Flutter Supports Gambling Regulation Changes in Ireland

Earlier this week, lawmakers in Ireland made a major step toward protecting the well-being of gamblers in the country by approving the publication of the Gambling Regulation Bill.

The new bill plans a new regulatory framework that will regulate the gambling industry in the country and protect customers from gambling-related harm. In light of the recent announcement, the global sports betting, gaming and entertainment provider, Flutter, praised the efforts of lawmakers in Ireland and reaffirmed its support for the new regulatory framework.

Flutter Shows Support for Ireland’s Gambling Regulation Bill

Ian Proctor, Flutter’s UK and Ireland chairman, said in a statement released Tuesday that the company welcomes the publication of the new Bill. He explained that Flutter has long supported responsible gambling and the creation of a gambling authority in Ireland. Now, according to Proctor, the publication of the new Bill marks a major step toward the creation of a new gambling regulator in the country which will be able to meet the needs of the fast-growing gambling industry.

As a long-standing advocate of evidence-based safer gambling measures and a well-resourced regulator in Ireland, Flutter welcomes the imminent publication of the Gambling Regulation Bill.

Ian Proctor, chairman of Flutter UK and Ireland

Proctor said that the company continuously supported safer gambling and has taken a proactive approach. He pointed out that to safeguard the well-being of its younger customers, Flutter introduced mandatory deposit limits for users under age 25, as well as a €10 ($10.4) bet limit for slot products. What’s more, the company banned the use of credit cards as well. “We will continue to lead from the front in this area,” added Proctor.

These should protect those that may be vulnerable to experiencing harm, while allowing the vast majority of our customers who enjoy gambling safely to do so,

explained Proctor

According to Proctor, Flutter will be looking forward to assessing the changes introduced by the Bill once it is published. He vowed that the company remains open to dialogue with the new gambling regulator in an effort to boost player protection further.

Changes in Irish Gambling Regulation Expected Soon

The new Bill in Ireland is expected to significantly improve the gambling market conditions. A key role in this plan will play the country’s new gambling regulator, the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA). In September this year, Anne Marie Caulfield was selected to serve as the CEO of the new Authority.

The GRA will be in charge of licensing, regulation and if needed, can impose penalties for operators that breach the rules. It will oversee brick-and-mortar as well as online gambling operations. Ultimately, the new Bill seeks to better protect consumers from gambling harm and at the same time provide support for people impacted by gambling harm.

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