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A Beverly Hills property developer has proposed constructing a 60-story mega casino on Las Vegas’ Historic Westside. The project would see the construction of a 764-room hotel and over 450 multi-family residential units on the site that previously housed the famous Town Tavern.

Town Tavern was a large nightclub that also offered craps and blackjack when it opened in 1955. The club was a popular destination for African Americans at a time when the Las Vegas Strip was segregated. The property changed hands numerous times over the years before the building was deemed to be a safety hazard by the city in 2010 and was boarded up.

proposed mega casino resort would be named Harlem Nights

The newly proposed mega casino resort would be named Harlem Nights, a nod to the popular 1989 film featuring Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. It would cost around $700m to develop and take about five or six years to construct.

The City of Las Vegas Planning Commission will discuss the project on Tuesday. The commission will then make its recommendations to the City Council, which will likely vote in May or June. Plans by other developers in the past to develop a resort on the same site have fallen short.

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