Podcast - Buddy Frank & G2E 2022

Our guests this week are: colin Jones, Darryl Purpose, and Byrnin Down The House.  For our last episode about Blackjack we wanted to have a blackjack roundtable.  We talk about how blackjack has changed over the last 45 years, and how Byrnin is still able to play 100 hours per month just counting cards.


[00:00]  Introduction of Colin Jones, Darryl Purpose, and Burning Down the House

[01:00]  Current blackjack conditions

[03:38]  How long could Burning Down the House continue to play?

[05:57]  Betting, cover, max bets

[07:30]  Darryl’s approach to cover, use of big players

[10:08]  Colin and The Church Team’s approach to cover, changes over time

[15:56]  Playing abroad

[18:52]  Expenses when traveling to casinos abroad

[22:18]  Playing in the UK

[23:58]  Getting stiff, cheating accusations, and confiscated chips

[29:07]  Generating EV at blackjack

[32:02]  Commercials

[34:00]  Playing music, playing blackjack, and favorite hands

[45:15]  Playing without a player’s card

[47:50]  Recommended:  We Own This City on HBO, Singer Songwriter Heaven by Kevin Faherty, Darryl Purpose at McCabes, Tales from the Felt

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Singer Songwriter Heaven by Kevin Faherty


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