MASSIVE - GGPoker to Giveaway $10 Million in November

The folks over at GGPoker love to give back their players. Each month, the online poker platform dishes out millions to the poker community through a plethora of ways. Well, November is no exception with GGPoker promising to give away a massive $10,000,000 across the month.

From Daily Freebies to Daily Leaderboards, it’s never been easier to boost your bankroll, so stick with PokerNews to find out how you can get a slice of the eight-figure prize fund.

GG Daily Freebie

GGPoker players get rewarded by just logging into their account each day. All you need to do to claim your reward is head the ‘Daily Freebie’ page from the Promo tab in the poker client and your prize will be automatically awarded to you in a matter of minutes.

The great thing about the daily freebie is that you’ll be able to play for real cash each day with each ticket received.

Daily Freebie Rewards

Day Reward
Monday $0.25 Spin & Gold Ticket
Tuesday $0.25 Battle Royale Ticket
Wednesday $0.25 Spin & Gold Ticket
Thursday $0.25 Battle Royale Ticket
Friday $0.25 Spin & Gold Ticket
Saturday $1 Spin & Gold Ticket
Sunday $0.25 Battle Royale Ticket

Win a Share of $1,000,000 with GGPoker’s Flip & Go Millionaire This November

Honeymoon for Newcomers

GGPoker Honeymoon is only available when you first create your free GGPoker account. You need to start the Honeymoon mission before 11:59 p.m. on the third day after joined GGPoker. Trust us when we say you don’t want to leave it too late because up to $350 worth of prizes are up for grabs.

Honeymoon is a mission-based promotion that takes place across 30-days. GGPoker puts a poker-related mission into your account each day and it’s up to you to complete it.

The missions are designed to get you playing all poker formats and variants, along with exploring the cool features unique to GGPoker.

GGPoker Honeymoon Payout Table

Number of Missions Completed Reward
3 2x $0.50 AoF Sit & Go Tickets
5 1x $2.50 Global MILLION$ Satellite ticket
7 10x $0.50 AoF Sit & Go tickets
10 1x $5 Omaholic MILLION$ Satellite ticket
15 T$14
20 $20 cash
23 1x $50 Global MILLION$ ticket
24 T$50
25 1x $52.50 Omahoic Bounty Quarter MILLION$ Stage 1 ticket
30 $150 cash

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Daily $100,000 #ThanksGG Flipout

If you find yourself on the wrong side of an soul-crushing bad beat or have put on a masterclass display on the virtual felt, you could be rewarded with a ticket to the $100,000 #ThanksGG Flipout!

A GGCares or CheersGG pop-up will appear after the hand plays out. Once you see that, your spot in the daily flipout is booked.

You may also rack up several flipout tickets over the course of your session and that has the potential to be very beneficial as you will accumulate additional tournament chips each time, giving you a bigger flipout starting stack. How many chips you start with also depends on the pot size and severity of the situation of the hand you played which resulted in you getting a ticket.

You do not even need to logged into GGPoker to play the flipout as it an automated tournament where each hand, every player is pushed all-in. Within seconds, a winner is determined.


Boost Your GGPoker Bankroll With These Welcome Bonuses

Now is the time to join GGPoker if you do not already have an account. Download GGPoker via PokerNews, create your account, and make your first deposit knowing GGPoker matches your initial deposit 100% up to a maximum of $600.

The bonus releases into your playable account balance in $1 increments each time you contribute $5 in net cash game rake or pay in tournament fees. You have a full 90 days to release as much of the bonus as possible.

Alternatively, you can choose a second welcome bonus, which would see your rewarded with up to $100 in free tickets & Cash Game Dollars (C$).

Any newcomers will guarantee themselves $52.50 in free tickets over the first six days. Once you have made your first eligible deposit. A further $47.50 in additional rewards is also up for grabs – all you need to do is play All-In or Fold (AoF) and hit the milestones below. Players will also get an addition C$10 on Day 6 for completing all the challenges.

$100 Reward Bonus Package

Days Instantly Credited Tickets # of Tickets Extra AoF Challenge Reward
Day 1 $11 in All-in or Fold SNG Tickets 6 Play 100 AoF Hands C$2.50
Day 2 $6.50 in All-in or Fold SNG Tickets 5 Play 500 AoF Hands C$10
Day 3 $6.50 in All-in or Fold SNG Tickets 5 Play 100 AoF Hands C$2.50
Day 4 $6.50 in All-in or Fold SNG Tickets 5 Play 500 AoF Hands C$10
Day 5 $9 in All-in or Fold SNG Tickets 6 Play 100 AoF Hands C$2.50
Day 6 $13 in All-in or Fold SNG Tickets 6 Play 1,000 AoF Hands C$10


Daily Leaderboards

A huge $96,000 will be given out each and everyday in November, thanks to GGPoker’s daily leaderboards. Play your game(s) of choice and climb the daily leaderboard to win your share of the prize fund.

Every player will be able to take part as there are leaderboards for each stake. How you climb up the tables is determined by the number of raked hands played as well as the stakes. Where you finish in the leaderboard determines the prize, and as expected the higher your finish, the bigger and better your reward will be.

Game Leaderboard
Hold’em Daily $20,000 Leaderboard
PLO Daily $20,000 Leaderboard
Rush & Cash Daily $25,000 Leaderboard
AoF & AoF SNG Daily $25,000 Leaderboard
Flip ‘n’ Go Daily $5,000 Leaderboard
Battle Royale Daily $1,000 Leaderboard
Short Deck Daily $5,000 Leaderboard
Spin and Gold Daily $10,000 Leaderboard
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