they peek on the same reel, the reel becomes wild, and the process of the feature is repeated.

However, there is one catch! If they haven’t matched on the third repeat, there are no more wild reels. This is when your reel will stop, and any wins are awarded.

Snake Arena Slot

#4: Atlantis

Let Global Poker take you deeper and deeper into the ocean with its Atlantis slot, a world of beauty and wonder hidden below the waves!

Atlantis allows you to uncover mystical treasures and features varied jackpot levels. These levels allow you to win between 10 times and 2000 times the number of coins you play, so you can see how your winnings might stack up.

  Number of Reels 6×4
  Number of Pay Lines 30
  Bonus Feature Yes
  Free Spins Yes
  Minimum Stake (Per Line) SC 200 / GC 10,000,000
  Maximum Win SC 1,728,240 / GC 86,412,000,000
Atlantis Global Poker

Grab your wetsuit, and let’s explore the additional features hidden within the Atlantis slot. Here’s everything you need to know:

Jackpot Respins Feature

When you trigger for six or more SCATTERS to appear, the Jackpot Respin enables you to spear and capture three respins in your net!

If the Jackpot Respins feature has been triggered, and any new scatter symbols appear, the respins will reset to 3.

When all the visible reels are filled with the Scatter Symbols, there will be no more respins.

Atlantis Slot Global Poker

Jackpot Respins Prizes

Once you trigger Jackpot Respins, there are several jackpot prizes that you’ll be able to win. One important thing to note while you’re in the bonus, the jackpot prizes are not progressive.

You may be awarded more than once per feature for the mini and minor jackpot prizes. However, the major and grand jackpots may only be awarded once per feature.

To help you understand the jackpot prizes, here’s a quick look at the total amounts awarded for each jackpot:

Jackpot Prize
Grand Jackpot 2000 times total coins
Major Jackpot 250 times total coins
Minor Jackpot 50 times total coins
Mini Jackpot 10 times total coins
Non-jackpot Prizes Between 1 to 1000 times total coins

#3: Cluster Tumble

Exploring the depths of the temples, Cluster Temple is all about helping a female explorer in search of her missing husband. As you go further into the Cluster Tumble slot, hidden deep in the Himalayan Mountains, you’ll see the grid featuring eight columns and eight rows and a cluster prize mechanic.

Each time you spin, the board will drop, and new tiles appear, which is when you’ll see whether you’ve won or not. With more and newer tiles appearing, you’ll have more chances to match the symbols and win the prize.

Playing from 1000 coins to the max of 200,000 coins, you can take advantage of the features within this slot – here are the main features you need to know about:

  Number of Reels 8×8
  Number of Pay Lines 30
  Bonus Feature Yes
  Free Spins Yes
  Minimum Stake (Per Line) SC 100 / GC 500,000
  Maximum Win 20,000x
Cluster Tumble Slot Global Poker

Cluster Prize

Made up of a minimum of 4 adjacent symbols, the Cluster Prize will enable you to win lots of fabulous prizes. Winning symbols and any adjacent regular symbols or stone blocks will be destroyed, and new symbols will fill the board.

Free Spins Feature

The free spins feature is triggered by landing three Scatter symbols or removing all stone blocks from the board in the main game.

Once you’ve triggered the free spins feature, you’ll be awarded five free spins! Once you’ve cleared the whole board in Free Spins, you’ll get three additional spins, and the multiplier will increase by three.

Special Stone Blocks

When containing special features, some of the stone blocks can be activated when there is an adjacent win. The wild symbols described below are substituted for all normal symbols when active.

When the lighting win symbol is activated, this unique stone block is replaced by a target symbol, usually one of the standard symbols.

Likewise, when the fire transform symbol is activated, this particular stone block is replaced by a target symbol which is one of the regular symbols. In the cascade, a few of the symbols get transformed into the same as the target symbol.

Cluster Tumble Slot

#2: Lightning Nudge

Lightning Nudge is a simple three-reel slot that allows players to play five lines to try to win a big jackpot. The simple slot includes a single green bar, double purple bars, triple red bards, and blue sevens covered in lightning bolts.

Lightning nudge includes free spins and win multipliers, including a big prize with a 5x multiple, and has an autoplay option.

  Number of Reels 3
  Number of Pay Lines 5
  Bonus Feature Yes
  Free Spins Yes
  Minimum Stake (Per Line) SC 100 / GC 500,000
  Maximum Win 5x
Lightning Nudge
Lightning Nudge

Wild substitutes for all symbols except for scatters, and all symbols pay left to right except for scatters, which pay in any position. Only the highest payline win is paid, and all wins are multiplied by coins per line except for free spins.

Three scatters will trigger your choice of six, ten, or 15 free spins with multipliers.

#1: Templar Tumble

Templar Tumble is a fun slot that plays on a 5×7 reel and gives players a chance to destroy blocker symbols to trigger free spins. Mystery symbols can turn into a coin symbol and award prizes between 1x-1,000x or will offer players an additional free spin.

  Number of Reels 6×7
  Number of Pay Lines 30
  Bonus Feature Yes
  Free Spins Yes
  Minimum Stake (Per Line) SC 100 / GC 300,000
  Maximum Win 10,000x
Templar Tumble
Templar Temple

Six spins are awarded when all crumbling blockers are destroyed, and wilds transform regular symbols into Mystery symbols. There are no blocker symbols present during free spins.

A win is created by matching symbols, regardless of vertical position, from left to right, starting on the leftmost reel. There are 117,649 ways for players to win on the slot.

Where Can You Play Global Poker Slots?

If you like the sound of these slots and want to get started on Global Poker, it’s super easy to choose your slot of choice and play for free!

Join Global Poker to play these slots and redeem cash prizes when you sign up via PokerNews – this is your one-way road to level up your slot spinning.

Global Poker Best Slots FAQs

Does Global Poker have slots?

Yes. In addition to several poker variants and table games, Global Poker offers a full selection of slots, including Lucky Show, Western Gold and Dragon’s Treasure.

What is the cheapest slot to play at Global Poker?

All slots on Global Poker can be played using Gold Coins, which players receive for free when they sign up on the site. Many of these slots can be played for as few as 50 Gold Coins.

What is the best slot for beginners at Global Poker?

Beginners to slots should stick to simpler games, such as the Lightning Nudge slot, which has three reels and offers free spins and bonuses.

Can you win real money on Global Poker slots?

While Gold Coins have no monetary value, players can toggle to Sweeps Coins to play for the opportunity to win real prizes.

How do you win at Global Poker slots?

Global Poker operates on a sweepstakes model and allows players to use Sweep Coins to win tangible prizes.

What is the free bonus code for Global Poker?

Players can get 30 free Sweeps Coins on Global Poker using the promo code “FLUSH.”

How does Global Poker pay out?

Sweepstakes prizes are awarded to players after they provide primary ID and a supporting document under their name as proof of address.

Can you play for money on Global Poker?

While Gold Coins on Global Poker have no monetary value, Sweeps Coins can be used to win real prizes.

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