Wild and Wacky NFL Betting Season Continues as Tom Brady and the Buccaneers Fall Again

Tom Brady

NFL betting numbers miss their mark

The NFL season has not gone the way that most people expected. At least that’s what the betting numbers say.

Three of the four teams that advanced to last year’s championship games are a combined 8-14 against the spread (40%). Meanwhile, the four odds-on favorites to win the Super Bowl on September 6 — the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Green Bay Packers — are 11-15-1 ATS, and Buffalo is the only one above .500.

one of the wildest seasons in recent history

There have been truly unpredictable results throughout the season. Whether it be Geno Smith entering the MVP fray, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady all looking ready for retirement, or the New York Jets challenging for the AFC East title, this has truly been one of the wildest seasons in recent history. And the madness has only just begun.

Startling results

The wackiest result of the weekend was undoubtedly the 13-point underdog Carolina Panthers defeating the visiting Bucs 21-3. It was also just Brady’s ninth loss as a double-digit favorite in 22 professional seasons.

According to PointsBet, 96% of the money wagered on the Panthers-Buccaneers game came in favor of Tampa Bay. A sportsbook director for BetMGM also told the Vegas Sports and Information Network that only five bets were placed on the Panthers at +13.

one of the biggest parlay-killers of the season”

“With games like these, many [bettors] use it to fill their Sunday parlays as a banker pick, so this went down as one of the biggest parlay-killers of the season,” Kevin Lawler, head of trading for PointsBet, told ESPN.

Brady finished the game 32-49 with 290 yards, but was unable to crack the end zone. Carolina fill-in QB P.J. Walker tossed 177 yards and two touchdowns as new starting running back D’Onta Foreman rumbled for 118 yards.

Meanwhile, Brady’s compatriot in Green Bay is also struggling. That man is, of course, Aaron Rodgers, and he lost to the lowly Washington Commanders Sunday despite entering as favorites. The Packers have now lost three straight and are 3-4 on the year.

The Packers and Buccaneers were Vegas’ favorites to match up in the NFC Championship game this season. However, their Super Bowl odds have moved from +1100 and +725 to +2800 and +1800, respectively.

In a season of surprises, the only constant has been unpredictability. That rule extends beyond the blue-blood franchises, too.

What’s changed?

At the time of writing, 13 teams in the NFL are above .500. Of those, six were absent from last year’s playoffs.

The Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, and Jets had a combined winning percentage of 33.8%. This season, that number has improved to 74.1%. 

The effects have also been felt in spread betting, where 57.3% of underdogs have covered thus far, according to Covers. Even stranger, away dogs are more successful than home dogs, despite the lack of home-field advantage.

The over/under market has also produced lopsided results, with the under hitting nearly 60% of the time.

So, what can explain all of the problems that sports gamblers are facing?

regular contenders are playing poorly

Perhaps the biggest reason for the resounding failure in the market is the public’s tendency to rely on reputation. Many of the teams that have been around for a while and are regular contenders are playing poorly. 

Another possible explanation is that the league is in a stage of transition from a player perspective. Only two of the top eight MVP candidates have won the award before, and the two that have (Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes) are 26 years old on average.

Whatever the explanation, beware of the next batch of potentially devastating odds. Lines for Week eight are already out, and three teams are listed as 10.5-point underdogs: the Chicago Bears at the Dallas Cowboys, the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Packers at the Bills.

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8 Tips To Increase Your Chances At Winning Slots Online 

8 Tips To Increase Your Chances At Winning Slots Online 

The slot machine is a popular casino game played by numerous players globally. While some of these players are in it for fun and entertainment, others prefer playing with the hope of making a good win. However, winning in an online slot machine is difficult as they’re known to use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to select winning numbers. That means the outcome is random, and it may take you a long time to win, if at all. 

Even if that’s the case, it’s also not to say that there’s nothing you can do to boost your chances of bagging a win. Fortunately, there are a few other tips and strategies you can use to boost your chances of winning slots besides luck. Look at these eight tips that may get you smiling all the way to the bank. 

Choose your slots wisely 

One of the most crucial tips when looking for a win in slots is knowing the machines to pick. It’s important to note that online slots differ significantly in their features, particularly the spinning reels, which is a crucial distinguishing feature. However, they also differ in everything else, including the theme, soundtrack, symbols, and plot.  

In addition, the growth of online slots has broadened the play area, as there are now more slots to choose from. When you play slots online at Stake.com or any other online casino, you can see the wide variety of slots available. Developers are also creating more variety besides the classic slots, such as 3D, virtual reality, and mobile slots. 

Don’t be in a rush when choosing a slot machine. Research more on how slots work and how to pick the best ones to play before you get started.

Understand the paytable 

Slot machines have numerous symbols, special features, and hundreds of ways to win. You’ll find all that in the section with game rules and information. It basically carries the explanation of how to play a particular slot. 

Each online slot has its paytable whose information is critical to how you play and the expected winnings. The table gives you information on the meanings and value of the main, bonus, and free symbols that appear during play or when you spin the reels. The paytable also shares the combinations you need to make a win. 

Before you start playing with real money, study this section carefully. As stated before, you’ll need to do this in each slot since they’re all different.  

Check out Return to Player (RTP) percentages 

Choosing the best slot alone isn’t enough to increase your chances of winning. You also need to check out the payout percentages of the selected slot. This is the percentage win rate that you should expect from a particular slot. The higher the RTP of a lot, the better your chances of winning.  

Most slots have an RTP rate of between 93 and 98%, meaning that while one casino will give you a 93% payout and retain 7%, another will provide you with 98% and retain 2%. Go for games with at least a 95% RTP to give yourself a better chance of winning. However, it’s important to note that this is just the expected reward that, in an ideal world, a casino will pay you back. 

Stick to your budget 

If you want to increase your chances of winning slots online, the best thing is not to lose it all. Set a budget before you start spinning those reels, and stick to it regardless of the outcome. It’s easier to control your spending when you have a maximum sum to play with each time.   

If you start playing without a plan, you can quickly lose track of your spending on bets, your winnings, and if there’s a balance. Having no plan for your bankroll is a dangerous route that exposes you to huge losses.  

Practice playing with free slots 

Before you deposit real money into an online casino to play slots, it’s advisable to take advantage of the free slot games for practice. Instead of possibly wasting your bankroll learning how slots work, use the no deposit bonuses offers to understand the various bonus features, triggers, and, generally, your way around slot machines.  

Avoid wasting funds or casino bonuses just to learn how to play, which is a common mistake beginners make. Also, when you’re a new player, you’re more likely to make some common but avoidable mistakes, such as wagering above your capacity, not reading slot rules, and placing bets too small to trigger the progressive jackpots. 

With free games, you learn how to correctly place bets and how to increase your chances of winning. Besides, the free games offer a real experience, but you can’t cash out the winnings.   

Go for classic slots over progressive jackpots 

Classic slots and progressive jackpots differ quite considerably. Progressive jackpots have no clear amount set, and the amount can go on to any size. In addition, these slots are mostly linked to many casinos. As more players play the slot with the jackpot, the amount continues to grow. 

Also, it’s important to note that progressive jackpots are more volatile, which means that winning chances are extremely rare. So, unless you’re in it pursuing a possible big win, stick to classic slots. The winnings may be smaller, but they’ll appear more frequently. You have a higher chance of winning numerous classic slots than you have to win a colossal jackpot amount within a particular time.   

Play smaller jackpots 

If you still feel inclined to play the jackpot, consider going for the smaller ones, as they pay out more frequently. Therefore, your chances of winning a good amount are higher than when you peg your hope onto a huge jackpot. The latter can be quite enticing, but your chances of ever making a win are really slim. 

Look out for new slots 

When a casino introduces a new slot, they give promotions, offers, free spins, and bonuses while looking to popularize it among players. Keep an eye out on the ‘new’ section to find the best promotional slot offers and boost your chance of winning with the bonus and free spins.  

Final Thoughts

While your ultimate goal is to make a good win when playing online slots, don’t forget to have fun playing. You should pick your slots wisely so you’re not stuck in a game you don’t enjoy just because you placed a bet. Hopefully, the tips above have given you valuable insight into online slots and, hopefully, they can improve your chances of winning the next time you play.

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‘Stop promoting them’: victims call for football to end tragic link with gambling | Soccer

Kimberly Wadsworth was 32 when she took her own life in 2018. The passionate Leeds fan who worked in marketing was a gambling addict. Having begun on the fixed-odds betting terminals found in any high-street bookmaker she had graduated to online casinos.

There she was plied with “free” bets and gained VIP status from the companies she gambled with. They incentivised her to keep playing even when her losses were heavy. Hers is a not unfamiliar story – Public Health England estimates there are 409 gambling-related suicides each year in England – but she is a reminder that gambling addiction is not an exclusively male affliction.

On Friday and Saturday, Kimberly’s mother, Kay, will join recovering gambling addicts and other families who have lost loved ones to gambling-related suicide in walking to five Yorkshire football grounds, starting with an early appointment at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough. From there the group of more than 30 will visit Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane, Rotherham’s New York Stadium and Barnsley’s Oakwell.

On Saturday, the group take the 19 miles from Barnsley to Leeds to complete 41 miles over two days. They have been allowed by club officials to take pictures inside Elland Road. “I am proud to walk in Kimberly’s memory with people who have suffered the harm and devastation that gambling addiction brings,” said Kay. “These harmful gambling products are designed to hook people in, regardless of their background, so we are calling on football to stop promoting them to millions of young fans.”

The event is the latest organised by the Big Step, a campaign to end gambling advertising and sponsorship in football, led by people harmed by gambling. Previous events include July’s 70-person walk from Manchester to Liverpool in memory of Ryan Myers, a 27-year-old Liverpool-supporting carpenter. In February, a three-day hike took in Scottish stadiums on the route from Edinburgh to Glasgow in remembrance of Lewis Keogh, a 34-year-old Sheffield Wednesday fan.

This weekend’s walk’s aim is highlighting, in the words of James Grimes, the organiser and Big Step founder, that “this is not just a male issue. Although football was a part of Kimberly’s addiction so were other parts of gambling that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a young, male football fan.”

Football club shirts, websites, social media, pitchside banners and in particular TV advertising continue to be awash with gambling, despite lobbying that aims to protect young eyes from being enticed. Grimes is a recovering addict whose 12-year journey from football betting as a 16-year-old Tottenham fan took in about 50 gambling companies across myriad betting products including online casinos to the point of being “basically suicidal” after a heavy losing run on a fixed-odds betting terminal.

Elland Road
The walk, in memory of loved ones lost to gambling-related suicide, will finish at Elland Road on Saturday. Photograph: Craig Brough/Reuters

“Spurs had a casino on the front of their shirts at that time: Mansion. That was a company I went on to use and it quickly consumed all of my life. Football was a constant in it. Whenever I saw new companies pop up on shirts or the side of the pitch, I would use those sites. It sucked everything away from me. I turned from a happy, normal boy into a hopeless, helpless wreck of a man.

“The thing I try to emphasise is that it was only gambling that did that. I had a great upbringing, there was no trauma, I never had an addiction to anything else.”

Grimes believes he fell victim to the liberalised 2005 Gambling Act that opened up the flood of betting advertising. From there, the 18-25 market, especially vulnerable, was exposed to a cornucopia of gambling products in which football bets became a gateway drug towards becoming the VIP clients companies take heavy profit from.

Could things be changing? Of the five Yorkshire clubs visited by the Big Step this weekend, only one, Leeds, has a betting shirt sponsor, the Manx-based SBOTOP. Barnsley began the season with a rapidly curtailed cryptocurrency deal, a reminder of clubs’ eternal attraction to easy money. When the Big Step campaign began in 2019, 28 of 44 Premier League and Championship clubs had betting shirt sponsors, a number now reduced to 14.

Despite heavy lobbying and growing resistance among fans, betting advertising pervades on TV, radio and the web. A government white paper on gambling reform was postponed for a fourth time in July. The presence in government of the anti-gambling advocate Chris Philp, chief secretary to the Treasury, and the influence of Iain Duncan Smith, similarly minded, in Liz Truss’s leadership campaign are yet to be brought to bear. For now, football clubs continue to act as advertising boards for an industry held responsible for the loss of Kimberly and many others.

In the UK, Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123 and the domestic abuse helpline is 0808 2000 247. In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is on 13 11 14 and the national family violence counselling service is on 1800 737 732. In the US, the suicide prevention lifeline is 1-800-273-8255 and the domestic violence hotline is 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

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Gambling Update: The Asian Connection

Gambling Update: The Asian Connection

A new name appeared on the LED boards which run across all four stands of Goodison Park on the occasion of the last Merseyside derby: i8.BET.

A few hours earlier, on the very same day, Wednesday 1 December, Everton FC announced on its website that it had “further expanded its international partnership portfolio by signing up i8.BET as a new commercial partner”.

The statement read: “The deal will see i8.BET become the Club’s exclusive Official Betting Partner in Asia, as the gaming brand continues to expand its trusted and innovative platform in the online betting market across Asia and beyond”.

The news was barely shared outside of the specialist betting media, which satisfied themselves with publishing quotes from the original statement without adding detail or comment. No British newspaper or website of note thought it worthy of a mention.

This was understandable. This type of partnership is commonplace in the Premier League, where drawing money from opaque e-Gambling operators has long been accepted as a fait accompli, regardless of the inconvenient questions which could be raised about the problematic nature of these businesses. English football chose to look the other way, as legislators have done until now. When Josimar contacted eleven Premier League clubs about their existing, lucrative relationships with various online foreign bookmakers, only two, Wolves and Manchester United, replied to our enquiries, both of them telling us in substance: “no comment”.

That some of these operators, whose beneficial owners are unknown to all, the clubs they do deals with included, are probably complicit in money-laundering, labour-trafficking and other criminal activities is not speculation, but taken as fact by national and international law enforcement agencies (see Josimar’s 18-month long investigation into the matter, The trillion-dollar gambling game). Yet, despite recent talk of reforming the UK gambling laws, the links between elite English football and mysterious e-Gambling platforms is as strong as it’s ever been, and fresh deals are still being brokered, as was shown by Everton’s acquisition of a new ‘Official Asian Betting Partner’ (*).

Everton FC could be expected to be extra careful when choosing new betting partners.  SportPesa, a Kenyan bookmaker founded by exiled Bulgarian casino owner Guerassim Nikolov, had become their main sponsor in June 2017. The five-year deal, the biggest in the club’s history, worth an estimated 62.5 million US dollars, was supposed to run until June 2022, but the club had to cut its partnership short in February 2020. An investigation by The Guardian’s David Conn revealed that the company did not pay tax on the huge profits it made in the African country and beyond, and had its activities suspended by the Kenyan government in 2019. Nikolov was also suspected of credit card fraud on a massive scale, racketeering, and even, in a surreal twist, the hijacking of 14 trucks in Serbia. Interestingly, SportPesa had acquired its UK gambling licence through the services of TGP Europe Ltd, a company based in the Isle of Man which specialises in providing so-called ‘white label’ licences to foreign operators. It is a name we’ll come across again.

«Promotions in key brand territories»

So, what of i8.BET, the ‘trusted and innovative platform’ which is referred to in Everton’s statement?

A certain ‘Darren Wang’, Chief Marketing Officer of the club’s new Asian partner, is quoted in the same statement as saying: “In line with our global tagline of ‘Choose The Best’, we are excited to exclusively partner with such an iconic Premier League team as Everton Football Club; a partnership that will see us working with the club on a number of exciting and innovative initiatives and promotions in key brand territories in support of our ongoing brand expansion and trust building efforts.”

Josimar set out to find out what exactly this ‘ongoing brand expansion’ consisted of. The truth is that i8.BET has a long way to go before establishing its presence and ‘building trust’ on markets where – it bears repeating – gambling on sports is illegal. Why? Because, strictly speaking, i8.BET is not a bookmaker.

As is commonplace with other Asian e-Gambling platforms which have acquired ‘white label’ licences in Great Britain, visiting i8.BET’s UK website leads to a dead-end. It is not operational.

A question of time? Perhaps. But it should be remembered that, for Asian operators, the one real purpose of acquiring a UK licence is to use their virtual presence in Britain as a springboard for the genuine markets where they will make their money. Linking up with prestigious partners such as Everton FC and, by extension, the world’s most popular football league, the Premier League, is the most efficient way to promote the gambling brands at “home” – in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia – where advertising sportsbooks is just as illegal as placing bets on what they offer.

The story is quite different when avoiding geo-restriction and accessing i8.BET from Indonesia, Thailand, China and Malaysia, as Josimar has done.

These are just a few examples of the imagery used by all of i8.BET’s Asian websites, complete with the usual ‘suggestive’, borderline pornographic pictures of very young women, plus a photograph of male supermodel David Gandy lifted from an advertisement for Johnny Walker whisky for good measure. One thing is sure: i8.BET is not holding back on using Everton FC’s name and crest, or likenesses of its players.

The real problem, however, does not lie with these images, repulsive as they may be for many.

Josimar could find no mention whatsoever of i8.BET, its tagline ‘Choose the best’ or of its ‘Chief Marketing Officer’ Darren Wang anywhere on the web prior to the announcement of the bookmaker’s deal with Everton on 1 December, even when using search engines from countries where the brand is supposed to be present. It was as if i8.BET had been created ex nihilo.

The domain name itself is the property of a Chinese national named Lin Yunfei, domiciled in Zhengzhou, who has registered hundreds of other names, but about whom no other details can be found. As to the brand itself, which claims to hold a Filipino licence on its Malaysian website, no company of that name can be found on the official Filipino registry of licensed gambling operators, which suggests that either i8.BET is the avatar of another company, or was only registered very recently, if one sets aside the possibility that it does not even exist.

Josimar tried to register as a client and place an actual bet on the Malaysian, Thai and Chinese versions of the i8.BET website. What happened then was highly unusual – and suspect: we were not taken to a dedicated, unique sportsbook as expected, but redirected to other e-Gambling websites, namely those of M8BET, MAXBET, NOVA88 and SBOBET.

Due diligence?

In other words, it was impossible to place a bet on i8.BET itself, which appears to be nothing but an agent for other bookmakers; yet, to place that bet with SBOBET or any of the other promoted brands, the customer first had to register with i8.BET, which raised the question: could this be a way to harvest personal data from customers? Does i8.BET actually exist? Is there even really someone called ‘Darren Wang’? And is Everton FC aware of all this?

What is more, none of the bookmakers which i8.BET is a portal to is licensed in the UK. This means that the UK Gambling Commission, by granting the i8.BET brand a licence, has enabled unregulated operators to benefit, at least indirectly, from its stamp of approval.

Josimar approached Everton FC with a list of detailed questions, and asked the club to provide contact details for their new partners, since, apart from a ‘chat’ function for customers, none of these details appear anywhere on any of the various Asian versions of the i8.BET website. No response was forthcoming.

Josimar also contacted the UK Gambling Commission, which replied: “We do not talk about individual operators or cases”, referred us to its online registry of licensed companies, and told us, that “Where an operator contracts with a third party, we expect the operators that we licence to carry out all necessary due diligence to satisfy themselves that the proposed relationship will not in any way compromise the operator’s own compliance.”

The operator in question is TGP Europe Ltd – the very same Isle of Man company which acquired a UK licence for Everton FC’s previous – and disgraced – betting partner SportPesa, and has done the same for a number of e-Gambling sponsors of English football clubs, including FUN88 (Newcastle), SBOTOP (Leeds United, which has direct links with SBOBET, one of the websites i8.BET redirects to), Yabo (formerly associated with Manchester United) and a number of others.

Josimar contacted TGP Europe Ltd and put a number of questions to the Douglas-based company, namely:

Would you be able to provide Josimar with a point of contact with i8.bet and, in particular, Mr Darren Wang, its Chief Marketing Officer, who is quoted in Everton FC’s press release?

When do you expect i8.bet to start operating in the UK?

is i8.bet a genuine e-Gambling platform, or does it act as an agent for other Asian bookmakers?

As regards TGP Europe Ltd and its parent company TGP Holdings Ltd, is it correct, as has been mentioned in numerous media reports, that it was originally founded and is ultimately owned by the Macau-based group SunCity?

The last of these questions was of particular interest, as the billionaire owner of the SunCity group, Alvin Chau (pictured below), was arrested along with ten other individuals by Chinese authorities in late November, under suspicion of being part of a criminal gang and of “establishing gambling platforms overseas and soliciting residents in mainland China to engage in illicit gambling activities online”, to quote Chong Kam Leong, a spokesman for Macau’s Judiciary Police (*). According to media reports, the individuals who were arrested admitted “establishing overseas gambling platforms and conducting illegal virtual betting activities” in China.

TGP Europe did not respond to our questions.

And on this Monday night, as Everton welcomes Arsenal in its grand old stadium for the 15th round of the Premier League campaign, the name and the promotional messages of i8.BET will be shown to hundreds of millions of spectators across the globe. Who they are, what they actually do, who might be hiding behind them, no-one knows, aside from a handful of individuals who are neither seen nor heard, nor scrutinised. What kind of due diligence process, if any, was conducted before TGP, the UK Gambling Commission and Everton welcomed the newcomer is anyone’s guess.

In 21st century football, it’s business as unusual.

(*) Everton FC already had two ‘official betting partners’: Cyprus-based Parimatch, also a partner of Juventus and Leicester City, which signed a two-year deal with the club in September 2020, and operates primarily in Eastern Europe; and Rushbet.co, a partner since December 2020, which is active in Colombia.

(*) SunCity shares plunged by 10% when the arrests were announced.

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Poker funs most beloved destination: Paradise Island

Poker funs most beloved destination: Paradise Island

Below you can find out some helpful info on playing poker on Paradise Island.

If you really would like to play poker and spend some time in a fascinating atmosphere you should definitely try and go to Paradise Island, in the Bahamas. If it happens that you should stay at home don’t worry you can choose from the best rakeback options.

1. How to get there

There are direct flights from London to Nassau from a reasonable price which is the easiest way to get there. However if you are not much of that person, instead of flying, you can also get to the Bahamas by boat as well. British Airways offers direct flights from London, however its prcing is rather high around $2,000. It is a cost-friendly way if you go from Frankfurt Germany, while you can go there around $650 – $700.

2. Accommodation

There are many opportunities to stay in Paradise Island. There are plenty of great hotels in Paradise Island the quality of the service and the pleasure of which surely meet the expectations. The most well-known hotels in Paradise Island are Grand Hyatt Baha Mar and Atlantis. The average price per night in such hotels starts around $300 – $350, however the more expensive suites can go up to around $2,500 per night.

3. Other activities worth to try

Everybody needs to get to the Bahamas and the Carribbean once in their life. It is the destination of fun. A boat ride on the Carribbean sea is an absolutely great pleasure having a wonderful view of the sea and the island. Moreover, the Carribbean also offers you a lot of options to pleasure. There are beautiful beaches and coasts in the island.

Furthermore you can go bone fishing, visit the Forts of Nassau or the Pirates Museum as well. It is a really good choice of having a great pleasure with your friends. In the case you would like to have some nice cigars you can jump out to Cuba which is 90 min far from the Bahamas by plane.

4. Cost of poker

Probably the most famous poker event in the Bahamas is the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA). The venue of the PCA series used to be the The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort & Casino except the year of 2004. It was continuously held in 15 consecutive year until 2019.

At PCA the buy-ins ranged from $330 up to the $25,000. The event with the most buzz was always the $10,300 Main Event that would draw hundreds of players. Therefore, the ultimate winner would usually take home 7-figures. Poker legend such as Gus Hansen has also claimed the PCA Main Event title.

Fortunately, PokerStars has officially confirmed that the PCA will go ahead from January 22–February 3, 2023. Moreover, PokerStars also confirmed the return of PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) which will go simultaneously with PCA from January 30–February 3 2023. The buy-in for the PSPC will be $25,000, mirroring that of the first instalment.

The Bahamas are pretty expensive not just in terms of poker but in terms of vacation as well. In terms of food and drinks, you should expect that there will be 20-25% higher prices compared to the prices in the US.

On average out of $600 per day you can make a quite good time playing poker in Bahamas. Needless to say that there are much more expensive places. To sum up the expenses of travel, accommodation and poker it will cost around $4,500 – 5,000 to stay and enjoy playing poker in Paradise Island for a weekend.

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Eponarescue – Gambler’s Den – Best Gambling, Poker, Slot Casino Resources

Eponarescue - Gambler's Den - Best Gambling, Poker, Slot Casino Resources

How big a business? Sports Betting generated 490 billion US dollars in revenue during 2019, and this is forecast to rise to 770 billion dollars by 2025. However, it is generally held that this amount is eclipsed by the amount of money wagered on the illegal market.

Due to its unregulated nature, estimating the amount of illegal sports bets wagered each year is tricky. However a United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Report recently estimated that 1.7 trillion dollars is wagered on illegal sports betting markets each year.

In other words, the value of the illegal sports betting market is over three times that of the regulated market. As the UNODC Report notes, organised crime’s involvement in illegal betting is equivalent in value to its involvement in drug, human, or arms trafficking.

Of course, the FAPL wants nothing to do with the illegal betting market, or its connections to criminality. But as we approach the third year of the Covid-19 pandemic, clubs are increasingly desperate for revenue. As such, many could be forgiven for being hypnotised by dollar signs.

Rule J.5 of the FAPL Handbook requires its clubs to notify the league about betting partnerships, but the League doesn’t regulate such partnerships. It also doesn’t regulate which betting companies can advertise at its grounds. This is a concern, as the dividing lines between legal and illegal betting are becoming increasingly blurred.

Jingle Balls

Twenty six sports betting websites appeared at the 20 FAPL stadiums over the Christmas period. Nine of these 23 betting companies advertised at more than one FAPL game, resulting in 63 separate sports betting company adverts on LED perimeter boards during the 20 game period. 

As most LED boards feature a rolling display involving under 15 companies, at some games this involved an almost constant display of gambling advertising during the 90 minutes of on-field play. Some games featured doubly-stacked LED boards equivalent to the height of a player on the TV screen.

At Aston Villa versus Chelsea on Boxing Day, five gambling companies advertised on perimeter LED boards in a near constant parade. In addition, OB Sports received extra coverage as Villa’s Sleeve Sponsor and Parimatch received match day branding due to its partnership with the club.

The level of betting company advertising during FAPL games makes a mockery of a ‘whistle to whistle’ TV ban voluntarily agreed by betting companies in 2019, and hailed as a success by the Betting and Gaming Council. It also calls in to question whether proposed UK Government crackdowns on betting sponsorship in football will be effective, unless they include LED perimeter boards.

Blurred lines

As well as appearing in English, OB Sport’s perimeter advertising at Villa Park also advertised OB.com in Mandarin. The advertised link redirects to www.obao76.com, which is entirely in Mandarin. Online gambling is illegal in China, however it is possible that the site may targeting Mandarin speakers in other countries.

According to a Mandarin disclaimer at the bottom of its homepage, OB.com – or obao76.com – is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). According to the disclaimer, the OB.com brand is owned by Opel Entertainment. 

A search through the MGA and PAGCOR internet sites doesn’t reveal any licences granted to OB.com or Opel Entertainment. None of the OB.com domains are listed on the MGA’s list of licensees. This raises questions as to whether the site is licensed at all.

Information about Opel Entertainment is hard to come by. However a popular Chinese singer, Jeff Chang, was recently forced to defend himself after it was reported that he had agreed a contract to promote a sports betting company. In a 30 December post on Chinese social media platform Weibo, Chang clarified that he had terminated the contract in March 2021, which was limited to local use in The Philippines.

The sports betting company concerned with Chang’s faux pas? Opel Entertainment. The company also owns Oub121.com, again in Mandarin, which has exactly the same site layout as obao76.com and proudly displays its sponsorship deal with Aston Villa at the bottom of the page. 

Accessing this website outside of Asia isn’t easy. Once registered using a Chinese mobile phone number, Oub121.com allows users to create a virtual wallet, which can be recharged using crypto currencies, many of which[1] also advertised at FAPL grounds over the Christmas period. Once this is done, a betting window appears which allows users to both watch, and bet on, live sporting events. 

As perviously mentioned, online gambling is illegal in China. It would therefore appear that in this particular case, FAPL perimeter LED boards have been used to advertise an application that allows Chinese residents to illegally place online wagers on sporting events.

Opel Entertainment isn’t the only company advertising sports betting to Asian audiences. W88.com is Crystal Palace’s betting partner, and also appeared on the LED perimeter boards at Crystal Palace vs. Norwich and Leicester City vs. Liverpool on 28 December. 12bet also appeared on the LED perimeter boards during Palace’s game against Watford on 28 December, advertising in both English and Mandarin. 

At Wolves’ foggy 19 December game against Chelsea, MX128.vip was advertised in Mandarin in doubly-stacked LED boards, with static advertising boards promoting gambling companies appearing above this. The MX128.vip site appears to be inaccessible from the UK, where it redirects to ManBetx.uk. 

The reason for advertising the .vip domain in Mandarin is unclear. However in September 2020, the British Gambling Commission warned that it would consider banning ‘VIP customer’ schemes seeking to attract high value customers, as operators were failing to protect them from overspending. 

ManBetx is owned by Vivaro, which operates a number of domains including Lovebet, which advertised at the Leicester City vs. Liverpool game on 28 December. Could ManBetx.uk be seeking VIP Asian customers through advertising at FAPL grounds? The company failed to respond to questions.

The licence roulette wheel

So how are companies such as Opel Entertainment allowed to advertise their sports betting OB.com brand in Great Britain if they aren’t licensed there? For nine of the 23 betting brands advertised over the Christmas period, the answer lies with a company based on the Isle of Man.

OB.com’s UK-facing site, www.oubao.co.uk, mentioned that it is ‘powered by’ TGP Europe, which is regulated by Great Britain’s Gambling Commission. The same is true for Fun88.co.uk; SBOtop.co.uk; SportsBetio.co.uk;  Stake.uk.com; 12Bet.uk; HTHBet.co.uk; LeyuBet.co.uk; and i8Bet.co.uk.

TGP stands for The Gaming Platform (TGP), its internet site reveals. TGP Europe is not a gambling company, but a technology company that builds websites for clients. Its client page doesn’t mention its involvement with HTHBet, LeyuBet, or i8Bet, however its Gambling Commission licence page does.

This lists 31 domains, 14 of which are afforded ‘White Label’ status. This includes the nine betting operators powered by TGP Europe that advertised at Premier League grounds over the Christmas period. ‘White Label’ status allows a company licensed by the Gambling Commission to contract provisions of its licensed activities to third parties.

Under Article 1.1.2 of the Gambling Commission’s Licensing Conditions and Code of Practice, licensees are responsible for ensuring that third parties are ‘bound by the same licence conditions and subject to the same codes of practice as the licensee’. TGP Europe may have done this for the UK-facing domains listed on the Gambling Commission site, however not all sites connected to the nine TGP Europe brands are UK facing.

As previously mentioned there are questions about whether OB Sports’ Mandarin site, which featured on FAPL LED perimeter boards over the Christmas period, is licensed at all. At Everton’s game against Brighton on 2 January, i8Bet advertised in English, Thai, and Mandarin. Its UK site has yet to launch, but it was able to promote the Thai version of its site, which mentions that it is based in Costa Rica.

Online gambling is illegal in Thailand. Yet as the screenshot on the right shows, the Thai language version of its internet site offers odds on FAPL games, including on events such as corners and bookings. A disclaimer on its internet site mentions that it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that gambling is legal at their location. Of course like OB.com, another brand in the TGP Europe stable, i8Bet may just be advertising to speakers of Mandarin and Thai.

HTHBet.co.uk is another gambling brand powered by TGP Europe. However at Leicester vs. Liverpool on 28 December and at Manchester United vs. Burnley on 30 December, HTH367.com also advertised in Mandarin. The site now redirects to HTHBet.co.uk but at the time of the match, redirected to a Mandarin version of the site that features the same interface as the Mandarin version of OB Sport’s site[Picture HTH2].

The HTH367.com internet site is geoblocked in the UK, however it mentions that HTH is the Global Official Partner of Manchester United; the Official Partner of Leicester City; the Official Regional Partner of AC Milan; the Official Regional Partner of Wolfsburg; and the Official Asian Sponsor of Lille. An ‘About Us’ section of the website mentions that the site is owned by a company called China Experience Technology (华体会). Its corporate website lists its address as RCBC Plaza, Tower 2, Manila, Philippines. The building confirmed that it doesn’t have China Experience Technology, 华体会, or HTH registered as holding offices in any of its buildings.

Like obao76.com, HTH367.com mentions that it is licensed by the MGA, PAGCOR, and the BVI Financial Services Commission. Like obao76.com, a search through the MGA and PAGCOR internet sites doesn’t reveal any licences granted to China Experience Technology or HGH. None of the HTH domains are listed on the MGA’s list of licensees.

Fun88 is another gambling brand powered by TGP Europe. At Tottenham vs. Crystal Palace on Boxing Day it advertised Fun369.com, which redirects to J9.com, the international basketball federation’s (FIBA) new betting partner. As previously reported, there are serious questions about whether this site is licensed at all.

However at Chelsea’s victory over Tottenham in the Carabao EFL Cup semi-final on 12 January, the Mandarin advertised Fun88 domain had changed to Fun279.com. This links to a Mandarin sports betting application listing Fun88’s shirt sponsorship with Newcastle United and an Asian betting partnership with Tottenham. 

In November, Tottenham renewed its partnership with Fun88. We asked the club if it was aware that adverts at its Stadium were used to promote J9.com.

Ghost chasing

TGP Europe’s registered address is a small office above a betting shop on the Isle of Man. Google maps reveals that this is an address for a bookmaker.

From such a small base, can TGP Europe be expected to have effective oversight of all the gambling brands promoted by its partners at FAPL grounds? It doesn’t even appear to have effective oversight of its partners. 

Yabo Sports, a TGP Europe client, boasts Manchester United; Hertha Berlin, AS Monaco, Leicester City and Bayern Munich amongst its partners, which also include the Argentina national team; Italy’s Serie A; and the Copa América. It appears that its site has now been rebranded as Betvision.com, another site ‘powered by’ TGP Europe, after questions were raised about the identity of executives that appeared at sponsorship launches.

There appears to be no mention of Yabo Sports on Manchester United’s internet site or on Serie A’s list of partners. However, Hertha Berlin lists YaYu.com on its partner list, which is geoblocked from UK access. A media statement mentions that YaYu is a ‘leading provider of online sports entertainment services’. however the site can be accessed through Google Translate which shows that it is a gambling site that has connections to OB Sports, which appears to offer sports betting opportunities.

Another new arrival on the scene is Midnight Gaming, whose W88 brand is Crystal Palace’s sleeve sponsor. As mentioned, it appeared on LED perimeter boards at the London club’s 28 December game against Norwich City; and at Leicester City’s game against Liverpool on the same day.

The Gambling Commission lists an address in Poole, Dorset, as the company’s head office. This is also the address of another company licensed by the Gambling Commission to supply remote gambling software, AliQuantam Gaming Limited. The same Poole address is also listed as an office by gambling payment platform Hexopay.

A search on Google Maps reveals that AliQuantam Gaming is the only company registered at this address. AliQuantam’s internet site reveals that it is a gaming platform provider, similar to TGP Europe. However, the UK government’s Companies House lists AliQuantam Gaming as dissolved in 2010.

Companies House lists Midnight Gaming as owned by AliQuantam and a previous company name, Sporting Black Limited. It also shows that Midnight Gaming transferred its address from London to Poole in September 2020. It also confirms that the main company Director is Alan Hilliard Ehrlich.

Analysis of Companies House documents reveals that Ehrlich resides in Israel and in 2013, was Head of Poker Networks at PartyGaming. In 2011, PartyGaming merged with Bwin, and is now operated by Entain. 

A ‘Hilly Ehrlich’ was mentioned as the Business Development Manager of W88.com by Wolverhampton Wanderers, when it announced its partnership with the betting brand in 2018. This interview confirms that ‘Hilly Ehrlich’ was also Head of Poker Networks at PartyGaming.

In addition, AliQuantam Gaming appears to be behind an old website linked to both W88 and BR88. Again, the Poole address of AliQuantam Gaming is listed. BR88 was confirmed as Villa’s sleeve sponsor in 2019. Hilly Ehrlich was also mentioned when the club agreed a separate deal with W88 in June 2019.

AliQuantam’s internet site mentions that it is licensed in Malta. However a search of the MGA’s internet site for either AliQuantam, Midnight Gaming, or BR88 again yields no results. An internet search suggests that W88 may be owned by Marquee Holdings, whose shareholders are listed in the Panama Papers. 

W88 isn’t the only company connected to FAPL advertising mentioned in the Panama Papers. Vivaro, which operates ManBetX and LoveBet, is also listed. Of course, being listed in the Panama Papers only shows that companies hold offshore bank accounts and doesn’t suggest any criminal activity. 

The analysis above is designed to show the difficulty that FAPL clubs have in establishing who is behind the betting brands that advertise on their shirts and at their grounds. And if top FAPL clubs have difficulty, it can be assumed that the problem is likely to be worse further down the football pyramid. So what do the FAPL and the Gambling Commission have to say about the situation?

Not my job

The FAPL only regulates the visual aspects of LED perimeter boards, and advised The Sports Integrity Initiative that it is up to clubs to ensure that they remain within the law. There are no restrictions on use of double LED boards, as utilised for Wolves vs. Chelsea through the home club’s partnership with ADI. The FAPL said it doesn’t permit use of virtual technology to replace advertising featured on LED boards with other brands in non-UK TV markets, although this appears to be contradicted by observers.

LED boards are not sold centrally, but some FAPL clubs use third party agencies[2] to sell aggregated minutes via multi-club packages. This perhaps explains why LED perimeter advertising at some stadiums appears to be very similar. 

‘Online gambling operators are required to hold a Gambling Commission licence to transact with British based consumers’, read a reply from a Gambling Commission spokesperson to a series of questions. ‘If we find an unlicensed operator acting illegally we will take action. A sports body engaging in sponsorship arrangements with an unlicensed remote operator may be liable for the offence of advertising unlawful gambling if the remote gambling activity isn’t blocked to consumers in Great Britain and that this is clear to consumers. 

We’re of the view that the best way for sports bodies to protect themselves against this risk is to ensure that they only promote gambling operators licensed by us. It is for the owner of the advertising space to satisfy themselves that they are not committing the offence of advertising unlawful gambling.’

Most of the betting brands that featured at FAPL stadiums over the Christmas period have a UK-facing site, often licensed through a White Label agreement with a third party. However as shown above, many of these also have overseas facing websites and mobile applications.

Who is responsible for ensuring that all of these overseas facing websites, often advertised in languages other than English, are legitimate? According to the FAPL, the Gambling Commission is responsible. According to the Gambling Commission, the FAPL clubs are responsible. 

The opaque situation that surrounds White Label domains perhaps explains why the UK Government is reviewing their status as part of its Gambling Review. Concerned about gambling’s relationship with sport and football in particular, UK Gambling Minister Chris Philp will meet with sporting bodies next week. England’s Football Association has already prohibited betting companies from streaming FA Cup games after Bet365.com’s current deal expires at the end of the 2024/5 season.

Of course, it’s perfectly legitimate for FAPL clubs to have legal, regulated Asian betting partners. However this article demonstrates the difficulty that clubs face in assessing who is behind such companies, and in ensuring that such partners are not advertising illegal services in foreign languages. And until the FAPL and British Gambling Commission reassert control over this area, draconian restrictions are a real possibility.

1. AstroPay, which advertises in a video on its gaming page that it is an expert in ‘hard to reach’ markets such as Brazil and India, advertises on FAPL LED boards. BitCi also advertises on FAPL LED boards, as did Socios.com at Crystal Palace’s 28 December game against Norwich, despite a 22 December Advertising Standards Authority ruling that an Arsenal advert for the company breached its Social Responsibility Code. Kyber Network, Alchemy Markets, CorPay and other cryptocurrency products also featured on FAPL LED perimeter boards.

2. We could only find one third party agency used to sell LED perimeter boards at FAPL grounds – Project11.

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Gambling Terms Every Player Should Know

gambling terms

gambling terms

Most people are familiar with at least some gambling terms, with phrases such as ‘high roller’ and ‘hit me’ being some of the most popular.

But there are so many other gambling terms that professional gamblers use. In fact, it’s like a whole other language.

So to save you the trouble of having to look them all up, here is a list of the best gambling terms you should know in 2019.


gambling terms

Action – the act of making a bet.

Accumulator – a bet containing more than one selection. Also known as “parlays”, accumulators have bigger payouts but each selection must win.

Aggregate Limit – the most that can be paid out.

All-In – the act of betting all the chips.

All Weather Racing – a horse race on an artificial surface.

Ante – the bets made in poker before players receive their cards. Antes ensure that there is always money for the players to win. All players in the game must pay an ante.

Arbitrage – a bet where a player bets on either side of the betting line on different bookmakers to make a profit, no matter who wins. 

At The Post – the beginning of a race.



Baccarat – a popular table game, particularly among high rollers. You are either on the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. It’s very simple to play but attracts a lot of money.

Banker – a selection that is expected to in. A banker is often a heavy favorite to win.

Bankroll – the amount of money someone uses specifically for gambling.

Bankroll management is important to professional gamblers to prevent them from losing all of their money. Casual gamblers tend to not have a bankroll.

Barred – a player that had been prohibited from gambling in a casino or online.

Bearing In And Out – a horse moving outwards and inwards towards the rail while racing.

Bet – a simple wager on a game or event. It’s also possible to make more than one bet on a single event.

Bet Receipt – a confirmation that the bet was made with the casino or bookmaker.

Betting Limits – the maximum the casino allows you to wager. There will usually be a maximum and a minimum bet for each game.

Bismark – the horse that has no chance of winning. Other horses will beat a bismark with ease.

Bit – an attachment in a horse’s mouth that enables a jockey to control how the horse moves during a race.

Blackjack – a popular casino table game. The objective is to beat the dealer by getting as close to the number 21 as possible without going over.

The term ‘blackjack’ refers to the name of the best hand ie an ace and a card worth ten points.

Blanket Finish – the event that two or more horses cross the finish line almost at the same time.

Bolt – a horse running off course or swerving unexpectedly.

Bonus – an incentive given by online casinos to encourage players to open a new account, make a deposit and bet more frequently.

Casinos like to offer new players matching deposit bonuses, where they will double the money to play with – up to a certain limit.

Bubble – the point in a poker tournament when the next person to bust does not win any more money.

For example, if the casino only pays out 50 people and there are 51 people left, the tournament is “on the bubble”.

When the next person is knocked out, the remaining 50 people are guaranteed to win money.

Burn Card – the card dealt face down at the start of most casino table games.

This is to protect the integrity of the game being played and prevent anyone from seeing the top card. Burn cards are also used in poker to reveal the community cards.


gambling terms

Casino Advantage – the edge casino has over players.

Chips – the tokens used in place of money to make bets in a casino.

Different chips come in different colors, with each representing a different value.

Craps – a table game played with dice where the ‘shooter’ attempts to roll certain numbers in order to win.

There are a lot of numbers to bet on in craps, so during each game, players can root for a variety of different results.

Croupier – the name for a casino employee. The croupier ensures the games run smoothly and can be found at most casino games, including roulette and particularly at high stakes tables.


gambling terms

Dealer – the casino employee that controls the games and deals the cards to the players. You will find dealers in most of the common games like blackjack, poker and baccarat.

Deuce – a gambling term for the number two. It can be used for either the card or dice.

Double Down – a bet that is equal to the size of the original bet. Double down is an option in blackjack when your cards total nine, ten or eleven. Both bets then either win or lose together.


gambling terms

Expected Value – the long-term return players expect to see from a certain bet. Expected value, or EV, can be either positive, ie a winning bet, or negative, ie a losing bet.


Face Card – a gambling term that references a playing card with a “face” on it. These are the kings, queens, and jacks.

Fixed Odds – a fixed-odds game occurs when the chances of winning and the associated payouts are fixed ahead of time, such as a simulated horse racing game in an online casino.

Fixed odds are usually only used for speciality games but they are also applicable to slot machines and most table games.

Favourite – the competitor that is the most likely to win. Because of this, the favorite has the shortest odds.

Firing – a player making a lot of bets and wagering a lot of money. Players “firing” are popular with casinos as they are players they can profit from the most.

Fish – an inexperienced player that professionals target to win more money.

Flat betting – the act of betting the same amount every time.

Fold – a player lays down their hand and removes themselves from the next round of betting in a game of poker.


gambling terms

Gambling – the act of betting on an event with an uncertain outcome.


gambling terms

Hand – the cards dealt to a player in the game.

Handicap – a tactic used by casinos to make betting more fair on either side.

When an event is one-sided, casinos will apply conditions to give the underdog a better chance of winning.

This makes betting on the underdog more popular.

Hit – when a player takes an extra card in blackjack.

High Roller – the term for a player that can afford to spend a lot of money gambling in a casino. They play the biggest games and play for the highest stakes.

Hold – the percentage of money that casinos expect to keep once the players have finished their games.

The amount of money the casino holds at the end of the day depends on how long the players play for.

While this isn’t necessarily important for players to know, it’s vital for the casino so they know which games make them the most money.

Players should focus on how to reduce the casino’s edge instead.

Holding Your Own – the time when a player is breaking even rather than winning or losing their bets.

Hole Card(s) – the cards no one can see except for the player themself.

For example, in poker, the hole cards are those that are dealt to each individual player and kept hidden from everyone else at the table.

Hot – a gambler on a considerable winning streak during a table game or slot machine.

House Edge – the casino’s advantage over the players. The house edge is shown as a percentage of the player’s bet.

For example, if the house edge is 2.5%, players should expect to lose 2.5% of the total amount of money they wager the in long-term.


gambling terms

Jackpot – the biggest prize players can win from table games and slot machines. Jackpots usually refer to special prizes, such as those won from a side bet or a progressive prize.


Keno – a game where players choose a set of numbers before drawing and matching drawn the numbers to their selected numbers. Keno works similar to the lottery.


gambling terms

Max Bet – the most that a casino allows a player to bet on a particular event.

Max bets apply to single and multiple bets, as well as how much a player can bet or raise in a particular round of betting in a poker game.


Optimal Strategy – the number of plays that can give players a better return on investment.

Optimal strategy is used in a number of games, including blackjack and poker, but it can also apply to any casino game where strategic decisions can be combined with knowledge of all possible results.

Odds – the gambling term representing the likelihood that an event will occur. Casinos and bookmakers set the odds for the players to bet.

Odds-Against – the event when the odds are greater than 50/50 so winnings are greater than the amount bet. 

Odds-On – the event when the odds are fewer than 50/50 so winnings don’t give the player more than their original bet.

On Tilt – a player considerable annoyed at the results of their bets. When “on tilt”, players make worse decisions and play wildly.

Outs – the cards players rely on to make a winning hand.


gambling terms

Payoff – money players get from winning bets.

Pay Table – the payouts on offer for all the possible results in a given casino game.

It’s common for casinos to change the payouts on their games so it’s important for players to be aware of them before playing that game or machine.

Pigeon – a gambling term referencing a poor player.

Pit – the central area of the casino that is restricted to casino staff only. The size of the pit will depend on how the tables are arranged.

Pot – the money wagered during a game of poker. The player with the winning hand wins the pot or when every other player folds.

Pot-Limit – a reference to a card game where players are limited to betting or raising the size of the pot. Pot-limit is different to no-limit where players can bet as much as they have in front of them.

Push – a bet that ends as a tie. In the event of a push, the player receives their original bet back but does not win extra money,


gambling terms

Random Number Generator (RNG) – the device responsible for generating a random string of numbers.

The process uses multiple algorithms and other external factors like temperature and even mouse movements on the online site.

The numbers produced are nearly impossible to predict.

RNGs are mainly used for determining the results of the game being played.

This can be in the form of how the cards are dealt or how the dice are rolled.

Roulette – a very popular casino game where a wheel is spun and the ball inside lands into one of the many numbered pockets. Players make bets to predict where the ball will land.

There are two ways to play the game: European roulette with a single zero or American roulette with zero and double zero.

Since there is one less number on a European roulette wheel, players have a better chance of winning.


gambling terms

Settler – a reference to the person in a casino that calculates the payouts.

Shark – a skilled player pretending they are inexperienced.

Shill – a person playing at an empty table or machine in order to promote the casino and the games on offer. The aim is not to make money.

Shiner – a small object used by players trying to cheat and see their opponents’ hole cards.

Shoe – the device that holds multiple card decks. Shoes are used in games like blackjack to hold all the cards before the dealer issues them to the players.

Shortening The Odds – a bookmaker reducing the odds on a selection due to a lot of money bet on it.

Silver Mining/Slot Walking – a gambling term for people looking to take coins from unattended slot machines.

Slot Machine – a game where players spin reels to match the same combination of symbols. Each combination has an associated payout. 

Snake Eyes – a reference to rolling dice and hitting two ones.

Spreads – a gambling term similar to handicap. The spread makes a one-sided event more evenly-matched to make betting on the underdog more appealing to players.

Stake – the money placed on a bet

Stand – the act of sitting on the hand without taking any more cards to improve it.

Stand is a term used in blackjack to prevent the dealer from dealing the player with another card but it’s used in games like baccarat.

Slow Roll – a poor poker etiquette where players know they have the winning hand but don’t reveal it until their opponent reveals theirs first.

Streak Betting – a player increasing or decreasing their bet sizes based on the results of previous rounds.

Sweat – a card dealt that changes the chances of winning for another player in the game. This happens a lot during poker when players go all-in before the flop.

System – a gambler using mathematics and strategy to gain an advantage over other players or the casino and beat the game.


gambling terms

Tapping Out – a reference to when a player loses all their money and has to stop playing.

Tells – the signs given by players that indicate the strength of their hands. Looking for tells can be the difference between calling a bet or folding.

Thick ‘Un – a reference to a big bet.

Tipper/Tipster – a person or company that sells information to players about the chances of a particular event winning.

Tic-Tac – a piece of sign language used by casinos to communicate with each other on-course.


gambling terms

Video Poker – a game of poker played on a machine. In video poker, players are required to discard and replace cards from their starting hand.

They are then paid if they make the required hands. Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild are popular video poker games.

Vigorish – the cut that bookmakers take from a bet. The Vigorish, or “vig”, is the difference between the “fair” odds and the bookmaker’s actual odds and is how they maintain an edge over sports bettors.

For example, the flip of a coin is 50/50, with the results being heads or tails.

However, to maintain an edge, the bookmaker will offer odds less than evens on either heads or tails.

Wagering Requirement – the amount of money players must bet to be eligible to claim their bonus. Wagering requirements ensure players can’t just claim the bonus and cash it out immediately.

Whale – a gambling term for the extremely high rollers that actually affect the casino’s business. It can also reference an extremely weak player and casinos can expect to make the most money from them.

Wild Card – a card a player can substitute for any value they wish. Wild cards are common in card games like poker to make better hands than their opponents.

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⚡ Thunderstruck Stormchaser Review | Canadian Gambling Choice ⚡

⚡ Thunderstruck Stormchaser Review | Canadian Gambling Choice ⚡

⚡ Thunderstruck Stormchaser Review | Canadian Gambling Choice ⚡

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The Thunderstruck series has been popular for a long time, and now Stormcraft Studios returns with the fourth installment in the series. Thunderstruck Stormchaser has a Viking theme and sees you follow Thor on a mighty adventure as he fights one of his biggest foes.

If you have played the previous game in this series, you will notice the game studio made a few changes that made this game even better. First, the characters are more animated, and the music has been improved to get players into the right mindset when playing this slot game.

The game has five reels on which the four symbols for each appear for each spin. The theme can be a bit dull for some people, but the design and animation of the characters, plus the massive wins, make more than make up for it.

The minimum you can place for each spin is 0.20 units, with the maximum being 25 units. There are 1024 different ways to win which means you are very likely to get a win with each spin.

Thunderstruck Stormchaser’s RTP is 96.10% although different casinos and online platforms can provide different RTPs. Because many of them are lower than this, always be on the lookout for the provided RTP regardless of the casino or online platform you play at.

The game has a higher volatility than other games in the series, with a maximum payout of up to 10,200X your wager. This big win is made possible by the different symbols and combinations with each spin.

Winning combinations are created by three to five matching symbols appearing on the reels. Once you have a winning combination, the Rolling Reels feature will be activated. This feature replaces the symbols on the reels or helps keep the winning going if you create new winning combinations.

There is also a random feature known as Wildstorm. The Wildstorm symbol appears randomly as you play the base game and can turn up to five reels into wilds. The symbol is Thyra and you also get one free spin when the Wildstorm feature is active.

You can also collect Wildstorm tokens to win up to three Wildstorm features when playing using free spins. The Wildstorm tokens will be awarded at the start of the free spins feature.

Thunderstruck Stormchaser also has multiplier symbols. When they land on the reels during a spin, they multiply or boost the win. Each symbol can multiply your win up to 20X in this game depending on the symbol.

The game will also give you an extra multiplier if more than two appear in a single round.

The scatter symbol is responsible for giving you free spins during the game. Free spins are activated by landing three or more scatters. A wheel will appear and spin and then award you several spins depending on the triggering symbols that appear when the wheel stops.

You can get seven to 25 free spins and up to 12X multipliers for each wheel spin. This feature can be retriggered, used to boost wins further, and even be used to activate the Wildstorm feature.

The game’s story follows that of the previously successful game Thunderstruck Wild Lightning. If you played that game, you will probably notice a lot of similarities between the two games, even though both have their nuances and intricacies.

In this next chapter in the Thunderstruck saga, the lost world stones are tethered to Yggdrasil with the connections to the World Tree having been destroyed at the end of the previous story. Thor has to go back to Ragnarok, retrieve Gungnir which is Odin’s spear and then ascend to Asgard’s throne.

However, Thor has to face off against the Goddess of Wildstorms, Thyra, who stands in his way.

Thunderstruck Stormchaser is a great addition to a very popular slot series. Players love it because it now has better animations and music, as well as a bigger payout than the games that came before it. Overall, players will love this game due to its many features and bonuses, and some surprises depending on how lucky they are with each spin. Try to locate casinos that provide a higher RTP for the game because some set it quite low.

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Prevención Del Vínculo Entre el Delito y Apuestas

Preventing the Link Between Crime & Problem Gambling

Octubre es el Mes nacional de la prevención contra el delito, es un evento de un mes creado en 1984 para hacer correr la voz sobre la prevención contra el delito y la seguridad personal. En el Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (FCCG), creemos que la prevención es la clave en la identificación tanto del vínculo entre las apuestas compulsivas y los delitos, como en las posibles soluciones. 

En la búsqueda de esta meta, el FCCG defiende la necesidad de una corte para los juegos de azar en Florida que sirva a los infractores no violentos o de primera vez que cometan delitos relacionados con un problema de apuestas, de manera similar a como las cortes de drogas facilitan la rehabilitación en lugar de, o junto con, la encarcelación de infractores calificados. Hasta que el sistema judicial tome las medidas para identificar si un delito cometido es el resultado de un problema con los juegos de azar de una persona, las personas afectadas continuarán sin ser detectadas y no recibirán los apoyos necesarios para abordar su problema subyacente. Por ejemplo, hay momentos cuando una persona usa o vende drogas, pero su uso puede ser debido a un problema con los juegos de azar y trata de automedicarse o escapar. Por otro lado, una persona que vende drogas puede hacerlo para obtener más dinero para apostar, por cualquier medio que sea necesario. Si el problema básico / subyacente de un apostador no es identificado, y no existe un sistema de cortes para los juegos de azar en Florida, esta persona no recibirá la rehabilitación necesaria para abordar su adicción a las apuestas y estará expuesta a un riesgo mucho mayor de volver a cometer una infracción al ser liberada, si fue encarcelada por un delito cometido.  

La conexión entre el problema con los juegos de azar y el delito 

En general, las personas con problemas con los juegos de azar están mucho más expuestas, en comparación con los apostadores que no tienen problemas con los juegos de azar, a apostar en actividades ilegales, así como a agotar las finanzas personales y las opciones. También son más vulnerables a recurrir a actividades ilegales para pagar las deudas de juego o para obtener dinero para hacer más apuestas. Uno de cada 10 pacientes en tratamiento por apuestas compulsivas ha estado en la cárcel. [1] 

Los juegos de azar problemáticos y desordenados son incentivados por el efectivo, y el acceso al efectivo contribuye al ritmo y la profundidad de la adicción a las apuestas de una persona. La progresión de una persona con problemas de apuestas la lleva a buscar nuevas fuentes de efectivo que a menudo conducen a actividades delictivas como malversación de fondos, fraude y robo. Además, el problema con los juegos de azar se relaciona con un aumento en el riesgo de sufrir problemas de salud mental como depresión, ansiedad, intentos de suicidio y abuso de sustancias. Hasta el 50% de los apostadores compulsivos en grupos de apoyo reportan problemas con drogas y alcohol. [2]

Tenga en cuenta que, aunque muchos apostadores compulsivos finalmente cometerán un delito como resultado de su adicción a las apuestas, abogados, policías, sistemas de cortes, establecimientos penales y otras organizaciones de servicios humanos no detectarán un desorden con los juegos de azar y, por lo tanto, no abordarán, en última instancia, la raíz del problema. Por lo general, los sistemas legales y de justicia penal no están equipados para detectar adicciones a las apuestas y no proporcionan servicios para tratamiento de apoyo para personas encarceladas debido a delitos producidos por un desorden con los juegos de azar. Adicionalmente, si bien los consejeros dentro de los establecimientos penales están familiarizados por lo común con la realización de evaluaciones y el establecimiento de tratamientos para alcohólicos, drogadictos y delincuentes violentos, muy pocos han indagado en la patología, las evaluaciones y el tratamiento para las personas con problemas con los juegos de azar. 

Finalmente, investigaciones han revelado que en todos los grupos de edad, las personas con problemas con los juegos de azar están más propensas a consumir alcohol, a usar drogas, a experimentar problemas de salud mental y a participar en actos ilegales que las personas apostadoras sin problemas o en menor riesgo de adicción a los juegos de azar.

Por lo general, las personas con problemas con los juegos de azar se enfrentan a muchas consecuencias y desafíos legales, desafíos para la salud mental y problemas en sus relaciones debido a su adicción a las apuestas. Este año, los datos de la línea de ayuda 888-ADMIT-IT revelaron que el 21% de los contactos reportaron haberse enfrentado a problemas legales, tanto acciones civiles como penales, como resultado de su adicción a las apuestas. Dadas las considerables deudas, no sorprende encontrar que el 34% de los contactos de este año se declararon en bancarrota al menos una vez o tienen un caso por bancarrota en la actualidad debido a su problema con los juegos de azar (una disminución del 50% en 2020/2021 que vio altos niveles de bancarrota durante la pandemia). También es importante tener en cuenta que la tasa de divorcios entre los apostadores en el año fiscal 2021/2022 fue del 32% en comparación con el 18% en 2020/2021. Esto probablemente atestigua las dificultades financieras y en las relaciones a las que se enfrentan las familias donde uno de sus miembros tiene un problema con los juegos de azar. Existen consecuencias sociales y económicas, claras y a largo plazo, tanto para las personas apostadoras como para sus familias.

La esperanza y la ayuda están aquí

En honor al Mes nacional de la prevención contra el delito, es momento de tomar medidas y comenzar a ayudar a las personas y a las familias detrás de estas estadísticas. Sin métodos prácticos de identificación e intervención, las actividades y problemas con los juegos de azar continuarán de manera habitual mientras los encarcelamientos y los actos ilegales se volverán a cometer luego de que las personas sean liberadas. El FCCG ha reconocido este problema y ha respondido con la línea de ayuda 888-ADMIT-IT, brindando asistencia y recursos especiales para aquellas personas que se enfrentan a acciones legales en un caso relacionado con un problema con los juegos de azar. En nuestra línea de ayuda multilingüe, confidencial y 24/7, las personas que están luchando con estas situaciones pueden obtener la ayuda que necesitan para abordar problemas legales pendientes y comenzar el camino de la recuperación. 

Algunos de los servicios que se ofrecen en la línea de ayuda 888-ADMIT-IT son:

  • Programa en línea del FCCG para personas con problemas con los juegos de azar (OPPG, por sus siglas en inglés)
  • Programa de conexión entre pares del FCCG
  • Información y remisiones sobre grupos de apoyo y de autoayuda 
  • Opciones del Programa de autoexclusión 
  • Programas de recursos y asistencia financiera
  • Programas de recursos y asistencia legal

Si usted o alguien que usted conoce está enfrentando dificultades por problemas con los juegos de azar, hoy pueden comenzar el viaje de recuperación comunicándose con la línea de ayuda multilingüe, confidencial, gratuita y 24/7, 888-ADMIT-IT (888-236-4848), por texto (321-978-0555), por correo electrónico ([email protected]), por chat (gamblinghelp.org) o visitando nuestras redes sociales.  

  1. Custer, Robert L., and Harry Milt. When Luck Runs out: Help for Compulsive Gamblers and Their Families. Warner Books, 1986.
  2. Furr, Robert C. Gambling on Credit: Exploring the Link Between Compulsive Gambling and Access to Credit. Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling, Inc., mayo de 2006, https://gamblinghelp.org/assets/research_pdfs/Gambling_and_Problem_Gambling_Prevalence_Among_Adults_in_Florida_August_10_2011.pdf.

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Chris Burke Wins 2022 MSPT Deadwood Shootout ($89,725); Reichard 3rd to Take POY Lead

Chris Burke Wins 2022 MSPT Deadwood Shootout ($89,725); Reichard 3rd to Take POY Lead

Chris Burke

The Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) returned to historic Deadwood, South Dakota for the 2022 MSPT Deadwood Shootout at Silverado-Franklin Casino.

The $1,100 buy-in, $100K GTD Main Event was one to remember as a total of 422 entries (210 from Day 1a; 212 from 1b) were tallied, generating a total prize pool of $407,840.

On Sunday, 56 players returned for Day 2 action, and after the dust settled, it was Chris Burke who came out on top to win the $89,725 top prize and his first MSPT title. Burke has made a few MSPT final tables over the years, but the win was his biggest score to date.

“Man you know, I just had a feeling,” said the Waubay, South Dakota native after his win. This was especially true in regards to a pivotal pot he played against Josh Reichard when he made a huge call.

Howard’s first MSPT cash came back in 2015 when he finished fifth at Grand Falls Casino for $12,513, and since then he has accumulated around $50,000 in MSPT earnings.

2022 MSPT Deadwood Shootout Final Table Results

Place Player Nationality Prize
1 Chris Burke United States $89,725
2 Justin Barnum United States $55,467
3 Josh Reichard United States $40,376
4 Josh Evans United States $29,772
5 Nick Marchiando United States $22,431
6 Dave Ouellette United States $17,129
7 Aaron Raap United States $13,459
8 Terence Reid United States $10,604
9 Wesley Cannon United States $7,749

With 45 slated to get paid, only 11 players had to be eliminated before the money was reached. Among those to leave empty-handed was Ryan Remington, Josh Kieval, and Ashly Hafdew, just to name a few.

Once Adam Wilbur bubbled in 46th place, the race to the final table began. Among those to fall along the way, albeit with a payday, were Louis Anderson (10th – $6,525), bracelet winner Chad Himmelspach(22nd – $3,304), Dylan Meier (23rd – $3,304), Deadwood Champ Gerald Cunniff (24th- $3,303), Richard Dixon (25th- $2,855), and 2018 MSPT player of the year Aaron Johnson (39th – $2,243).

Final Table Action

MSPT Deadwood Shootout Final Table
MSPT Deadwood Shootout Final Table

Reichard entered the final table with a stack of 3.1 million, well ahead of the rest of the field as second place was only at 1.2 million. It didn’t take long before Wesley Cannon dropped out in ninth place after running his ace-queen into Nick Marchiando’s ace-king.

Soon afterward, Burke won a massive pot off of Reichard when Burke called an all-in raise on the flop with just second pair and held, this was a pivotal moment as Burke then began to stack chips quickly.

After the dinner break, Terence Reid hit the rail after getting it all in with king-jack against Evans’ pocket fives and failed to improve. The next player to be sent home was Day 1a chip leader Aaron Raap, whose ace-jack came up just short of Burkes’s ace-queen.

Dave Ouellette was next on the chopping block after his king-jack was beaten by Burke’s pocket nines. Shortly after, Marchiando departed in fifth place after his king-queen couldn’t hold up to Reichard’s pocket aces.

Four-handed play didn’t last long before Josh Evans got it in with ace-eight but was dominated against Burke’s ace-ten with both a ten and an eight on the board.

Wisconsin’s Josh Reichard Becomes Tenth Player Inducted Into MSPT Hall of Fame

Reichard Takes POY Lead

Three-handed action saw the two big stacks Reichard and Burke get it all in preflop after the latter jammed into ther former. Reichard tank-called with pocket sevens against Burke’s ace-queen. The six-jack-ten flop was safe for Reichard, but a king came on the turn to give Burke a Broadway straight and left Reichard drawing dead as he exited in third.

Reichard’s deep finish moved him ahead of Dan Bekavac on the MSPT Season 13 Player of the Year Leaderboard. Reichard now has 5,125 points while Bekavac sits with 4,850. However, with five stops still remaining on the 2022 schedule, it’s still anyone’s game.

Joshua Reichard 3rd
MSPT Hall of Famer Josh Reichard

Going into heads-up play, Burke had over 9 million of the total 10.5 million chips in play. The battle between Justin Barnum and Burke lasted a whole three hands before Barnum ripped it in with eight-ten suited against Burke with ace-deuce. Barnum flopped an eight and was looking good until the river came the ace from space to eliminate him in second for $55,467 and awarded Burke the title and trophy.

Barnum, who just placed second in the MSPT Main Event San Diego, when asked about his experience as runner-up again, said…

“It was really great being here in South Dakota with both the poker and the beautiful nature and surroundings… the dealers and staff were awesome…I placed second, again, but one of these times the cards are gonna fall my way and I’m gonna get that trophy.”

Congratulations to Chris Burke on becoming the 2022 MSPT Deadwood Shootout champion!

The MSPT will now head to Iowa’s Riverside Casino from October 27-30 for a $1,100 buy-in, $300K GTD Main Event. That will be followed by two events at Venetian Las Vegas in November, a stop at Minnesota’s Running Aces Casino from December 1-11, and then a season-ending Main Event at Venetian from December 28-30. Click here for more on the MSPT’s remaining schedule.

Check out the MSPT Hub on PokerNews here!

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