Betting Allegations against Ivan Toney Emerge Just Ahead of World Cup

The famous English soccer player and Brentford striker, Ivan Toney, revealed last week that he is collaborating with the Football Association (FA) for an ongoing investigation.

Ivan Toney Allegedly Gambled on Matches

Only recently, a report released by the Daily Mail, claims that the famous soccer player has been the subject of an investigation by the FA for the last seven months. Allegedly, Toney participated in gambling activities before joining Brentford. As the investigation is still ongoing, further details are yet to be released. So far there’s no suggestion that Toney bet against his team. Currently, he isn’t facing any charges by the FA. A statement released by Brentford acknowledges the story regarding Toney and the ongoing FA investigation. Still, the club refrained from sharing further details.

We note the story concerning Ivan Toney and the FA investigation. The Club will not be commenting,

reads a statement released by Brentford

Addressing the topic via Twitter, Toney said last week that he has seen the story in the newspaper. He explained that he is assisting the FA and helping them with their inquiry. Considering the ongoing probe, Toney said he will not comment further until the FA uncovers their conclusion. “I am a proud Englishman and it has always been my childhood dream to play for my country at a World Cup Finals,” said Toney in conclusion.

Sports Fans Support Toney

Sports fans and Toney supporters commented on his Tweet online. Many fans showed support for the soccer player and called the accusations a “joke story.” One online user nicknamed “jake” wrote: “Just before a major tournament the English media start to break us down, it’s a joke this story wasn’t needed if guilty wait till World Cup finished.”

Another user, nicknamed “Stuart White” claimed that the story seeks to ruin Toney’s chances for the World Cup. The user noted: “Keep going Ivan make no comment as you say and move on. Bit of a non-headline if you ask me. Score next week and make the awful tabloids pay.”

Other online users criticized the timing of the release of the accusations, considering that the investigation dates back seven months, while the accusations date back a few years.

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