Largest Poker Bad Beat Jackpot in History Hits at Playground Poker Club ($2.6 Million)

A world record was set at Playground Poker Club in Canada on Wednesday when a poker bad beat jackpot hit in a low-stakes cash game for CAD $2,590,185 (approximately $1.9 million USD).

The popular Quebec card room shared photos on social media of the hand along with the players involved celebrating. When it comes to a bad beat jackpot, it is customary for the player who lost the hand to receive the largest chunk of the pot and the winning player to also secure a big portion of the reward. Additionally, the other players at the table then split the remainder of the pot.

Details on how much each player involved will receive isn’t yet publicly available and we will update this article when the casino releases it to us. But we do have the hand and it is as follows:

On a board of 2710108, the player with 1010 was likely ecstatic knowing that he couldn’t possibly lose the hand even though he didn’t have the stone-cold nuts with quads. That is because even if his hand was beat, it would set off the bad beat jackpot, which would pay life-changing money.

As it turned out, quads were in fact no good as the opponent turned over 69 for a straight flush. That triggered the largest bad beat jackpot in live poker history.

poker bad beat jackpot

All the Largest Poker Bad Beat Jackpots Happen at Playground

Coincidentally, Playground Poker Club is also home to the previous largest bad beat jackpot and it was, oddly enough, a similar hand. In June 2022, quad 10’s also lost to a straight flush for a $2.2 million jackpot ($1.64 million USD).

Later that summer at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, a $1.2 million jackpot was set off when quad aces were cracked by the royal flush of Raymond Broderson, a local low-stakes poker player.

This is a developing story. PokerNews will update you with the details (player info, exact payouts, etc.) as soon as they become available.

*Images courtesy of Playground Poker Club social media.

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