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A baccarat dealer at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut faces accusations of fixing games, costing the property about $124,000. A pit manager became suspicious of Yu Wen Fu’s handling of cards on April 21 and reported these concerns to the property’s surveillance team.

This led to the discovery that the 64-year-old was setting up the deck whenever a particular player approached his table. Instead of “washing” cards face down before a new round, he often looked at some and arranged them in a particular order on the top of the deck before proceeding to give signals to a player named Haoen Jiang.

winning as much as $29,835 in a single session

The casino informed tribal police about the scam and the authorities trawled through footage of games involving the two suspects dating back a month. They found instances of Jiang winning as much as $29,835 in a single session and a total of $124,260.

The player is not facing any charges; he claimed to not know the dealer despite having Fu’s number in his phone. Fu also denies knowing the player and denies engaging in any form of cheating. He claimed that cards sometimes accidentally turn face up during washing and emphasized that he doesn’t intentionally re-arrange the cards.

The casino suspended the dealer due to the ongoing investigation and police arrested him in November, charging him with multiple counts of larceny.

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