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The Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) gave the green light to change how casinos report their relationships with agents who bring high rollers to their properties. These independent individuals direct big spenders to certain resorts in return for compensation. They can often offer credit to their clients as an incentive.

The NGC did not spend much time on the matter before unanimously voting in favor of the proposal during its meeting on Thursday. Casinos will no longer have to submit an annual report to the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Properties must maintain these records for five years.

They now only have to maintain these records and show them to board officials when there is an inspection. The reports include the full name and location of the agent, as well as how much compensation they receive from the casinos. Properties must maintain these records for five years.

The idea behind this change is to lower the level of regulatory paperwork that businesses have to deal with. About 300 agents currently are registered in Nevada and some of them work for multiple properties.

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