Michael Gathy & “Miami” John Cernuto Among Recent 2023 Wynn Million Winners

The 2023 Wynn Millions kicked off back on February 20 and is slated to run through March 19. The $3,500 buy-in, $3 million GTD Wynn Millions Main Event is happening now, but while that’s taking place there have been several other side events playing out.

We already told you about early winners from the 2023 Wynn Millions, but we wanted to follow that up by highlighting some others to claim titles over the past week.

Laplante, Cheong & Costa Among Early 2023 Wynn Million Side Event Winners

Michael Gathy Victorious in $3,000 NLH Progressive Bounty $200K GTD

Michael Gathy

On March 2, a day after he finished in third place for $54,193 in the $3,000 NLH 6-Max $200K GTD event, Belgium’s Michael Gathy bested a 148-entry field to win the $3,000 NLH Progressive Bounty, which more than doubled its $200K guarantee with a $407,000 prize pool.

The top 16 finishers made the money including Aaron Duczak (10th – $6,138), Martin Jacobson (11th – $6,138), Dylan Linde (12th – $5,374), Tongguang Sun (13th – $5,374), Nicholas Bond (14th – $4,760), Katie Lindsay (15th – $2,380), and Ryan Leng (16th – $2,380).

Among those at the final table were Bin Weng (9th – $7,081), Ethan “Rampage” Yau (7th – $9,842), and Alex Foxen (4th – $20,202). After Leonard August bowed out in third place for $29,526, the final two players worked an even deal for $62,368. As part of the deal, Ryan McAllister took second place while Gathy received first and the trophy.

Wynn Millions $3,000 NLH Progressive Knockout Final Table Results

Place Player Hometown Prize
1 Michael Gathy Belgium $62,368*
2 Ryan McAllister Charleston, SC $62,368*
3 Leonard August North Bergen, New Jersey $29,526
4 Alex Foxen Las Vegas, NV $20,202
5 Gregor Sverko Slovenia $14,893
6 John Murphy Kirkland, WA $11,914
7 Ethan Yau Las Vegas, NV $9,842
8 Robert Borick Houston, TX $8,262
9 Bin Weng Philadelphia, PA $7,081

*Denotes heads-up deal.

Poker Legend “Miami” John Cernuto Claims Wynn Millions $1,100 Limit Omaha 8/B Title

John Cernuto

On March 1, the 2023 Wynn Millions hosted its $1,100 Limit Omaha 8/B $50K GTD, which nearly doubled the guarantee as 98 runners generated a $95,060 prize pool. The top 11 players made the money, and the two to fall short of the final table were Duke Viveros and Clyde Gaskins, who each received $2,567 for finishing in 10th and 11th place respectively.

At the final table, two poker legends worked a deal in Ari Engel and “Miami” John Cernuto. The former wound up taking second place for $23,903, while the latter won the trophy and took $25,851 in prize money. It was just the latest victory on Cernuto’s impressive poker résumé, which dates back to 1987 according to the Hendon Mob.

Wynn Millions $1,100 Limit Omaha 8/B Final Table Results

Place Player Hometown Prize
1 John Cernuto Las Vegas, NV $25,851*
2 Ari Engel Canada $23,903*
3 Vincent Cealicchia Las Vegas, NV $11,559
4 Lawrence Berg Las Vegas, NV $7,966
5 Kao Saechao Renton, WA $5,941
6 Christopher Hundley Kirkland, WA $4,715
7 Mark Gregorich Las Vegas, NV $3,869
8 Robert Goulding Sandia Park, NM $3,270
9 Joseph Gargiulo Port Charlotte, FL $2,852

*Denotes heads-up deal.

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Vikenty Shegal & Alex Foxen Work in Deal in $3,000 NLH 6-Max $200K GTD

Vikenty Shegal

On March 1, the 2023 Wynn Millions hosted its $3,000 NLH 6-Max $200K GTD, which more than doubled the guarantee as 184 players created a $506,000 prize pool. Among those to make the money by finishing in the top 20 were Maria Konnikova (10th – $11,193), Ryan Leng (11th – $11,193), Matthew Wantman (15th – $8,693), Will “The Thrill” Failla (16th – $7,767), and Cherish Andrews (19th – $7,028).

Belgium’s Michael Gathy made a deep run finishing in third place for $54,193, and the next day he’d go on to win the $3,000 NLH Progressive Bounty for $62,368. At that point, the final two players worked a deal that saw Alex Foxen finish in second place for $112,006 while Vikenty Shegal got $112,007 and the trophy.

Wynn Millions $3,000 NLH 6-Max Final Table Results

Place Player Hometown Prize
1 Vikenty Shegal Las Vegas, NV $112,007*
2 Alex Foxen Las Vegas, NV $112,006*
3 Michael Gathy Belgium $54,193
4 Jeffrey Farnes Las Vegas, NV $37,140
5 Scott Eskenazi Mercer Island, WA $27,349
6 Maziar Keshavarzi San Antonio, TX $21,632
7 Kathryn Lindsay Las Vegas, NV $17,720
8 Chan Kim Horsham, PA $15,028
9 Jake Schwartz Fort Lauderdale, FL $12,902

*Denotes heads-up deal.

Minnesota Players Battle Heads-Up in $1,100 H.O.R.S.E. $50K GTD

Jon Breneman

From February 28 through March 1, the $1,100 H.O.R.S.E. $50K GTD tournament played out. A field of 115 entrants generated a prize pool of $111,500, which was reserved for the top 13 finishers. Among those to cash but fall short of the final table was Rose Bottler (10th – $2,800), Paul Sokoloff (11th – $2,800), Hal Rotholz (12th – $2,443), and Ryan Hughes (13th – $2,443).

The final table had some recognizable names in Ari Engel (7th – $4,440), Ron Ware (5th – $6,581), and Brett Richey (3rd – $13,051). In the end, it was two players from Minnesota battling heads-up with Jon Breneman ultimately besting James Johnson to win the tournament for $25,122.

Wynn Millions $1,100 H.O.R.S.E. Final Table Results

Place Player Hometown Prize
1 Jon Breneman Woodbury, MN $35,122
2 James Johnson Princeton, MN $20,659
3 Brett Richey Las Vegas, NV $13,051
4 Leonard August Las Vegas, NV $8,924
5 Ron Ware Las Vegas, NV $6,581
6 Brian Yoon Las Vegas, NV $5,287
7 Ari Engel Las Vegas, NV $4,440
8 Ron Schiffman Las Vegas, NV $3,765
9 Maxx Coleman Las Vegas, NV $3,235

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2023 Wynn Millions Winners Thus Far

Date Tournament Entries Prize Pool Winner Hometown/County Prize
Feb. 20 $500 NLH $50K GTD 290 $124,700 Maher al Mouselly Calgary, Canada $30,228
Feb. 21 $600 H.O.R.S.E. $30K GTD 92 $47,380 Ryan Laplante Las Vegas, NV $12,401
Feb. 21-23 $600 NLH $200K GTD 805 $414,575 Joseph Cheong Las Vegas, NV $74,670
Feb. 24 $400 PLO Turbo $20K GTD 129 $43,860 Pete Rocha Victoria, TX $10,965
Feb. 26 $400 NLH $40K GTD 325 $110,500 Brian Hughes Las Vegas, NV $21,271
Feb. 23-26 $1,600 Mystery Bounty 1,270 $2,463,800 Ryan Wolfson Westbury, NY $130,080
Feb. 27-28 $1,100 Seniors NLH $100K GTD 240 $232,800 Peter Costa Las Vegas, NV $44,179
Feb. 28 $400 NLH $40K GTD 296 $100,640 Patrick Hackenburg Manhattan, KS $24,395
Feb. 28-March 1 $1,100 HORSE $50K GTD 115 $111,550 Jon Breneman Woodbury, MN $35,122
1-Mar $3,000 NLH 6-Max $200K GTD 184 $506,000 Vikenty Shegal Las Vegas, NV $112,007
1-Mar $1,100 Limit Omaha 8/B $50K GTD 98 $95,060 “Miami” John Cernuto Las Vegas, NV $25,851
2-Mar $3,000 NLH Progressive Bounty $200K GTD 148 $407,000 Michael Gathy Belgium $62,368
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