Money Transfer from GCash to Wallet or Neteller

Neteller offers a lot of great benefits to online casino players, don’t get us wrong, but GCash has some unmatched advantages when it comes down to payments in the Philippines. After all, it is a Philippine-oriented cashless payment system connected to your SIM card. It is also available to some non-Philippine-issued mobile phone numbers for users based abroad, but the registration and verification process is more tedious.

GCash is by far the most used and popular online payment method in the country. You can connect it to your casino account and transfer money easily from and to your GCash App. You can even transfer money from Neteller to GCash and vice-versa. There are a lot of things to cover, so here are the main topics in this blog post.

After discussing the main characteristics of the GCash mobile payment system, including its main tools GCash Wallet and GCash App, we will go through a quick comparison with Neteller. We will give you some hints and bits of advice on why you should move to GCash, and how to transfer money to GCash. Of course, you will find the main steps to register and make a GCash deposit at online casino sites in the Philippines as well. You can check the top GCash PH casino sites through our dedicated guide.

GCash Main Details and Specs

In this paragraph, you will find out more details about GCash. Indeed, we covered only the main details and bits of information, as GCash was introduced in 2004 in the Philippines, which is quite a significant historical background. Only a few years ago, it has 20 million active users, but after 2021, it more than doubled this number due to the increasing need for remote and cashless transactions.

Nowadays, there are more than 60 million GCash users, which is almost half of the population of the Philippines. It is a great alternative to Neteller, as Neteller has cashless mobile payment capabilities, but it is conceived as an e-wallet. By contrast, GCash is a mobile wallet. The GCash App offers amazing features if you want to deposit and play at the best online casinos in the Philippines on the go.

👔 Company G-Xchange, Inc.
📍 Country The Philippines
💵 Products GCash App, GCash Card, GCash Wallet
💱 e-Money Currency Philippine Peso (Php)
📜 Licence Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)
🔒 Customer Protect BSP Financial Consumer Protection Department
👱 Registered Users 60+ Million (2022)
🤝 Partner Merchants 4.5+ Million (2022)
🏆 Latest Award ‘The Asian Banker 2021’
✔️ Safety KYC, MPIN, OTP, Personal QR
💻 Website
ℹ️ Contact Methods Live Chat, Help Centre, Email, Social Networks

There are several other services and products related to GCash, but you should know that an online casino that accepts this payment method should be a GCash Accredited Merchant. An online casino operator that offers GCash is 100% legit and trustworthy. Its cashier is encrypted and is operated by a reliable company, while the GCash verification features are rock solid as well.

It comes down to a KYC procedure at your GCash registration, which is used as a verification of your identity. You should provide any required information, such as an address, photo, signature, full name, etc. GCash also uses a mobile personal ID number or MPIN, which you will need during every online casino transaction.

When you register your new account, GCash will send you a One Time Pin as additional authentication. If you use GCash to send money to another user, you can do it via a personal QR code. Overall, there are many safety and verification steps when you transfer money from Neteller to GCash or make a GCash deposit at an online casino in the Philippines.

GCash Strong Sides & Comparison with Neteller

Neteller had one very significant advantage over GCash – it comes down to the great worldwide coverage of its services. However, it was only recently when BSP approved the beta launch of GCash Overseas and you will be able to use its services with an international SIM card soon. If we have to compare Neteller to GCash, we can come across a few other important advantages and setbacks, mentioned in the next table.

🙆🏻‍♂️ GCash Pros 🙅🏻‍♂️ GCash Cons
Top Filipino Cashless Ecosystem Popular Only in the Philippines
Trustworthy Payments Operators Requires Mobile Internet Connection
Accepted by Many PH Casino Sites Long Registration Process
Immediate Casino Transactions No Free Phone Support
Benchmark PH e-Money Issuer Email Is Difficult to Find
Guaranteed 100% Refund Most Services Require Fees
A Lot of Complimentary Services Low SSL Encryption of the Website

You will find a tonne of other pros of GCash when you play at real money casino sites in the Philippines, but it is safe to say that the advantages are so much more than the setbacks. For example, even the best GCash alternative might apply significant transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals.

However, GCash will charge you only up to ₱50 for cashing in if you have linked your GCash App to a bank account other than BPI and Unionbank. This is the lowest fee GCash users shall pay when they cash-in via this mobile payment method. There are also small fees for GCash Card application and renewal, as well as dormancy maintenance fees, and fees related to your GCash Wallet.

Why Move from Neteller to GCash?

Now, we will give you a few more reasons why to move from Neteller to GCash. Of course, Neteller or any other e-wallet and mobile billing system legally accepted in the Philippines is always a good alternative. However, when it comes down to a GCash deposit at online casino apps, GCash should be your choice number one.

  • GCash offers faster cash-out and withdrawals to mobile devices.
  • Many top Philippine casino sites accept both Neteller and GCash.
  • Neteller has higher dormancy maintenance fees.
  • Neteller does not offer its physical Net+ Card to residents in the Philippines.
  • The GCash mobile payment system is more popular in the Philippines than Neteller.
  • Neteller charges percentage fees, whilst GCash’s fees are fixed.
  • GCash is optimised as a mobile payment system and Neteller as an e-wallet.
  • There are more GCash-Compatible Crypto Exchange Platforms in the Philippines.

To transfer money from Neteller to GCash, you need to log in to your account and go to the ‘Money Out’ section. Type the desired sum to transfer and enter the phone number associated with your GCash account. The exchange amount will be transferred immediately, and all you need to do is verify it by opening your GCash app. It is easy to transfer money to GCash anywhere from the Philippines or abroad and by using many e-wallets, such as Neteller.

How to make a GCash Deposit at a Filipino Online Casino?

Now that you know the advantages of GCash over Neteller, let’s discuss how to make a GCash deposit at an online casino in the Philippines. Firstly, you will have to prepare your GCash App for a deposit, which means you have to have some funds in your GCash Wallet. You can do so by three methods: either from a qualified bank account, GPO, or phone-to-phone transfer. We will from the very beginning – the registration process of your new GCash account.

  1. Visit the GCash official website and click ‘Register’, then read the full terms & privacy policy.
  2. Enter a Filipino mobile phone number to be associated with your GCash App/Wallet.
  3. Provide all required documents and information, such as complete name, photo, and signature.
  4. Wait for a successful confirmation of your identity, and personalise your GCash App.
  5. Cash-in Philippine pesos into your GCash Wallet via one of the accepted methods.
  6. Log in or register at your favourite online casino in the Philippines and go to the cashier.
  7. Click ‘Deposit’ and select the GCash option, and prepare your GCash App by logging in.
  8. Enter the desired amount to deposit, considering your budget and the casino deposit limits.
  9. Confirm the mobile deposit via your Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) and your MPIN.
  10. Go to your online casino account and see your balance enhanced with the new deposit.

There are very few differences between depositing from your mobile device via GCash or any other mobile billing method. Just don’t forget to see if GCash is a valid deposit method for the best PH online casino bonuses, as there might be some special requirements.

A transaction via GCash is immediate. So, if you have completed all the steps from the registration process at your favourite casino correctly, you should not have any trouble making a GCash deposit at an online casino in the Philippines.

How to Transfer Money from GCash to Neteller?

If you get lucky and the winnings in your casino account are decent for a withdrawal, you can do it via GCash as well. However, it is important to know which GCash Card you want to use, as you can link a maximum of three GCash Cards to your GCash Wallet. Then, just make sure you have completed the casino wagering requirements and confirm the withdrawal request.

After that, you can send money from GCash to Neteller by using one of the allowed cash-out options. Neteller is a great GCash alternative, and the trasnaction can be done by the ‘peer-to-peer/person-to-person express send’ function from your app. You can even skip Neteller and transfer money directly to your bank account by using your GCash Card through any participating ATM in the Philippines.

When you use the cash-out function to transfer money from GCash to Neteller, for example, you should also comply with your GCash Wallet limits. They are applied on a per-user basis, so the limits will be shared across all your registered GCash Wallets. Overall, it is very easy to transfer money from Neteller to GCash and vice-versa, and if you liked this blog post, please also check out the next section with some important questions and answers.

Neteller to GCash Q&A

It is easy to use GCash in the Philippines, but before you do it, please check out this Q&A section. It features some of the most frequently asked questions over the Internet about how to transfer money from Neteller to GCash and vice-versa.

What should I know when moving from Neteller to GCash?

One of the most important GCash characteristics is that it’s a cashless mobile payment system oriented towards Filipine users. When it comes down to online casinos, please have in mind that GCash has more than 4.5 million partner merchants in the Philippines, including many top gaming operators. Also, it’s licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

What is superior – Neteller to GCash or GCash to Neteller?

Although it is a great alternative to GCash, many new Filipino online casino players are not aware of the superiority of GCash. It is conceived as a mobile-first cashless mobile payment system, which is one of the top advantages of the GCash App. Shortly put, GCash is superior to Neteller when it comes down to this factor.

Why should I move from Neteller to GCash?

There are many reasons why you should move from Neteller to GCash, especially if you are an online casino player from the Philippines. For instance, GCash has fixed transaction fees, whilst Neteller taxes you a small percentage of your transactions. Not to mention that GCash is a mobile-first cashless payment method, whilst Neteller is an e-wallet.

How to deposit from Neteller to GCash for online casino gaming?

There are only a few quick steps you have to consider when making a GCash deposit at an online casino in the Philippines. You need to have your GCash App ready for the transaction, i.e. you need to cash-in some money. To do so, you can transfer money from Neteller to your GCash App in advance.

Can I cash-out from GCash to Neteller in PH?

Yes, the GCash cash-out function is very useful for Filipino players who would like to request a withdrawal from an online casino, for example. It offers you almost immediate transactions and the nicest thing is that you can avoid Neteller by cashing out directly from an ATM via your GCash Card, of course, with a ₱10 to ₱18 withdrawal fee.

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