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Despite being one of the biggest brands in the free online game market, PokerStars Play rarely stands still. Last month, the company upgraded the Spin & Go tournament format and this week they announced a revamp of the PokerStars Play loyalty program.

PokerStars Play is a free poker and casino game app created by PokerStars. It offers a great alternative to real-money gambling for those who enjoy playing poker but who don’t want to spend real money or who live in regions without legal, online money play.

The app’s new rewards program is based on two main pillars. Daily rewards give you points for logging and playing in regularly while “Quests” and “Acheivements reward players for specific actions that can be completed over a longer time period.

All rewards come in the form of loyalty points which can be redeemed in-game for prizes like chip bundles, allowing you to grow your reserve of PokerStars Play chips.

How To Earn Loyalty Points

The easiest way to earn rewards under PokerStars Play’s new loyalty program is simply to log in every day. Every player is awarded a daily scratchcard on login. These scratchcards award players a randomized number of chips, making them a fun way to build your PokerStars Play play money “bankroll.”

You only get one scratcher per day, so players are incentivized to keep checking back regularly. Consistency of this kind is also rewarded by Happy Hour and Happy Day promotions. By playing during these promotion periods, players can earn double or triple the loyalty points.

For players who want to take a more active role in hunting down their rewards, PokerStars Play has also added Quests and Achievements. Each quest is made up of a ladder of smaller Achievements, some of which can be completed independently.

PokerStars Play Quest

For example, the first quest you are offered has six stages, the first of which is simply to open a hold’em table and join a game for the first time!

Having achieved this, the player gets a small reward and moves on to step two. This time the achievement is to play a tournament. Keep going until all six steps of the quest are completed and you will receive a bigger reward for completing the quest! Then it is time to opt into a new quest.

Players can also pursue multiple quests at once and pursue individual achievements. As a result, there are always new goals to chase and new rewards to earn.

As the player advances, they will find the difficulty of the quests and achievements increasing. The harder the quest or achievement, the bigger the reward. So, if you have the time, it can be well worth the effort to seek out and complete some of those tougher achievements.

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Ready To Start Earning Points With PokerStars Play?

PokerStars Play

Read our full review to find out more about how to download and sign up for PokerStars Play. You will also find more details on how free-to-play poker works and what other casino games you can enjoy on PokerStars Play.

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