"LetsGoGlobal" & "mcleskey" Dominate PokerStars 2023 US SCOOP Leaderboards

The PokerStars US 2023 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) wrapped up earlier this week after awarding nearly $6.8 million in prize money across dozens of events in Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Several players had multiple victories throughout the series and “LetsGoGlobal”, “mcleskey” & “tittybumpin2” respectively topped the High, Medium and Low US SCOOP Leaderboards to take home and additional cash prizes.

Take a look at the PA SCOOP Leaderboards!

“LetsGoGlobal” Wins US SCOOP High for $2,000 After Three Victories

Starting with the US SCOOP High Leaderboard, Michigan’s “LetsGoGlobal” took home the top prize of $2,000 after a dominant series that saw them winning two High buy-in events.

“LetsGoGlobal” first took down 06-H: $100 NLH Sunday Warm Up PKO, $20K GTD for $4,903.37 before also winning 15-H: $250 NLH Turbo Storm, $30K GTD for $6,488.09.

Daniel “loxonbagel” Buzgon finished second on the leaderboard for $1,500 after also winning three events: 01-L: $20 8-Game Championship, $4K GTD for $1,049.15, 04-H: $100 NLH Turbo PKO, $25K GTD for $6,323.71 and 31-H: $100 5-Card PLO, $5K GTD for $1,996.31.

Daniel Buzgon
Daniel Buzgon

“1WINATATIME”, “mariopartypoker” and “mcleskey”, all from Michigan, rounded out the US SCOOP leaderboard for respective prizes of $750, $500 and $250.

US SCOOP Leaderboard – High Top 5

  1 “LetsGoGlobal” Michigan $2,000
  2 Daniel “loxonbagel” Buzgon New Jersey $1,500
  3 “1WINATATIME” Michigan $750
  4 “mariopartypoker” Michigan $500
  5 “mcleskey” Michigan $250

“mcleskey” Denies “LetsGoGlobal” US SCOOP High Leaderboard Victory

“LetsGoGlobal” had a third victory in 36-M: $100 NLH Deepstack Championship, $22.5K GTD for $6,972.73, a win that gave them a shot at winning a second leaderboard title.

However, “LetsGoGlobal” was denied Michigan’s “mcleskey”, whose series highlights included winning 02-M: $100 NLH Turbo Night Fight, PKO, $15K GTD for $4,333.21, 13-M: $30 NLH 6-Max Big PKO, $10K GTD for $2,589.43 and 31-M: $30 5-Card PLO, $2K GTD for $946.28.

Others who ended up on the Medium Leaderboard included Michigan’s “Owens18853” and “Rogggggy” and New Jersey’s Xingang “wxg1989” Wang, “Coolriver84”, and “cl1ckinbtns”.

US SCOOP Leaderboard – Medium Top 10

  1 “mcleskey” Michigan $1,000
  2 “LetsGoGlobal” Michigan $600
  3 “Owens18853” Michigan $400
  4 “Rogggggy” Michigan $300
  5 “Tilt-Donkeyy” New Jersey $200
  6 Xingang “wxg1989” Wang New Jersey $100
  7 “Coolriver84” Michigan $100
  8 “cl1ckinbtns” New Jersey $100
  9 “Binkwen” New Jersey $100
  10 “DOZER519” New Jersey $100

“tittybumpin2” Defeats “Trump&Glantz” for US SCOOP Low Leaderboard Victory

Nobody did better in the low-stakes US SCOOP events than “tittybumpin2” in Michigan, who took down 28-L: $10 NLH Hyper-Turbo Adrenaline, $5K GTD for $1,072.24 and ended on top of the Low Leaderboard for a $500 prize.

New Jersey’s “Trump&Glantz”, meanwhile, took home a $300 prize after finishing runner-up for winning 10-L: $10 PLO8, $2.5K GTD for $535.60 and 33-L: $10 FL 2-7 Triple Draw, $1K GTD for $433.40.

The two were joined on the Low Leaderboard by Michigan’s “DeeerTaaaY”, “ivegotstylekid” and “new_doc793”, as well as New Jersey’s Benji “OtB_RedHeron” Felson and “1025191”.

US SCOOP Leaderboard – Low Top 10

  1 “tittybumpin2” Michigan $500
  2 “Trump&Glantz” New Jersey $300
  3 “DeeerTaaaY” Michigan $200
  4 “ivegotstylekid” Michigan $150
  5 “new_doc793” Michigan $100
  6 Benji “OtB_RedHeron” Felson New Jersey $50
  7 “Marv.Illis” Michigan $50
  8 “1025191” New Jersey $50
  9 “smftt” Michigan $50
  10 “jdrisco6” Michigan $50

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