PokerStars NJ/MI Sunset Series: Nearly $300K Awarded; “MrMittens85” Wins Sunday Special

There was nonstop poker action during the month of July, and there were no exceptions on the merged market of PokerStars New Jersey/Michigan, which hosted the Sunset Series. The PokerStars NJ/MI Sunset Series, which took place alongside a congruent series in the segregated Pennsylvania market, ran through July 31 and gave players the opportunity to qualify for upcoming live events at Live! Philadelphia.

Earlier in the series, PokerNews highlighted some of the Sunset Series winners on PokerStars NY/MI, including “OJ Limpsinnnn” and Dan “Dr Dad 1819” Schill.

All told, the series catered to a combined 7,832 entrants and awarded $298,328.80 in prize money.

Here’s a look at the rest of the series, which closed out on July 31 with the $2,000 guaranteed Sunset Series 36: $20 PLO [Hyper-Turbo, Progressive Total KO, PLO TKO].

Read About The Early Sunset Series Winners In PA, NJ & MI!

Sun Sets On Debut Sunset Series

As the sun finally set on Sunset Series, the 72-event schedule gave players a lot to be excited about. The debut of Sunset Series wrapped up on Monday, boasting over half a million awarded in prize pools, six packages given to Summer Series, and many first-time events, including the debut of a mobile-only series event.

Results Summary

  • $543,003.60 in Prize Pools (vs. $360,900 GTD)
  • 14,566 Total Entries
  • 72 Sunset Series champions crowned
  • 229 Unique Entries in the Mobile Stars
  • 6 Summer Series Packages Awarded

Sunset Series debuted the mobile only event, a midnight series event, late editions, live event packages, PLO variants, and more. All of which came at a time of great enthusiasm in the poker community.

Satellites are running on PokerStars throughout the month of August, with the opportunity to qualify for as little as $2 for Summer Series and play at Philly Live!

“MrMittens85” Wins Sunday Special – Series Edition

On July 28, another tournament was held to send award one lucky winner a live package to the upcoming live Live! Philadelphia stop. The $10 buy-in Event #23: NLHE [Summer Series – $1,100 Package] attracted 187 entrants and saw “tex-gambit” punch their ticket to the City of Brotherly Love.

Likewise, on July 30, Event #30: $20 NLHE [Summer Series – $2,200 Package] attracted 208 runners and saw “s7duz” also win a live poker package.

PokerStars NJ/MI Sunset Series: Nearly 0K Awarded; “MrMittens85” Wins Sunday Special 101

Additionally, there were some other big tournaments this past Sunday including Event # 32: $200 NLHE [Turbo, High Roller Sunset Chance], $15K Gtd, which attracted 146 players and awarded a $27,156 prize pool. Emerging victorious in that one was “ThaTsYY”, who earned $5,643.25 for their first-place finish.

While that was a nice payday, one player nearly earned three times that much in Event #31: $100 NLHE [Sunday Special – Series Edition], $75K Gtd, which saw 1,008 entrants generate a $92,534.40 prize pool. After nearly eight hours of play, it was “MrMittens85” claiming victory to the tune of $15,111.75.

PokerStars NJ/MI Sunset Series: Nearly 0K Awarded; “MrMittens85” Wins Sunday Special 102

Finally, the series wrapped with the aforementioned Event #36: $20 PLO [Hyper-Turbo, Progressive Total KO, PLO TKO], which had “DashBustsAgain” finish as the last player standing to win the title and $762.84 in prize money.

A full list of the PokerStars NJ/MI Sunset Series winners is available in the table below.

PokerStars NJ/MI Sunset Series Winners

21-Jul Sunset Series 1: $10 NLHE [PLE/PLO Mix – PLO Warmup], $1K Gtd 383 $3,485.30 “OJ Limpsinnnn” $631.88
21-Jul Sunset Series 2: $50 NLHE [Turbo, Friday Night Fight – Sunset Edition], $4K Gtd 218 $9,919 “Natron1975” $2,148.34
21-Jul Sunset Series 3: $20 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, 5-Max], $3K Gtd 249 $4,681.20 “DonDiggums” $717.53
22-Jul Sunset Series 4: $30 PLO [PLO 4-Max], $2K Gtd 153 $4,176.90 “OJ Limpsinnnn” $850.51
22-Jul Sunset Series 5: $50 NLHE [Turbo, Deepstack Saturday – Sunset Edition], $3K Gtd 145 $6,597.50 “RandyLahey SV” $1,371.09
23-Jul Sunset Series 6: $20 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Midnight Express], $3.5K Gtd 311 $5,846.80 “RazorsEdge16” $978.97
23-Jul Sunset Series 7: $5 NLHE [Summer Series – $550 Package], $1.25K Gtd 383 1 Seat+ “Zlajamiest” Entry
23-Jul Sunset Series 8: $50 NLHE [Turbo, Special Sunset Chance], $12.5K Gtd 412 $18,746 “insatiable” $3,414.33
23-Jul Sunset Series 9: $20 NLO [Turbo, NLO], $2K Gtd 175 $3,185 “Ray3084” $579.86
24-Jul Sunset Series 10: $100 PLO [Marquee PLO], $10K Gtd 152 $13,953.60 “D2DBLV” $2,899.72
24-Jul Sunset Series 11: $50 NLHE [Turbo, Progressive KO, Battle Royale – Sunset Edition], $4K Gtd 135 $6,142.50 “Acv11111” $1,432.58
24-Jul Sunset Series 12: $20 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, 4-Max], $3K Gtd 164 $3,083.20 “whyisjadakis” $627.89
25-Jul Sunset Series 13: $20 NLO [Progressive KO, NLO KO], $2K Gtd 192 $3,494.40 “JOVdaGRINDER” $833.20
25-Jul Sunset Series 14: $50 NLHE [Turbo, Super Tuesday – Sunset Edition], $5K Gtd 167 $7,598.50 “kbeck3” $1,530.99
25-Jul Sunset Series 15: $30 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Bounty Builder Express], $3.5K Gtd 166 $4,681.20 “HoraceOwens1313” $1,089.05
26-Jul Sunset Series 16: $30 PLO8 [PLO8], $2K Gtd 138 $3,767.40 “ferretcard” $794.80
26-Jul Sunset Series 18: $50 NLHE [Turbo, Wednesday Storm – Sunset Edition], $4K Gtd 141 $6,415.50 “ThaTsYY” $1,353.46
26-Jul Sunset Series 19: $20 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Zoom PKO], $3K Gtd 220 $4,136 Dan “Dr Dad 1819” Schill $936.12
27-Jul Sunset Series 20: $20 5-Card PLO, $2K Gtd 156 $2,839.20 “Casvegas1” $469.66
27-Jul Sunset Series 21: $50 NLHE [Turbo, Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill], $5K Gtd 188 $8,554.00 “Smokey9782” $671.57
27-Jul Sunset Series 22: $30 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Adrenaline], $3.5K Gtd 173 $4,878.60 “7_1fent7_7” $973.18
28-Jul Sunset Series 23: $10 NLHE [Summer Series – $1,100 Package], $1.8K Gtd 187 1 Seat “tex-gambit” Entry
28-Jul Sunset Series 24: $30 PLO [PLO Win the Button], $2K Gtd 120 $3,276 “TeamZim” $718.10
28-Jul Sunset Series 25: $50 NLHE [Turbo, Progressive KO, Friday Night – Sunsent Edition], $4K Gtd 195 $8,872.50 “PowerRanges” $2,134.52
28-Jul Sunset Series 26: $20 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Progressive Total KO, 5-Max TKO], $3K Gtd 346 $6,504.80 “Kevin Is A Mush” $1,823.64
29-Jul Sunset Series 27: $30 PLO [Progressive KO, PLO KO], $2K Gtd 152 $4,149.60 “senor stinks” $917.39
29-Jul Sunset Series 28: $50 NLHE [Turbo, Deepstack Sat – Sunsetn Edition], $4K Gtd 133 $6,051.50 “sticks1954” $1,330.74
30-Jul Sunset Series 29: $20 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Midnight Express – PKO], $3.5K GTD 341 $6,410.80 “RunninItUp98” $982
30-Jul Sunset Series 30: $20 NLHE [Summer Series – $2,200 Package], $2.9K Gtd 208 1 Seat “s7duz” Entry
30-Jul Sunset Series 31: $100 NLHE [Sunday Special – Series Edition], $75K Gtd 1,008 $92,534.40 “MrMittens85” $15,111.75
30-Jul Sunset Series 32: $200 NLHE [Turbo, High Roller Sunset Chance], $15K Gtd 146 $27,156 “ThaTsYY” $5,643.25
30-Jul Sunset Series 33: $30 PLO [Turbo, Progressive KO, PLO Big KO], $2K Gtd 153 $4,176.90 “mewmewMEOW” $1,002.69
31-Jul Sunset Series 34: $30 5-Card PLO [Progressive KO, 5-Card PLO PKO], $2K Gtd 136 $3,712.80 “NotYourID” $998.93
31-Jul Sunset Series 35: $50 NLHE [Turbo, Progressive KO, Battle Royale – Sunset Edition], $4K Gtd 147 $6,688.50 “JBzDAD” $1,639.24
31-Jul Sunset Series 36: $20 PLO [Hyper-Turbo, Progressive Total KO, PLO TKO], $2K Gtd 139 $2,613.20 “DashBustsAgain” $762.84

Be sure to keep an eye on all of the great PokerStars events coming up in the Pennsylvania and Michigan/New Jersey markets.

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