PartyPoker's Daily fastfoward Leaderboards to Give Out More Than P$1,000 Every Day

The fastforward cash game lobbies on PartyPoker are some of the most popular on the platform, and now players on the site can play for a share of over P$1,000 thanks to the daily fastforward leaderboards.

However, it must be noted that only players with a current cashback boost of over 30% on PartyPoker are eligible to take part in the leaderboards. Furthermore, only points earned from fastforward No Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Hold’em cash games will only count towards your leaderboard position.

Leaderboard Rewards

Two daily fastforward leaderboards run from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. (GMT/BST)., with points for the leaderboards accrued through rake contribution ($1 rake = four points).

Anyone who finishes in the paid places on the leaderboard will receive their reward in the form of partydollars (P$), which can be used for future online cash games and tournament buy-ins.

$0.50/$1 and Above

Position Reward
1 P$100
2 P$70
3 P$50
4 to 5 P$40
6 to 10 P$30
11 to 20 P$20

$0.25/$0.50 and below

Position Reward
1 P$50
2 P$35
3 P$25
4 to 5 P$20
6 to 10 P$15
11 to 15 P$10
16 to 25 P$5
26 to 40 P$2.50

PartyPoker Revamps MTT Schedule; Launches Two New Sunday Majors

fastforward Tips From Jaime Staples

PartyPoker ambassador Jaime Staples shared some top tips for fastforward cash games earlier this year and now is the perfect time to refresh your memory for the format.

Staples expands on the tips he provides below, so be sure to check out the full article in the link above:

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Use the Fast Forward Button
  • Steal More From Late Positions
  • Stick to Fundementals

Join PartyPoker To Get This Incredible Welcome Package

New PartyPoker customers can get a 100% match-up to $600 welcome bonus plus up to $30 worth of free play in the form of SPINS tickets. Download PartyPoker via PokerNews, create your account, and decide how much you want to deposit.

Deposit $10, and you receive $10 worth of tickets over six days:

  • Day 1: 1x $5 SPINS and 5x $0.25 SPINS tickets
  • Day 2: 5x $0.25 SPINS tickets
  • Day 4: 5x $0.25 SPINS tickets
  • Day 6: 5x $0.25 SPINS tickets

Do You Know The Fastest Way to Earn PartyPoker Cashback?

Make your first deposit of $20 or greater to receive the following package worth $30:

  • Day 1: 1x $5 SPINS and 5x $1 SPINS tickets
  • Day 2: 1x $5 SPINS and 5x $1 SPINS tickets
  • Day 4: 4x $1 SPINS tickets
  • Day 6: 2x $3 SPINS tickets

Your initial deposit is matched 100% up to a maximum of $600. The bonus releases into your playable account balance in 10% increments of the deposit amount. You must earn four times the bonus amount in loyalty payments within 90 days to release the total amount.

The bonus is slightly different for residents of the United Kingdom. Your deposit bonus is 100% up to £400, with the same release rates. Your deposit of at least £10 comes with £40 of free play, consisting of the following:

  • Day 1: 5x $1 SPINS and 1x $5.50 MTT tickets
  • Day 2: 1x $3 SPINS and 1x $3.30 MTT tickets
  • Day 3: 1x $3 SPINS and 1x $5.50 MTT tickets
  • Day 4: 4x $0.25 SPINS and 4x $2.20 MTT tickets
  • Day 5: 1x $5 SPINS and 1x $3.30 MTT tickets
  • Day 6: 5x $1 SPINS and 2x $2.20 MTT tickets
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