Here's How to Play in a $20,000 Freeroll at 888poker This Christmas

888poker is celebrating its 20th anniversary and what better way to mark two decades in the online poker world than by giving tons of value to its players. There have recently been several promotions and offers from 888poker as part of its celebrations, but another six are hitting your computers and mobile phones as 2022 draws to a close.

One such promotion is the $20,000 Anniversary Freeroll that is scheduled for 8:00 p.m. GMT on December 25. Imagine ending Christmas Day having won the lion’s share of a $20,000 prize pool for free!

Everyone playing in the $20,000 Anniversary Freeroll sits down armed with 3,000 chips. Blinds start at 15/30/3a and increase every four minutes; the turbo-structure means you won’t have to spend too long grinding online poker while you are full of your Christmas dinner!

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How Do You Get a Ticket For the $20,000 Anniversary Freeroll?

You are forgiven for thinking you need to jump through hoops to become eligible for the $20,000 Anniversary Freeroll. Nobody would mind putting in some hard miles to have a free shot at a $20,000 prize pool. However, 888poker has made the entry requirements easy to achieve.

Play at least 20 tournaments with buy-ins of at least $1 between November 25 and December 24, and you get to play in the $20,000 Anniversary Freeroll on December 25. That equates to less than one tournament per day, which is definitely achievable.

You will have no problems finding a tournament to play at 888poker because there are some incredible MTTs running there every day of the week. PokerNews suggests you try 888poker’s exciting Mystery Bounty tournaments, of which there are several daily. 888poker has embraced the Mystery Bounty craze and some of its tournaments are superb value.

Mystery bounty tournaments play like a standard tournament until a predetermined blind level. Once that is hit, everyone with chips in front of them has a random, hidden bounty placed on their heads. Eliminate an opponent, and you get to open their mystery bounty envelope. The more entrants a tournament has, the larger those bounties grow.

Time (GMT) Tournament Buy-in Guarantee
5:00 p.m. $10,000 Mystery Bounty 11 $11 $10,000
6:15 p.m. $4,000 Mystery Bounty 8.80 $8.80 $4,000
6:30 p.m. $15,000 Mystery Bounty 55 $55 $15,000
7:00 p.m. $7,000 Mystery Bounty 5.5 $5.50 $7,000
7:00 p.m. $10,000 Mystery Bounty 22 $22 $10,000
7:30 p.m. $12,000 Mystery Bounty 109 $109 $12,000
9:00 p.m. $2,000 Mystery Bounty 2.20 $2.20 $2,000
9:15 p.m. $5,000 Mystery Bounty 6-Max 55 $55 $5,000
10:30 p.m. $2,000 Mystery Bounty Dash 16.5 $16.50 $2,000
11:30 p.m. $3,000 Late Mystery Bounty Dash 55 $55 $3,000

Of course, you don’t need to play only mystery bounty tournaments; you can play any non-satellite tournament showing in the 888poker tournament lobby that has a buy-in of at least $1.

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$88 Free Plus a $400 Welcome Bonus

Now is the perfect time to join 888poker if you have not already done so. Download 888poker via PokerNews, create your free account, and 888poker will give you a free $88 worth of cash game and tournament tickets – this is a free £20 for residents of the United Kingdom – just for reaching this stage.

Your first deposit is matched 100% up to $400 in the form or a releasable bonus. You have 90 days to release as much bonus as you can. Contact 888poker support for more details.

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