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How Long Does It Take to Process a Casino Payout?

There are various factors that can affect casino payout waiting times for players in the UK. Here are some of the things that will have an impact on casino payout times for players:

  • Payment method selected: Some options at the cashier will be faster for withdrawing winnings than others. Bank transfer withdrawals, for example, tend to be slow.
  • Amount being withdrawn: Sometimes how much money is being withdrawn does not have an impact on payout speeds from UK casino sites. However, in the event of a particularly big withdrawal request, it is likely that this will take longer than for a smaller payout.
  • How the process works: Each casino site in the UK handles withdrawal requests in a slightly different way. Sometimes a transaction will need to be processed manually, slowing it down.
  • Whether verification is needed: Often, UK casino players will need to provide a form of verification to prove their identity when they come to withdraw winnings. Uploading the documents and waiting for them to be checked can affect casino payout times a great deal.
  • The casino site itself: Some online casinos are known for being quicker than others when it comes to processing payments to players. It is recommended to use fast payout casinos where possible as a result. The payment processing partner used by a casino site is one of the factors that can have an impact on payout speeds.

Casino Payout Waiting Times for Each Banking Method

Players should choose their payment method carefully as this has a significant bearing on casino payout waiting times. Check out our guide to typical waiting times for each payment method at the cashier:

Visa, MasterCard and Maestro Debit Cards

Despite the plethora of payment methods offered at most major UK casino sites these days, debit cards remain the default option for a lot of players.

Sites tend to take Visa, MasterCard and Maestro so players will have a choice over which card to use. Keep in mind that it is necessary to use the same card to withdraw that was used to make a deposit.

Casino payout times to debit cards vary across casinos but it can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days for players to receive their winnings.


E-wallets have become a very popular way to withdraw winnings due to the speed of the payouts. PayPal is probably the world’s most famous e-wallet option, with millions of people around the globe using it.

One of the reasons for this is that PayPal facilitates fast casino payout waiting times, with players normally receiving the funds in a few hours.

However, the minimum withdrawal to PayPal is often set at a slightly higher limit than for debit cards.


This Canadian online payments system works in much the same way as PayPal, providing its users with a seamless way to move their money around.

There is not usually a fee to withdraw from a casino account to Neteller, but users should keep in mind it could cost them to take the cash from Neteller to their bank account.

As with PayPal, casino payout waiting times with Neteller are not long at all, usually taking a few hours.


Completing the main three e-wallet payment methods accepted by UK online casinos is Skrill, which is actually part of the same company as Neteller.

Skrill is actually based in the UK so it could be a preferred option for casino players from this country.

Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill payments from a casino account normally take a few hours.


Previously only available for depositing into casino accounts in the UK, Paysafecard is now an option for withdrawals as well.

As Paysafecard withdrawals normally need to be between £20 and £1,000, it will not work for everyone.

But a withdrawal request to Paysafecard should be approved within 24 hours, so it is a speedy option.


Casino players who want to remain anonymous and avoid sharing financial information with an operator are increasingly opting to use cryptocurrency payments.

Providing a rapid way to withdraw winnings out of casino accounts, options like Bitcoin are available.

However, the number of UK online casinos offering payouts in cryptocurrency remains quite low.

Bank Transfer

One of the slower ways to withdraw winnings out of casino accounts in the UK is via a bank transfer.

Sometimes, players can be waiting a few business days to get the funds. When a withdrawal is processed over the weekend, this can therefore result in quite a lengthy wait for players to get the money.

However, bank transfer casino withdrawals are still seen as one of the most safe and secure options.

How Are Casino Payouts Processed?

One of the main things affecting how long does it take to process a casino payout is the process itself.

The main difference between online casinos in this area is whether the process is manual or automatic.

Naturally, automatic casino payouts are going to be processed faster than if they are done manually.

If a transaction has to be checked by a member of staff, a backlog can lead to significant delays.

Some casinos only process transactions manually during normal office hours, slowing it down further.

Players should seek to use UK online casinos that use an automatic payment processing system.

There are various companies in this sector, but they all tend to process payments at a similar speed.

Why Players Need to Verify Casino Accounts Before Withdrawing Winnings

Players might find they are asked for a form of verification when they try to withdraw from an account.

This is typically part of the casino’s money laundering checks or the process widely referred to as the Know Your Customer (KYC for short), but it can be frustrating for players.

One way to speed this up is to provide documentation for verification before attempting withdrawals.

Most major UK online casinos have a document upload area where ID can be sent in safely and securely.

If verification is done soon after joining an online casino, that step should not be needed on withdrawal.

Faster Casino Payout Times for VIP Players

Another good way to speed up casino payout times can be to become a VIP player.

A lot of UK casinos now have a VIP rewards scheme that is available for any of their players to join. Sometimes players may need to meet qualifying conditions to become a VIP, or ask customer service.

Common perks include the chance to earn free spins, receive a birthday bonus and benefit from faster payouts. Some top bonuses like deposit match bonuses are often awarded to a site’s VIP casino players as well.

It can be well worth moving up through the ranks of a casino rewards scheme to get this advantage.

Transaction requests from VIP players will be dealt with as a matter of priority, speeding up the process.

With VIPs often getting dedicated account managers too, faster payouts are not the only major perk.

Best Fast Payout Casinos in the UK for 2024

Here are our recommendations for fast payout casinos to join in 2024:

1. Casumo

Paying out to players within just two hours in the majority of cases, Casumo tops the bill here.

Paysafecard is the best option to go for in the cashier to get the fastest withdrawals from the site.

The payout rate at Casumo also stands at 96%, which ranks it highly among rival casinos as well.

2. Mr Vegas

Another rapid UK casino option is Mr Vegas, which also pays out most withdrawals within two hours.

Using a debit card – MasterCard is a great choice – is the best way to get the funds quickly at Mr Vegas.

3. The Grand Ivy

Fast casino payout times are one of the best reasons to sign up to play games at The Grand Ivy.

Neteller is known for its rapid withdrawal speeds from casino accounts and is the top option here.

4. Monopoly Casino

Virtually instant withdrawals are promised by players who join Monopoly Casino to play games.

Paysafecard is the option to go for in the Monopoly Casino cashier to get the fastest payout speeds.

5. PokerStars Casino

Last on our list of the top UK online casinos for speedy payout times is the PokerStars Casino site.

Skrill payments should be received in just a couple of hours by PokerStars Casino players in most cases.

Top Tips for Speedy Casino Payout Times

Here are some of the things for UK players to consider to get the best casino payout waiting times.

1. Choose Payment Method Carefully

Selecting the right option in the cashier can have a major impact on how long a payout will take.

Players who are in a rush to receive their casino winnings should go for an e-wallet like PayPal or Paysafecard – these transactions will normally be processed within just a few hours at the most.

However, keep in mind that casino cashier payment methods also have maximum/minimum limits. Bank transfer is typically the slowest way to withdraw winnings, but it depends on the casino itself.

2. Complete Verification Checks in Advance

One of the best ways to improve casino payout speeds is to do the verification checks beforehand.

Uploading ID documents such as a copy of a passport is quick and easy and can be done whenever.

Managing to complete this step before requesting a withdrawal avoids needing to do it at a later time.

3. Become a VIP Casino Player

Many leading UK online casino sites provide perks such as quicker casino payout times to their VIPs.

Progressing through the levels of the rewards scheme is therefore recommended to get this benefit.

4. Pick Fast Payout UK Casino Sites

Some online casinos make fast payouts a priority and have a great reputation for this as a result.

Players who want to withdraw winnings should pick a site from our list of the best UK fast payout casinos.

5. Time Withdrawal Requests Wisely

Choosing when to process a transaction is an underrated way to speed up the entire process.

Some casinos that use manual processing for withdrawals will only do so during normal office hours.

Trying to get funds out just before the weekend can therefore lead to unwanted lengthy delays. It is recommended to put in withdrawal requests as early as possible on a typical business day as a result.

T&Cs Affecting Casino Payout Waiting Times

In an ideal world, casinos would be transparent about their payout times, but this is not always the case.

Players might need to delve deep into the small print of a site’s terms and conditions to get this info.

This is also where other details like fees that can be charged on withdrawing winnings will be provided.

Normally, players can withdraw winnings without having to pay any fees or charges – but not always.

At some online casinos, only a certain number of withdrawal requests in a set period are done for free.

Going over that limit can result in charges or fees being charged to the account of a casino player.

Something players need to remember about casino payout waiting times is meeting bonus conditions.

Using a casino bonus normally means having to meet wagering requirements and there is often a maximum win cap for this type of deal as well.

Can Pending Withdrawals at Casinos Be Cancelled?

While most players who want to withdraw winnings proceed with the transaction, it is not uncommon for players to change their minds.

Many UK online casinos now allow players to reverse a withdrawal request during a ‘pending’ period.

Opting to cancel a pending withdrawal means that the money is returned to the account balance instead.

It can then be used immediately to play casino games such as slots, poker, blackjack and roulette.

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