Jingle Your Way to The Top to Win Cash with Bet365 Casino

As you start to spread festive cheer throughout December and into the Christmas period, are you able to win casino slots to climb the leaderboard? If you think you have what it takes, this is your chance to win more prizes!

In this article, you’ll understand how the festival villages promotion works, what you’re able to win, and where you’re able to get involved!

How Do the Festive Villages Work?

Throughout the festival and Christmas period, there are even more chances to big a range of grand prizes to be won. All you need to do is ensure you place within the top 1,000 places and this will guarantee you a prize.

Making your way through the leaderboard, climbing up to wrap cash, or free additional spins to the Casino slots.

With this information in mind, how do you get involved? Across these three easy steps, you are already a step closer to winning more prizes:

  • Throughout the promotional period, choose an eligible Casino slot, click Join, and stake at least £0.20 to be involved!
  • Across your first 500 spins, this is when you’ll start obtaining and growing your leaderboard points.
  • If you reach the top 1,000 players on the leaderboard at the end of each promotional period, this is when you will win a prize.

What Can You Win Through Climbing the Leaderboards?

Throughout the promotion, it is available to be placed across three weeks of which you’re available to get involved.

To show what you’re able to win when you place yourself within the top 1,000 positions, there are two breakdowns to show exactly what you’ll win.

As you spin the Casino slots, and start building points, the points will be calculated by your win ratio. For each win on a spin, this is divided by the stake amount and multiplied by 100. For example, if you won £5 for a £1 stake, your score would be £5 divided by £1 multiplied by 100 which equals 500 points.

Ranging from the 5th of December to the 22nd of December, you can jingle your way up the weekly leaderboards to win cash or free spins. Across the first two weeks, this is exactly what you’re able to win depending on your place:

Leaderboard Place Prize
1st £5,000
2nd-4th £2,000
5th-8th £1,000
9th-30th £500
31st-80th £100
81st-150th 200 Free Spins
151st-250th 100 Free Spins
251st-400th 50 Free Spins
401st-600th 20 Free Spins
601st-1,000th10 Free Spins  

As you make it through into the third week, this is when the prizes are increased, giving you chance to win more and better prizes. In the third week, if you place in the top 1000 places, you can win prizes ranging from 20 Free Spins to £10,000.

Playing the range of eligible casino slots, throughout the third week, these are the prizes you can win depending on your position:

Leaderboard Place Prize
1st £10,000
2nd £5,000
3rd-5th £2,000
6th-10th £1,000
11th-30th £500
31st-100th £100
101st-200th 200 Free Spins
201st-350th 100 Free Spins
351st-600th 50 Free Spins
601st-1,000th 20 Free Spins

Climb the Leaderboard to Unwrap Cash with Festive Village

Through the eligible Casino slots, this is your way to start climbing the leaderboards, this is your pathway to being able to win cash prizes and free spins on bet365 Casino!

If you want to get involved through bet365 Casino, all you need to do is download bet365 casino via PokerNews and register. Ensure that you reach the top 1,000 positions, and this is where you start winning prizes!

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