More Ways to Earn the Jackpot on Global Poker

As a continuation of the jackpot slots which are featured on Global Poker, these are 3 more slots that you can play to gain even more wins!

Whether it is free spins, or the winning features, throughout this article you’ll find the three slots and where you are able to play the jackpot slots!

Wild Roads

In the midst of this slot, it ranges across the different ways to win even more to win. Whether it ranges from the free spins and the fireshot jackpot through the wilds roads slot.

By understanding the game rules and throughout the whole slot, you can earn more joins and a range of prizes that you can win. From mini, minor, major, and grand jackpot prizes, this is where you can win big.

What are the Wild Roads Game Rules?

Across the 5 lines which are available to play across within the wild roads slot, this is where the adventure starts down the wild roads.

Throughout this slot, there is a particular slot that is shown in the image below which substitutes for all symbols except wild roads and the badge.

Additionally, all symbols pay left to right except the wild roads slot, and in the wild roads wins and wins on different paylines are added.

However, despite you potentially making more wins throughout the slot the highest win only is selected on each payline.

If you win throughout this slot, all wins that occur are on selected lines except the symbol of the wild road.

Wild Roads Game Rules

What is the Free Spins Feature?

Featuring the free spins feature, when you gain 3 wild roads, this is your opportunity to win free spins.

Across the free spins feature, during the free spins, more cowgirl wild symbols are added to the reels. In addition to this, the free spins can be retriggered.

In the midst of the free spins, as they are played they are at the lines and coins of the triggering game.

As you join the free spins, these are the ways you can win:

  • 6 Free Chips where the chance of a nudge is tripled
  • 10 Free Spins where the chance of a nudge is doubled
  • 15 Free Spins where there is a chance of a nudge
Free Spins Feature Wild Roads

What is the Fireshot Jackpot on Wild Roads?

Across the fireshot jackpot slot, when you receive 4 or more badged symbols, this is when 3 fireshot jackpot spins are awarded.

For all the other positions upon the reels within the Wild Roads slot, is when all the other positions are then turned into individual spinning reels.

However, in this slot, if one or more badged symbols appear in any positions, those symbols are held, and the number of free spins will then be set to 3.

As the ultimate prize, if you fill all 9 positions with the badged symbol, this awards you with the GRAND JACKPOT! All prizes which on the badged symbol, these are awarded at the end of the feature or when the grand jackpot is won!

Fireshot Jackpot Global Poker

The Big GoREELa

What is the Paytable for the Big GoREELa?

Across the paytable through the Big GoREELa slot, introducing the range of symbols which ensures that will bring you even more prizes.

Starting across the WILD symbol, this is the symbol showing the gorilla. For this symbol, the substitute is placed for any symbol. For the WILD symbol, this is the case except for the Scatter symbol. Although, for this slot, this appears only on reels 2,3, and 4.

Additionally, in this paytable, there is also a Scatter symbol which enables additional wins and advantages. For the Scatter symbol, this only appears on reels 1 and 5. In the midst of your playing in the slot, you can win up to 6 on the screen.

Paytable Big GoREELa Global Poker

What are the Jackpot Wins?

When you’re playing within the Big GoREELa slot, there are many available ways to achieve the jackpot wins.

In the midst of the grand jackpot, the major jackpot or the minor jackpot wins, when they are revealed on the centre reel, when the symbol shown is won.

For the grand jackpot, this can only be won during the feature games. Additionally, for the major symbol, this awards 1000 times the total bet, however, the minor symbol awards 40 times the total bet.

What is the Feature of the Big GoREELa?

In the Big GoREELa, introducing a feature that brings you more chances to win free spins and the jackpot prizes.

For the SCATTER symbol, when you have 4, 5, or 6 symbols, this presents the ability to win 7, 15, or 30 free spins respectively. Additionally, when you win the free spins, all the symbols on the reels 2,3, and 4 – this becomes a MEGA SYMBOL!

During these free spins, the feature can also be triggered again and is played at the same coin value which triggers the feature.

Big GoREELa Global Poker

Duskmoon Faire Jackpot

What is the Feature of Duskmoon Faire Jackpot?

In the midst of the feature which is placed across the slot, the 3, 4, or 5 tented symbols which win the trigger of 10, 15, or 20 free spins respectively.

Throughout the feature, there are some symbols that changes throughout the free spin. Whereas the feature can be triggered again whilst you’re spinning the free spins.

Additionally, for the free spins, these are played at the same coined value which triggers the feature which is currently in play!

The Jackpot Rules for Duskmoon Faire

Throughout the Duskmoon Faire Jackpot, during the main game which you’re spinning and in the midst of the free spins, the progressive jackpot has the potential to be won.

Featuring the full screen of the jackpot symbols only, the progressive jackpot will be added to the line wins.

When the jackpot is in play, this creates more opportunities to win. Starting with the free spins, and bigger jackpot wins – spinning gives you more chances to gain more coins, whether this is Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins!

Duskmoon Faire Features Slot

Where Can You Play These Jackpot Slots?

Throughout these jackpot slots, and the other games which are featured across Global Poker, you are able to win a range of Gold and Sweeps Coins whilst you’re testing your skills.

If you want to get involved with these jackpot slots, sign up for Global Poker via PokerNews and get involved throughout the range of slots available to play!

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