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FanDuel TV has suspended host Ken Rudulph over comments he made regarding the integrity of horse racing. In a tweet, he likened the sport to reality television and professional wrestling, while also saying: “It’s a great game. Cheating is part of it. Death is part of it. Losing is part of it. Winning makes it all worthwhile.”

reiterated that he does not advocate for fatalities in the sport

Horse racing enthusiasts reacted strongly to this viewpoint and Rudulph subsequently apologized for his comments. He said that it was a poor choice of words when trying to make a point. The host reiterated that he does not advocate for fatalities in the sport.

Rudulph has been a FanDuel TV host since September 2022 after TVG rebranded to FanDuel. He was a part of TVG dating back to 1999.

FanDuel emphasized that it takes issues of track safety and sports integrity very seriously. It strongly disagrees with Rudulph’s comments and outlined the various ways it supports the safety of both jockeys and horses. The suspension will remain in place until FanDuel finishes reviewing the matter.  

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