Greece's "deathcube77" Turns $44 Into $34,343 and PokerStars MicroMillions Title

It initially seemed like a tall order for the 2023 PokerStars MicroMillions Main Event to reach its ambitious $500,000 guarantee when one considered the tournament only cost $22 to enter. However, after 27,863 players bought in, the guarantee was smashed, with a $557,260 prize pool created, and a top prize that tipped the scales at $34,343.

The PokerStars software pitched the first cards at precisely 6:05 p.m. BST on July 16, with the tournament wrapped up and the champion crowned by 3:47 a.m. BST on July 17. When the dust had settled, it was Greece’s “deathcube77” who had all of the almost 700 million chips in play, which were exchanged for a top prize worth $34,343.

“deathcube77” took two bites at the cherry, having busted in 16,320th with their first bullet. They collected $12.50 in bounties before their untimely demise, and possibly parlayed that prize money into a second entry. It proved to be a case of second time lucky for the Greek grinder because they ultimately came out on top.

2023 PokerStars MicroMillions Main Event Final Table Results

Rank Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 deathcube77 Greece $10,311 $24,032 $34,343
2 RudyBee123 Ireland $5,016 $24,007 $29,023
3 sexinstruktor7 Ukraine $438 $14,244 $14,682
4 makkarinn Iceland $982 $10,153 $11,135
5 sviduslav Belarus $1,600 $7,237 $8,837
6 Artiz89 Poland $844 $5,159 $5,993
7 Deyvson 97 Brazil $551 $3,677 $4,228
8 elerson10 Brazil $1,169 $2,621 $3,790
9 VittorRod Brazil $377 $1,868 $2,245

With bounties payments included, none of the nine finalists, who hailed from six different countries, took home less than $2,245 for their effort, an impressive return for a $22 buy-in tournament.

A trio of Brazilian stars were the first casualties of the final table. “VittorRod” was the first of the three to bust; they collected the previously mentioned $2,245. “elerson10” and “Deyvson 97” fell by the wayside in eighth and seventh place, respectively, finishes worth $3,790 and $4,228.

Poland’s “Artiz89” had to make do with a $5,993 haul when their deep run ended in a sixth-place finish, with Belarusian “sviduslav” banking $8,837 when they came unstuck in fifth.

The prize pool was so vast that the top four finishers saw their PokerStars account balances swell by a five-figure amount. Iceland’s “makkarinn” collected the first of these chunky scores, namely $11,135.

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Third-place went to Ukraine’s “sexinstruktor7.” Their singular $22 investment was now worth $14,682.

Heads-up pitted “deathcube77” of Greece against Irish player “RudyBee123.” Both secured more than $24,000 from the main prize pool, leaving the final bounty payments up for grabs. Both players had eliminated more than their fair share of foes before reaching the grand finale, so those last bounty hauls were substantial.

“RudyBee123” fell at the final hurdle and saw $5,016 added to their main prize, for a total payout worth $29,023. That elimination left “deathcube77” as the last player standing, and they scooped a total haul worth $34,343, with more than $10,000 of that sum stemming from fallen foes’ scalps.

Although impressive the $34,343 that “deathcube77” collected was not the largest score of the series. That honor went to “figalex25” of Peru, who outlasted 5,865 opponents in the $55 buy-in High Roller that ran alongside the Main Event. Victory in the high roller came with a cool $41,686.

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