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This post is syndicated by the Las Vegas Advisor for the 888 casino group. Anthony Curtis comments on the 888 article introduced and linked to on this page.

A.C. says: A good primer for beginners, with advice on how to start playing craps immediately. The article points out that despite the many wagering options on a crap table, the bets with the lowest house advantage are the basic ones — pass and come (-1.41%) and placing the 6 and 8 (1.52%). Taking odds, which is a zero-vig bet (paid at true odds), is also discussed. Author Frank Scoblete advises against making multiple bets on a roll, which is a good practice when playing any negative-expectation game. He also emphasizes the entertainment value of being the shooter. I agree. In addition, shooting can be a source of profit. Sometimes when a player (especially female) holds the dice for a long time— i.e., makes several consecutive passes — players who’ve also won money on the roll will tip the shooter. I take some issue with the reference to “skill at shooting,” which alludes to “dice control,” as it’s not something that I put much stock in. Controlled dice shooting is a subject for another discussion.

This article was written by Frank Scoblete in association with 888Casino.

Crash Course Craps

Don’t be afraid. 

I know that many novice craps players or players initially looking over the craps game, perhaps thinking they might try it, can be intimidated by the layout which seems as complicated as cuneiform writing or Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Yes, that layout does seem complicated but in truth the game is easy to play and if played properly gives the player a decent chance of beating the house on any given session. Of course, the key words here are “if played properly.”

Craps is a game that is often played incorrectly by players who make some of the worst bets in the game, which translates into some of the worst bets in the casino as well. Bad bets make it much, much tougher to have a victory over the casinos’ mathematical edges at craps and other games.

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