Indulge Yourself into These Global Poker Tournaments

Whether you’re young or old, new to the tournaments or you’ve got years of experience within the different types of games and tournaments – these Global Poker games will include something which is suited for you!

As there are many different tournaments offered within Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Crazy Pineapple and so many more – there’s guaranteed to be something for you!

Sunday Scrimmage

Being featured every week, Global Poker showcases the Sunday Scrimmage which guarantees and boasts 50,000 sweeps coins as your prize!

As it starts every Sunday at 17:30 ETC, this is where you’re able to join the action by buying in directly for 218 Sweep Coins – or as an alternative, you can qualify from as little as 2.20 Sweeps Coins through the satellites.

As this tournament features a wide range of games across the times and different events, there will be something for you. Whether it’s daily, on weekday, or weekends, you’re going to be able to get involved!

Golden Scrimmage

Introducing the Gold Scrimmage, which is now her, bringing the Sunday Scrimmage as a Gold-Coins-Only event. Being reigned supreme on the roster, this event will engage in battle for real prizes, and most importantly – you get bragging rights!

Every week, the Golden Scrimmage delivers a spectacular player experience, this enables you to win millions of gold coins when making it to the final table.

What Can You Win from The Golden Scrimmage?

If you’re able to make it to the top of the board, each receives, along with different levels of gold coins, an addition to a limited edition custom piece of artwork from one of the Global Poker artists.

In addition to being able to make it to the final win and win, you can win limited merchandise – but most importantly you can place in the Hall of Fame!

Here’s How to Get Involved

Whether it is the satellite or the gold scrimmage tournament, across the turbo or 20,000,000 gold coins respectively – if you want to get involved, this is how you do that.

Starting with the Gold Poker Golden Scrimmage, this tournament has a guaranteed 20 million gold coin prize – this is all the information you need to know:

When? Every Sunday 5:30pm ET
Buy-In 110,000 Gold Coins
Starting Stack 10,000 Gold Coins
Blinds 12 minutes, first 5 levels, then every 10 minutes after the break
Late Registration 60 minutes

However, on the other side for the turbo satellite– this is all the information you need to know:

When? Every Sunday 4:05pm ET
Buy-In 11,000 Gold Coins
Starting Stack 3,000 Gold Coins
Blinds Every 5 minutes
Late Registration 30 minutes

Gold Rush

Being able to dig for gold in the Global Poker Gold Rush, this is where you can go on the quest.

Competing in the three leaderboards: daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments. Whilst you’re competing in the three leaderboards, you’ll have a chance to win extra Gold Coins!

How Does Gold Rush Work?

Across the Gold Coin ring games, you can accumulate points for every hand you win, based on the formula:

Points = Amount Won (Gold Coins) / Amount of Big Blind (Gold Coins)

For example, if you win a hand with a total pot of 100 Gold Coins at blind levels 10/20, you’ll earn 5 points in the leaderboard.

Global Poker will be giving out 100,000 Gold Coins every day in the daily leaderboard, 500,000 Gold Coins every week in the daily leaderboard, or 2,500,000 Gold Coins every month in the daily leaderboard.

However, if you’re able to reach being the winner, you will be crowned the Gold Rush Champion!


Whether you want to indulge yourself within the daily or weekly tournaments, there is the Bonanza available for you to play!

Towards the daily bonanza, if you’re worried you may not see the 500 flops in the week, there is something for everyone. If you see 50 flops on any day – you can qualify and this maybe the tournament for you.

Through the 500 Sweeps Coins tournament, the buy-in is just 0.11 Sweeps coins which means that you can qualify for a combination of Sweeps and Gold Coins.

Global Poker Tournament Game

However, if you want to get involved in the weekly tournaments, within the 5,000 Sweeps Coins bonanza – this is available for you to jump into!

Every week, Global Poker will be awarding those who love to see flops! Every Sunday, there will be a 5,000 Sweeps Coins guaranteed tournament for those who’ve seen 500 flops during the week.

Daily Hundo

If you’re wanting a quick game to play daily – there is where you’re able to indulge yourself into the introduction of the daily hundo tournaments.

In addition, for those who play the required hands between the two games at 9:35pm and 9:55pm each day – this is where you can win cool avatars to use on the tables.

For the first game, the Daily One Hundo, this has a buy-in of 1 Sweeps Coin and the ability to win up to 100 Sweeps Coins. However, for the second game, this is a buy-in of 5 Sweeps Coins and the ability to win up to 500 Sweeps Coins.

Where Can You Play These Tournaments?

If you’re reading through the different tournaments and starting to think about getting involved – why don’t you immerse yourself into the tournament?

Sign up, test your poker skills, and get involved in the range of tournaments when you play and immerse yourself into Global Poker!

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