"PimPitup14" Triumphs in Thrilling Showdown in the 888poker $100K Mystery Bounty

Luxembourg’s “PimPitup14” is $7,834 richer than they were a couple of days ago thanks to taking down the latest edition of the 888poker $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event. A field of 928 entrants, made up of 772 unique players and 156 re-entries, fought tooth and nail for a slice of the $100,000 prize pool.

Day 1 ended with only nine players in the mix for the title of champion and the largest main prize pool prize. The three chunkiest mystery bounties, two worth $3,000 and one weighing in at $10,000, were all won before the curtain came down on Day 1 proceedings.

Fiftieth-place finisher “CurrD” claimed a $3,000 scalp before they bowed out, with the other two big bounties won by players who reached the final table. “1IIIIIIIIIIII1” clinched a $3,000 bounty, while “LuiMartins” reeled in the $10,000 jackpot, which ultimately meant they won the most prize money despite their tournament ending in a sixth-place finish.

$100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

Rank Player Country Chips Big Blinds
1 1IIIIIIIIIIII1 Thailand 3,889,256 97
2 ForSalary Mexico 2,201,505 55
3 PimPitup14 Luxembourg 2,024,626 51
4 LuiMartins Brazil 1,951,452 49
5 kaua. Brazil 1,328,915 33
6 championamin Canada 939,706 24
7 Suic1deKin9 Thailand 785,913 20
8 Inflaatio Finland 668,740 17
9 eyetoeye14 United Kingdom 129,887 3

The final table exploded into life during the very first hand. British grinder “eyetoeye14” sat down with a mere three big blinds, and they went into the middle of the table from early position with ace-eight. “LuiMartins” called the all-in from the next seat along with ace-jack, only for “Inflaatio” to squeeze to 13.5 big blinds with pocket tens in middle position.

The action did not stop there because “championamin” ripped in 22.2 bigs from the small blind with ace-six of clubs! “LuiMartins” ducked out of the way, but “Inflaatio” called off the three big blind they left behind. The pocket tens held, busting “eyetoeye14” and more than doubling the stack of “Inflaatio.”

Brazil’s “kaua.” busted in eighth place in cruel circumstances. “ForSalary” min-raised with king-jack in middle position, “PimPitup14” called on the button with king-queen of diamonds, only for “kaua.” To jam for 24.3 big blinds in the big blind with ace-king. “ForSalary” folded, but “PimPitup14” called. The community cards displayed three diamonds by the turn, gifting “PimPitup14” a hand-winning flush.

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The final table became officially short-handed with the elimination of “ForSalary” in seventh on the 45-minute mark. Having lost most of their stack with ace-queen against the ace-king of “championamin,” “ForSalary” open-shoved for 13.5 big blinds with pocket fives in late position, but did not count on “PimPitup14” waking up in the small blind with pocket aces. The five community cards provided no drama, and “ForSalary” was done and dusted.

“LuiMartins” lost his short stack to “Inflaatio” and finished in sixth place. They moved all-in for 5.5 big blinds with ace-four, and “Inflaatio” called with queen-jack. “LuiMartins” turned two pair, but the river put four clubs on the board, and “Inflaatio” held the jack of clubs. Good game.

The final five became four when “1IIIIIIIIIIII1” found themselves on the sidelines, despite sitting down at the final table with by far the largest stack. Their final hand was a battle of the blinds. “Inflaatio” moved all-in from the small blind for 10.8 big blinds effective, and “1IIIIIIIIIIII1” instantly called with pocket kings. “Inflaatio” turned over ace-eight, which flopped an ace, and the barcode player bowed out.

An ill-timed move by “Suic1deKin9” saw them heading for the exits. “Inflaatio” min-raised with ace-jack and quickly called the 17 big blind all-in three-bet “Suic1deKin9” made with the dominated ace-seven in the big blind. Both players paired their kicker, which was not enough to prevent “Suic1deKin9” from crashing out.

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Heads-up was reached when the aggressive “Inflaatio” went from chip leader to third-place finisher. Their final participation was to raise 10.3 big blind with ace-nine, leaving themselves a solitary big blind behind. “PimPitup14” called in the small blind with ace-king, and the last chips went into the middle on a king-high flop. “Inflaatio” had a backdoor flush draw, on the flop, and a gutshot straight on the turn, but they missed all of those outs.

“PimPitup14” went into heads-up against “championamin” holding a three-to-one chip lead. The one-on-one battle was short-lived, ending in a bizarre hand where “PimPitup14” min-raised with queen-nine, and “championamin” called with queen-eight. A nine-deuce-nine flop saw “championamin” jam 41.5 big blinds into the middle, and they were snapped off. “championamin” picked up a spade flush on the turn, but the river bricked, handing the title to “PimPitup14.”

$100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Results

Rank Player Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 PimPitup14 Luxembourg $529 $7,305 $7,834
2 championamin Canada $2,047 $5,340 $7,387
3 Inflaatio Finland $2,734 $3,925 $6,659
4 Suic1deKin9 Thailand $187 $2,885 $3,072
5 1IIIIIIIIIIII1 Thailand $3,377 $2,135 $5,512
6 LuiMartins Brazil $10,234 $1,590 $11,824
7 ForSalary Mexico $809 $1,195 $2,004
8 kaua. Brazil $1,124 $905 $2,029
9 eyetoeye14 United Kingdom $1,124 $690 $1,814

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