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Early last month, the global casino-entertainment company, Bally’s Corporation, announced a senior-level change. The company confirmed its plans to replace its CEO, Lee Fenton. Consequently, Bally’s confirmed that Fenton will remain in that role until March 31, 2023. As a replacement for Fenton, the company selected Robeson Reeves, an expert within the iGaming vertical with nearly two decades of experience.

Now, during a meeting on Wednesday, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB), praised the incoming CEO for his experience and urged the Gaming Commission to find him suitable for the new role with Bally’s, a report released by CDC Gaming Reports reveals.

Brittnie Watkins, one of NGCB’s members, talked about Reeves’ current role as chair of the company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) committee. Reeves reassured that his efforts within the ESG vertical would continue. Additionally, he said that the Board will have two women as members in April, which, according to him is “pretty good and going in the right direction.”

ESG is very close to my heart. Talent should always shine through and we should let people reach their full potential.

Robeson Reeves, incoming CEO of Bally’s Corporation

Reeves enjoyed similar approval from other NGCB members. George Assad, another member of the regulator pointed out that Reeves has an impressive resume, while Kirk Hendrick, Board Chair, also voiced his support for Reeves’ new position with Bally’s.

It was in the autumn when Bally’s completed the deal for Tropicana, effectively granting the company presence on the Las Vegas Strip. During the recent meeting, Reeves wasn’t questioned about the company’s plans for the property. However, that topic may be discussed at a later meeting scheduled for the end of the month.

Reeves Brings Decades of Experience to Bally’s

In 2005, Reeves graduated from the University College in London with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics, Operations Research, and Management Studies. The same year, he became a part of Gamesys. Throughout his career with the company, he held different senior-level roles such as director of gaming operations. In August 2010, he was also added to Gamesys’ board of directors.

Upon announcing the senior-level change last month, Bally’s Chairman, Soo Kim, thanked Fenton for his dedication, leadership and ongoing contributions to the company. At the time of the announcement of the planned change, Reeves said that he is honored and glad to be able to lead Bally’s.

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