Robot arm serving food

Jobs under threat

Las Vegas’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the biggest tech conventions to take place every year, with all types of innovative technologies on display. Some of the artificial intelligence (AI) and robot exhibits this year have casino workers concerned following demonstrations at CES 2024 last week.

a robotic barista that can create the perfect latte

One of the noteworthy displays was a robotic barista that can create the perfect latte, even finishing it off with an artistic image using the foamy milk.

Talking to the Associated Press, a barista at the SAHARA Las Vegas Hotel & Casino expressed his concerns about the future of hospitality jobs given these new innovations. He described it as “very scary and very eye-opening to see how humans can think of replacing other humans.”

Some of the other standout demonstrations included robots that could complete deliveries, automated masseuses, AI-powered grills, and even robot chefs.

Seeking assurances

The possibility for technology to replace certain roles in the Las Vegas casino industry has been at the forefront of minds for some time now. About 40,000 casino workers threatened strike action throughout 2023 as they sought new contracts, including protection from the advancement of AI.

$2,000 in severance pay for each year they worked for their employer

Workers managed to get some protections, including assurances they would receive training in any new systems, as well as $2,000 in severance pay for each year they worked for their employer if their job is replaced by AI or tech.

They also will have the possibility of moving departments if such a job loss happens. The issue of technology was reportedly one of the final aspects of the new five-year contract agreed upon.

Already happening

Many Las Vegas resorts already utilize new forms of technology that can replace workers. This includes robot bartenders, automated tickets for valets, and self-check-in areas.

AI is especially a threat to casino jobs that do not need any face-to-face interaction with customers, such as cooks, food prep, and housekeeping. According to University of Nevada, Las Vegas Hospitality Department Associate Professor Bill Werner, automating these roles won’t hurt the customer experience, which is very important in a city where top-quality customer service is vital.

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