Iron Bank: First Look at the new Global Poker Slot

Being another of the new introductions of the slots which are brought to Global Poker, Iron Bank is a slot with many features.

Taking advantage of these features and additional games presents another way for you to gain even more coins and experience throughout the slotting games.

In this article, you’ll understand further how to play the slot, the rules of the slot, and an understanding of the bonus features and bonuses – including free slots.

Most importantly, you’ll know how you can get involved and play the Iron Bank slot for yourself!

How to Play the Iron Bank Slot?

As you get started on Global Poker, playing through the Iron Bank slot, especially if you’ve never played before, one of the most important questions is how to play the iron bank slot.

Through the different amounts which you choose to play, you need to choose the amount, then press the Spin button to begin play.

In this slot, there is also a use of autoplay, if you want to use it, press the autoplay button and then select the desired number of rounds to be used Autoplay can also be started and stopped by clicking the autoplay icon.

What are the Game Rules of the Iron Bank slot?

Featuring 4,096 different ways to win, the Iron Bank slot consists of 6 reels and 4 rows throughout this slot machine.

From the reel, the Full Reel Wilds can land on reels between 2 and 5 and cover the entire reel. These featured wilds have a multiplier that ranges between 2 and 10 and multiplies each other when one contributes to winning.

According to the winning table, this is what the prizes and winning combinations are made towards – take consideration of these to be able to understand the slot further.

Iron Bank Win Table Global Poker

Throughout the matching symbols which are placed in any position on three or more adjacent reels, this starts from the leftmost reel to the most right constitutes a win.

In the midst of the different combinations, only the longest matching combination for each symbol is awarded and the multiple matching symbols on the reel continue to the winnings.

When you’re playing in the Iron Bank slot, if your balance decreases and becomes lower than the play amount, the play amount will be automatically lowered to the highest applicable play amount.

Iron Bank Game Rules

What are the Random Feature Game Rules?

In the random features, whether this is the bonus symbols, Full Reels Wilds, and random mystery symbols features, they can be awarded at the beginning of any main game spin.

In the midst of your playing within these features, between 1 and 3 random bonus symbols can be applied to the reels, this increases the chance of triggering the free spins or awarding them when 3 lands.

Throughout your playing, there can be mystery symbols that can be added to the reels at the start of each spin, indicated by a dimming of the game area. At the same time, the mystery symbols can be visually seen spinning through the reels before stopping.

Random Bonus Symbols

For the feature of the random bonus symbols, at the start of any spin in the slot, between 1 and 3 bonus symbols may be added to the reels before coming to a stop.

This feature increases the chance of triggering free spins – ensuring your ability to win even more prizes.

Random Mystery Symbols

In the second out of 3 different game features, the random mystery symbols become another way to gain more prizes.

At the start of any spin throughout this reel, mystery symbols can be added to any of the reels. When all the reels come to a stop, any mystery symbols which are placed, these are transformed into the same symbol.

Full Reel Wilds

For the Full Reel Wilds, these can land on reels between 2 and 5 which can also cover the entire reel. Across the reels, these wilds have a multiplier that ranges between 2 and 10 and multiplies each other when more than one contributes to a win.

Iron Wild Full Base Game Features

The Free Spins of Iron Bank Slot

In the Iron Bank slot, for the additional stand and ability to gain even more free spins and prizes which you can gain from this feature.

When you’re landing 3 or more BONUS symbols, this is the first stage that will give you free spins. This is where you’re able to choose between the 3 different free spin modes that are available.

However, when you’re playing 4, 5, or 6 BONUS symbols land, a win of 20 times, 200 times, and 2000 times the play amount is awarded, respectively.

Iron Bank Free Spins Global Poker

What are the Rules of the Free Spins?

For the rules of the free spins, there are 3 free spins modes which are available for selection, these have been described below.

Across the mystery symbols free spins, expanding wilds free spins, and multiplier, these collect free spins.

The Mystery Symbol Free Spins

Being another possible way to gain free spins, this is the ability to have the 8 free spins which are awarded. Through the symbol which is randomly chosen at the start of the round to become the sticky mystery symbol.

Throughout the reels, anytime the symbols land on the marked reels which are between the 2nd and 6th, they convert to a mystery symbol and stick in place, revealing the same symbol on every spin.

For the symbol, if this is selected to become a sticky mystery symbol which is part of a winning combination when initially landing, the win is then awarded prior to the conversion taking place and another win is evaluated which is made after the conversion.

Being able to gain an additional free spin, you need to fill an entire reel with sticky mystery symbols.

Iron Bank Slot

The Expanding Wild Free Spins

Through the expanding wilds feature, this is the opportunity to gain 10 free spins which can be utilized throughout the Iron Bank slot.

In the midst of the wilds landing on the marked reels of 3 and 4, these expand to fill the reel and award a re-spin of which you could win more coins.

For any win which you gain, this increases the multiplier by 1 on each of the expanded wild presents. When both expanding wilds are part of a winning combination, this win is multiplied by each multiplier in view.

In the expanding wilds free spin bonus, these re-spins will continue as long as a win is made or if a second wild lands in the marked areas on the slot.

The Multiplier Collect Free Spins

Being one of the biggest benefits and bonuses throughout the slot, this is the place where you’re able to gain 12 free spins which are awarded.

For the landing coconut crates which are placed across the reels 2 and 5, this progresses the multiplier applied to the wild on the reels they land on.

In this slot, for every two coconuts which are awarded, this increases the multiplier on the wilds on the reel by one. The current multiplier is indicated above each reel and is visible on the wild symbol.

For the wins, including several wilds are multiplied by each wild multiplier included in the win. Each coconut crate that lands, awards between 1 and 3 coconuts to the progress meter above the respective reel.

Every time the red coconut shooter is filled, you will be awarded 3 additional free spins to play!

Free Spins Collective Global Poker

Where Can You Play Iron Wilds?

If you’re wanting to get involved throughout the different games to win free spins and additional coins on this new slot, Global Poker is the place to go!

For your chance to play free slots to win cash prizes, in addition to playing the Iron Bank slot, you can register to Global Poker via PokerNews to play.

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