Podcast - Buddy Frank & G2E 2022

 No guest this week as we answer questions from our mail bag. 

We welcome your questions – send them to us at [email protected], or you can find me at @RWM21 on Twitter or https://www.facebook.com/GamblingWithAnEdge.

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Show Notes

[00:00]  Introduction

[04:46]  RNGs in video poker

[05:47]  Las Vegas Advisor free play strategies

[06:57]  Does play on a cruise affect ADT or status at brick and mortar casinos

[10:05]  Video poker session length

[12;41]  Second language value for APs

[15:25]  Video poker progressives strategy cards, common progressive games

[17:43]  Generating losses, lifetime win for slot players

[19:09]  Recording video poker sessions

[20:48]  Books about Las Vegas

[26:39]  Ultimate X Gold strategy

[29:06]  A player who lives on a boat and travels to play promotions

[30:48]  Video poker card frequencies

[31:46]  Blackjack spreads and playing for comps

[33:00]  Playing at a newly opened casino

[36:08]  Commercials

[38:29]  Favorite advantage play game

[41:11]  Remaining in a casino’s database, OSN

[43:30]  Misdeals 

[44:35]  Doubling on 12 as cover

[47:05]  Buying in at tables with slot tickets

[49:05]  Recommended:  The Night Agent on Netflix

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