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Intimidating discovery

A high stakes poker player who allegedly ran an illegal slot machine facility in California is facing more than 142,000 pages of evidence against him. Gal Yifrach was first charged in 2022; his status conference will take place on March 4 of this year. It was originally slated for January 8 before both legal teams agreed to the change in date to allow the defense to go through the extensive evidence documents and prepare for a trial.

evidence reportedly includes recordings and documents

This evidence reportedly includes recordings and documents relating to the seizure of electronic devices. Yifrach allegedly ran an illegal gambling operation that was “supplying, operating, and maintaining video slot machines and devices” before laundering the profits.

No escaping the authorities

One of the strategies for cleaning the money was to buy chips from people for a legitimate casino in Bell Gardens, California and then exchange them for checks at the property. He would deposit the checks in his bank account and then use the funds to purchase real estate.

authorities were listening in on Yifrach’s calls and messages

On one occasion, he allegedly swapped more than $200,000 worth of chips at the casino for checks. The authorities were listening in on Yifrach’s calls and messages, often observing communications about the cleaning of money between Yifrach and his co-defendants.

Significant potential punishment

Yifrach faces charges related to the running of an illegal gambling operation and conspiracy to commit money laundering. He faces as many as 25 years in federal prison and $750,000 in fines. The illegal slots business allegedly ran from January 2018 to January 2022, with three other people also charged in the case.

Yifrach was a successful poker player, cashing for over $1.5m at World Series of Poker events during his lifetime and winning a bracelet in 2018. He often appeared on the “Live at the Bike!” poker streaming show.

In the original forfeiture complaint, the government was looking to take nearly $320,000 in cash and about 4.25 bitcoin from Yifrach, which amounts to $170,296 at today’s market price for the cryptocurrency. While the authorities originally deemed Yifrach to be a flight risk, he is now out on bond.

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