Kindred’s Unibet Becomes Sponsor of Tour de Tietema

The leading online gambling operator, Kindred Group, announced a new sponsorship agreement in Belgium and the Netherlands. Under the terms of the new deal, Kindred’s flagship brand, Unibet, was named the primary sponsor of Tour de Tietema, the famous Dutch cycling team.

Thanks to the deal, the company’s flagship brand was designated as the main sponsor of TDT-Unibet Cycling Team. The new collaboration applies to Belgium, as well as the Netherlands. Although currently, the team starts from a continental level, their plans are to achieve a ProTeam status soon.

What’s more, under the terms of the commercial partnership, the duo will collaborate to engage with sports enthusiasts and push them to start cycling. The latest deal also complements Unibet’s program called Unibet Impact, which was introduced for the Dutch market. The innovative program seeks to “foster a safer and more responsible online gambling industry,” according to the brand.

We are delighted to have Unibet as our main sponsor. With Unibet, we have found a partner who has great confidence in our vision and supports us in our dream of turning the cycling world upside down with an innovative approach.

Bas Tietema, founder of Tour de Tietema

Bas Tietema, the founder of Tour de Tietema, said that the team is excited to join forces with Unibet and select them as the main sponsor. He explained that Kindred’s flagship brand has a vision that coincides with Tour De Tietema. According to Tietema, the collaboration enables the team to keep its TDT brand identity which is something new for the cycling industry. Finally, the team’s founder said: “We are excited to start our journey with Unibet and for the future ahead.”

Lennart Kessels, Kindred Group’s general manager Netherlands, added that the company is excited to team up with the famous team. He said Kindred is honored to support the team and acknowledged their dedication to the sport. Kessels said that Unibet isn’t new to the cycling world, considering that in 2006 and 2007 the flagship brand sponsored a cycling team. Last but not least, he said: “We are therefore convinced that we can fuel the ambitions of this new cycling team.”

We are extremely proud to work together with Tour de Tietema. Their dedication combined with their boldness to do things differently is a big inspiration. It’s an honor to help make their long-lived dream to start a cycling team a reality.

Lennart Kessels, general manager, Netherlands at Kindred Group

The latest sponsorship agreement comes on the heels of another announcement by Kindred. The company recently teamed up with Gamban in France. The unique collaboration seeks to deliver the leading gambling-blocking software to Unibet users in the country. At the same time, the initiative boosts Kindred’s “Journey to Zero” initiative which is after eliminating the revenue from problem gambling.

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