House of Fun: Play The Top Games

As you join House of Fun, located towards the bottom half of the screen, this is where you are presented with the current top games to play.

Through playing on House of Fun, you’ll notice the top slots are:

In this article, for each of the top presented slots, you’ll find out more information about the slot and what you’re able to win for the slots.

However, if you are presented with one of the jackpot slots, you’ll also find out information about the additional features.

Most importantly, as you reach towards the end of the article, you’ll find out where you’re also able to get involved!

Bank of Jackpots

Being one of the jackpot slots on House of Fun, this enables you to win even more coins through the range of bonuses and jackpots which you have the ability to achieve.

To understand this slot further, what is the Bank of Jackpots and what can you win?

What is the Bank of Jackpots?

Walking into the vault of jackpots, you’ll see the slot which could bring you the biggest fortune. Playing through the 30 lines, this is in addition to the feature upon the slot.

As featured on the slot, if you want quick access to the highest bets, there is a max bet button, which is featured next to the ‘fast’ button for when you want a quick game.

What Can You Win from Bank of Jackpots Slot?

Being able to bet to the maximum of 200,000 coins, this will rise the amount you’re able to win through the jackpots to 362.76 billion coins – enabling you to play every slot as much as you.

On top of the range of bonuses which range across the 5 starts and the 4 different rapid-fire levels which enable you to win those larger prizes – there is also a super bonus feature within the slot.

For the super bonus feature, if you want to the chance to be able to win this, you need to fill in the value by triggering the bonuses. Once you complete the vault, this is when you’ll trigger and win the super bonus!

Bank of Jackpots Slot

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Wyld

One of the two Monsterpedia slots which are within this slot, this presents the Dr Jekyll & Mr Wyld – this is where you’ll be able to collect coins and cards to win free spins.

In addition, to understand the slot and winnings, you’ll also understand about the Monsterpedia Cards and how you can utilize them to win!

Dr Jekyll and Mr Wyld Slot

What is the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Wyld Slot?

In the midst of the exploration within the laboratory, this is the place of understanding the different symbols and being able to win based on many factors.

Playing across 25 lines in addition to a feature, this is where understanding the slot starts…

What Prizes Can You Win?

Ranging from mini, minor, major, and the grand prize, this ranges up to 2.3 billion coins which can be won through the jackpot. As you vary the amount you wish to bet, this is also a factor determining how much you’ll win through the different jackpot prizes.

In addition to understanding how much you’ll earn, if you bet more this will also help you earn more cards for your HOF Album which will enable you to gain prizes such as coins, more experience points and so much more!

What are the Monsterpedia Cards?

Through the album where you need to place your Monsterpedia Cards, across the 22 different pages, there are between 1 and 5 different sets. As you progress through the album, the different levels of rarities get rarer.

For each page in the album, once you’ve completed them and it’s full, you will then win several free spins. However, for each set in the album on the different pages, when you collect all the cards this will win you mystery credit prizes!

To be able to gain more card packs, you can enter the card store and purchase with your Monsterpedia Coins.

Monsterpedia Cards HOF Slot

Gummy King 2

Gummy King 2 Slot

What is Gummy King 2?

In the midst of the gummyland bonus and colossal rewards respins, this is where the fun begins throughout this slot. Increasingly the lines compared to the slots seen previously, the Gummy King 2 slot is presented and played upon 40 lines and a feature.

What Prizes Can You Win in This Slot?

Through the mini, minor, major, and grand jackpot prizes, through increasing the prizes this is the way to be able to win even more bigger prizes. In these jackpots, when you bet a maximum of 200,000 slots, the grand prize is over 80,000,000 coins.

In addition, as you continue to spin the Gummy 2 Slot, being the main objective is you match the symbols this will enable you to win more coins – depending on the variety of your symbol.

How to Trade Your Gummies for Gifts?

Spinning is the one way to winning. As you spin through the slots, you’ll be able to collect gummies and use them to unlock prize boxes to play for the super bonuses.

Across the 4 different pages, for each page, once you’ve uncovered the number of gifts, this is when you’ll unlock the free spin prizes.

Gummy King 2 Gifts

Finnegan’s Fortunes

Finnegan's Fortunes Slot

What is the Finnegan’s Fortunes slot?

Playing across 25 lines, in addition to a feature, you can build your way to having your own dragons and completing the book of runes.

As you want to complete these options, there are features within all the slots, however, in this situation, it might help you complete it that bit faster through the maximum bet and fast button to speed up your mission.

What is the Dragon’s Den & Book of Runes?

As you continue to spin through the Finnegan’s Fortunes slot, there are four different dragons that you can have as your pet. Ranging across the fire, gold, hydra, and rainbow dragons you’ll gain free games throughout.

In the first dragon, being the fire dragon, in the random wild feature, you will be able to gain 15 free games which also include between 2 and 5 random wilds.

Dragon's Pet Finnegans Fortunes

Additionally, for the mission of completion, there is also the book of runes which is available to decide and complete. Throughout 3 different books, which each include 6 pages, there is a range of prizes to win across the pages.

Through the completion prize, this ranges from the rainbow dragon all the way to the completion prize of 50 times the average bet which also includes up to ultra-prize boost which had more than 10 duplicates.

Book of Runes House of Fun

Where Can You Play the Top Games?

Featured upon the top games, these are the games you’ll want to get involved with – especially when the slots are featuring jackpots to potentially win millions of coins.

If you want to get involved and play these slots, you can now on House of Fun via PokerNews and receive 1000 free coins and 100 free spins!

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