Genius Sports & NFL Ink License Agreements with Rivalry, bet365 and Bet99

Leading sports technology company with a staff of over 1,800 people spanned over five continents Genius Sports and the largest professional American football league, the National Football League (NFL), have agreed to a series of licensing agreements with sportsbooks in Canada. Rivalry, Bet99, and bet365 are the three sportsbooks that, according to the terms of the new deals, will be able to distribute all NFL content via live streaming thanks to Genius Sports’ “Watch & Bet” solution.

Delivering the Highest Quality NFL Betting Experience

bet365, Rivalry, and Bet99 will be granted distribution rights for low-latency video streaming related to all types of NFL matches, including regular as well as off-season matches. The sportsbooks’ Canadian customers will get to use the top-quality live video feeds provided by Genius Sports together with NFL’s official data, while getting access to exclusive advertising inventory driven by data. According to Genius Sports, this should help the three sportsbooks deliver “the highest quality NFL betting experience” to their Canadian bettors.

How Does “Watch & Bet” Work?

Genius Sports’ solution uses machine learning and optical tracking for capturing all the action in a game 25 times a second, allowing a deeper dive into performance analytics and creating new visual ways of engaging with fans. The “Watch & Bet” solution also uses advanced livestreaming technology to provide bettors with fresh opportunities to watch games and keep close track of all their bets.

Genius Sports’ chief executive officer Mark Locke expressed delight regarding NFL’s decision to expand its partnership with the company, turning it into its exclusive supplier of live streaming content and official data for sportsbooks located in Canada. In September, the company partnered with Canadian sportsbook NorthStar Gaming for the deployment of its live data, pre-match, and live trading solutions.

Locke further explained that the three sportsbooks Genius Sports has signed the licensing agreements with should grow exponentially in the freshly opened gambling market thanks to their “cutting-edge data technology” and official solutions. At the moment, the company is the trusted partner to more than 400 important sports organizations spread all over the globe. The list includes prestigious sports leagues and federations such as the NFL, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, the English Premier League, the International Basketball Federation, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Genius Sports became the NFL’s official sports betting data provider for sportsbooks and media companies located in regulated markets, as well as the exclusive distributor of play-by-play statistics in real-time and the supplier of proprietary Next Gen Stats data in April 2021. This turned the NFL into the fourth-largest owner of Genius Sports, with Genius Sports replacing Sportradar as NFL’s former exclusive official data partner. In October, Sportradar and Genius Sports ended a three-year legal dispute.

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