Luis "luis_faria" Faria Wins Big in 2022 WCOOP $10,300 Main Event ($1,293,825)

Luis Faria

The 2022 World Championship of Online Poker came to a close late Wednesday evening with the conclusion of the $10,300 NLH WCOOP Main Event on PokerStars.

The tournament, which boasted a $7 million guarantee, attracted a total of 760 entries to create a prize pool worth $7,600,000. Just under $1.3 million of that was set aside for Wednesday’s eventual winner.

After four days on the virtual felt, Portugal’s Luis “luis_faria” Faria was the last player standing from a talented final table that included 2021 $25,000 Super High WCOOP Champion “kZhh”, 2015 EPT Monte Carlo Main Event Champion Adrian “Amadi_017” Mateos and $109 Satellite Qualifier and Canadian yAAwn.

Faria, who has over $800,000 in live tournament earnings and $3.4 Million in online winnings, is no stranger to these spots. Coming into Day 3 and 4 as the chip leader, Faria spent most of the event at the top part of the leaderboard and after only six hours of play on Day 4 closed it out with the victory.

$10,300 WCOOP Main Event Final Table Results

Rank Player Country Winnings
1 Luis “luis_faria” Faria Portugal $1,293,825
2 “boerni21” Hungary $950,078
3 “Prudently” Denmark $697,658
4 “YannickPoker1” Austria $512,302
5 “yAAwn” Canada $376,192
6 “Ant1K1lller” Kyrgyzstan $276,244
7 Adrian “Amadi_017” Mateos Spain $202,850
8 “kZhh” Hungary $148,956
9 “SerVlaMin” United Kingdom $122,217

Final Table Action

Day 4 saw nine players return to action to battle it out on the final table in hopes of WCOOP glory. After close to an hour of play SerVlaMin, who came into the final table sixth in chips, became short and moved in with ace-three but ran into the ace-king for Faria. When the board ran out jack-high, it was the end of the road for “SerVlaMin” as they were sent to the rail in ninth place.

Soon after “kZhh” was the next casualty when their ace-eight was up against the pocket tens for Mateos. The board was no improvement to “kZhh” and they were sent to the exit in eighth place. Mateos managed to climb the leaderboard until he picked up ace-queen and lost a huge pot against Prudently who held ace-king. A few hands later Mateos would pick up ace-queen again, but in a three-way all in against jacks for boerni21 and ace-queen suited for “yAAwn”, Mateos would hit the rail in seventh when his hand couldn’t find any help.

Adrian Mateos
Adrian Mateos

Faria managed to claim another victim when Ant1K1lller moved all in from the small blind with queen-ten and was called by Faria with ace-five of diamonds in the big blind. The flop came all diamonds and “Ant1K1lller” was drawing dead, eliminating them in sixth place. Shortly after “Prudently” moved all in from the small blind, covering the short stack of “yAAwn”, who made the call. When the board ran out with a four the Canadian and $109 Satellite winner’s day was over in fifth place.

The four-handed battle went on for some time before YannickPoker1 flopped a straight draw with five-three but was up against the flopped two-pair for “boerni21”. When the board bricked off on turn and river, “YannickPoker1” would have to settle for a fourth-place finish. After some more back-and-forth play “Prudently” became short and moved in with ace-five but was instantly called by the pocket kings for Faria. The board ran out no help to “Prudently” and they were sent to the rail in third place.

Heads-up started with Faria having an overwhelming chip lead of close to 4:1 and things looked to be over soon, however when “boerni21” flopped a set of eights and found a massive double up, the tables turned on the heads-up match.

After more exchanges of the chip lead and many big pots going both ways, Faria finally closed it out in the final hand that saw his nine-seven turn trips and have “boerni21” move all in on the river with two-pair. Faria snap-called the bet and the tournament was over. “boerni21” managed to come into the day last place in chips and finish in an impressive runner-up position while Faria scored the victory and WCOOP Main Event title.

That wraps up covered of the 2022 WCOOP from the PokerNews team. Be sure to tune in to PokerNews coverage of the European Poker Tour stop in Prague in December.

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