NuxGame Solidifies LatAm Presence with Monnet

This will allow NuxGame to significantly strengthen its presence in the Latin American market and leverage Monnet’s tech expertise to position itself in the region. Monnet’s payment systems will facilitate payment operations for customers who are using NuxGame’s online and sports betting software.

Streamlined Payments to Make It Easier on Consumers

Monnet will allow players to benefit from rapid payment options that are going to be carried out through the deployment of the company’s Regional Wallet which is tied to better overall operator performance.

Operators will also benefit from the integration as they would not need to be domiciled or affiliated with a local bank in a given jurisdiction, NuxGame explains in the press release. Furthermore, NuxGame is making another stake in the Latin American region where the company wants to be seen as a prominent local player and fixture of the gaming landscape.

Presently, Monnet’s solutions operate in nine countries in South America and support a range of currencies. It similarly consolidates clients’ payments through a single platform and allows for automated payments to offer further savings to operators.

NuxGame is committed to innovating iGaming and part of this comes with the betterment of payment products and the opportunity for consumers to process their money quickly. Latin America is an important part of NuxGame’s growth pillar, and it will be a market of continued and sustained focus throughout the rest of the year.

NuxGame CEO Daniel Heywood welcomed the opportunity to partner with Monnet and integrate what is a fast, simple, and safe payment solution into the company’s core platform. Heywood added:

Partnering with Monnet will allow us to provide these services to any of our clients that are already established within LatAm or seeking to enter the market for the first time.

NuxGame CEO Daniel Heywood

Latin America Becomes a Priority for Company in 2023

He further said that the addition of this streamlined payment process should be a “hit” with clients with iGaming in Latin America becoming even more popular. Sports betting in markets across the region is changing as well.

Brazil has outlined a new plan to regulate sports betting and fight crime emanating from the sector just this week. The country is now expecting to see sportsbooks set up shop in the country and finally start paying taxes.

Payment solutions such as Monnet will help NuxGame-powered companies to strengthen their positions and boost their profiles with consumers as markets are changing across the region.

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