Florian "Twicyyy" Guimond Wins $1,050 WCOOP Main Event After Final Three Deal ($603,142)

Florian Guimond

After just over 3 hours of play, Day 4 of the $1,050 WCOOP Main Event on PokerStars has reached its conclusion with the final table of nine being whittled down to its champion. In a head-ups battle that lasted only 12 hands, it was Florian “Twicyyy” Guimond, who resides in the United Kingdom, that emerged victorious beating high stakes regular Pedro “dibmestre” Dib to secure the title.

The tournament guaranteed $5,000,000 and 4,696 players entered with the hope of being crowned a WCOOP champion.

Guimond had a rollercoaster ride to the title finding themselves as the chip leader after the second day of play with 79 players remaining. On Day 3 those 79 players were reduced to the final table of nine and Guimond propped up the counts coming in as the shortest stack. In the early levels of the final table, Guimond navigated his way to the middle of the pack and then claimed the first scalp of the final table, Brazilian paoronaldo, and never looked back.

$1,050 WCOOP Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Florian “Twicyyy” Guimond United Kingdom $603,142*
2 Pedro “dibmestre” Dib Brazil $488,407*
3 Goran “mandza17” Mandic Croatia $480,857*
4 rObetOblancO Austria $251,882
5 Bernardo “BernardoDG” Granato Brazil $178,107
6 Ryan “planty07/08” Plant Ecuador $125,941
7 “Royal Mind” United Kingdom $89,053
8 Alexios “[email protected]@” Zervos United Kingdom $62,970
9 “paoronaldo” Brazil $44,527

* denotes a three-handed deal.

Day 4 Action

Action at the final table came thick and fast but with the average stack of 55 big blinds, it took almost an hour before we lost our first player. It was Brazilian “paoronaldo”, who had entered the final table third in chips, that was the first to be eliminated when his three-bet all-in from the button, with queen-nine, walked into Guimonds ace-king suited and couldn’t connect with the board seeing him exit in ninth place for $44,527.

Next to exit was Alexios “[email protected]@” Zervos for $62,970. The professional poker player residing in the United Kingdom had battled at the bottom end of the chip counts for the whole final table and as blinds increased he found himself all in with middle pair versus the over cards of Goran “mandza17” Mandic and couldn’t fade.

Alexios Zervos
Alexios Zervos

Mandic started to pick up heat in the mid stages of the final table busting “Royal Mind” in seventh place for $89,053 when ace-five outdrew “Royal Mind”s ace-nine when all in preflop.

Level 51 (1,250,000/2,500,000/325,000) saw three players eliminated as the field was reduced from six to three. The first of these came when two premium hands clashed preflop when Guimond picked up pocket aces in the cutoff and opened only for Ryan “planty07/08” Plant to three-bet with ace-jack from the small blind. Guimond four-bet his aces against Plants resistance the chips went all-in preflop. Plant couldn’t improve and exited in sixth place for $125,941.

Three hands later it was Bernardo “BernardoDG” Granato who was eliminated when his pocket eights couldn’t hold versus Dib’s ace-queen. Dib rivered the straight and start-of-day chip leader Granato finished in fifth place for $178,107.

Only another five hands passed before Austrias rObetOblancO exited in fourth place to the hands of Guimond when both players flopped top pair and got the chips in only for Guimond to have “rObetOblancO” outkicked. With no help on the turn or river “rObetOblancO” busted and cashed for $251,882.

When the action was down to three the tournament was paused as the remaining players discussed a deal. After a bit of back and forth, a deal was agreed and play recommenced with Guimond holding a 2:1 chip lead and not much to separate Mandic and Dib in second and third respectively.

High-stakes grinder Mandic was next to hit the rail, in third, for $480,857. Mandic raised with ace-six and got three-bet all in by Dib, holding ace-seven. Mandic called and improved to a pair of sixes on the flop but the river came a seven and that gave Dib a bigger pair and took the tournament heads up.

Dib started heads-up play as the chip leader and was one flip away from claiming the title when called Guimonds all in with pocket nines. Guimond had ace-jack of diamonds and the jack on the turn gave him a full double-up, leaving Guimond as the new chip leader.

Florian "Twicyyy" Guimond wins WCOOP $1,050 Main Event
Florian \”Twicyyy\” Guimond wins WCOOP $1,050 Main Event

The final hand of the night saw Dib limp the button with ace-three, Guimond raised with pocket jacks and Dib reraised all in. Guimond called and the pocket jacks held resulting in Dib finishing second for $488,407 and after accumulating all 464,600,000 tournament chips, it was Guimond who walked away with $603,142, the trophy and the title of 2022 WCOOP Medium Main Event Champion.

That wraps up covered of the 2022 WCOOP from the PokerNews team. Be sure to tune in to PokerNews coverage of the European Poker Tour stop in Prague in December.

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