May 2024 American Casino Guide Book Newsletter

Here’s the latest news for May from the American Casino Guide Book and The Jackpot Gents.

We have three new videos this month on the American Casino Guide Book channel! The first, is with Anthony Curtis about the latest news from Las Vegas. The second is about one of the newest trends in slot machines: perceived persistence. And, in the third video, Matt and Steve give tips on how to have more fun when playing slots.

Plus, we had our two biggest video poker wins EVER this past week. Make sure you see the videos where we won over $20,000 on TWO HANDS!

We also have a companion article with Josh O’Connell where he goes much more in-depth into perceived persistence slot machines.

And, finally, a reminder that we are continuously adding more information about video poker on website, including pay tables and FREE video poker strategy charts! 

Look below for full details on all of these stories from this month’s newsletter!



Steve and Matt Bourie
The Jackpot Gents
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