Philip Rivers's Kids - Find Out Their 9 Names And Ages Here

Philip Rivers has such a big family that
in November 2019, the bookies were offering odds on his future.

Would he retire from the NFL, or have
another baby first?

Well, as we all know, Rivers left the NFL in January 2021, after playing 16 seasons for the Chargers and one for the Colts.

But has he ruled out having any more

The former NFL star and his wife,
Tiffany, have never put a number on how many they want so there could be even
more on the way…

Philip Rivers’s Children

Philip Rivers has nine kids.


That’s seven girls and two boys, ranging in ages from three to 20 years:

  • Halle (20)
  • Caroline (17)
  • Grace (16)
  • Gunner (14)
  • Sarah (12)
  • Peter (11)
  • Rebecca (8)
  • Clare (6)
  • Anna (3)
Eight of the nine Rivers’ children pictured with their parents on a family vacation. [Image: Daily Mail]

During his playing days, Rivers went
to extreme lengths to create time to see his kids, including converting the
back of his car into a mobile film room.

This meant he could watch film on his two-hour commute home and still make it back for family dinner time.

Inside the $200k mobile film room. [Image: Twitter/JoePompliano]

Now that he’s retired, he fortunately gets to spend a lot more time with his whole family at their home in Alabama.

He is currently a coach at St.
Michael Catholic High School, where one of his children, Gunner, plays

The most recent addition to this
family is little Anna, born in March 2019.

As the ninth little one of their
crew, there were jokes on Twitter
that, if they included mom and dad, the Rivers could
field a whole offense!

How Philip Rivers Met Tiffany Goodwin

With an ever-growing family of beautiful kids we’re all dying to know how Philip Rivers met his beloved wife, Tiffany.

It’s a classic childhood sweetheart kinda story.

They started dating in middle school and ended up marrying whilst at college at NC State.

Philip was just 19 years old, and Tiffany converted to his faith, Catholicism, the night before their big day.

Their first child, Halle, was born the summer before Philip’s senior year of college. 

Philip Rivers and his wife Tiffancy with their first child Halle
Image: Twitter/PackFootball

Both Philip and Tiffany are devout
Catholics; the church and their faith having only deepened their bond.

And it’s their refusal to use contraception, opting instead to use the Natural Family Planning technique that probably has a lot to do with their large family.

The Future Is Bright

Being a father to nine children and the
head coach of a football team means that, even in retirement, Philip Rivers is
kept busy.

However, being busy has never stopped
the Rivers from having children in the past.

So, don’t rule out the possibility of
baby number 10 being announced sometime soon.

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