Pragmatic Donates €100,000 to Support Turkey-Syria Earthquake Relief Efforts

The donation was forwarded to the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). Pragmatic hopes that the money can be used to undo some of the damage done by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit the city of Gaziantep in Türkiye, leading to the collapse of roads, hospitals, residential buildings and more.

Pragmatic Play Stresses the Importance of Helping Those Impacted

The number of people still trapped under the rubble is unknown and many people are categorized as missing in what is expected to be a growing death toll from the calamity. Across the border with Syria, and was felt across Aleppo, Latakia, and Hama.

Efforts have been also backed by the Turkish Red Crescent with the operations stretching across the border in Syria and relief funds underway. Food, medicine, and manpower have been dispatched. Volunteers from the entire world have flocked in to help with governments sending teams at the beginning of the disaster.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent has cautioned that five million people in the country have been impacted by the earthquake. Pragmatic hopes that its contributions will help caution against some of the damage and help with the provision of shelter, food, warm blankets, winter kits, and emergency medical treatment for those impacted.

More People Should Step Up and Back the Countries in The Hard Times

Pragmatic Play CEO Julian Jarvis spoke of the event and the need for everyone to act and do so quickly:

What has happened in Turkey and Syria is truly devastating. Pragmatic Play stands in solidarity with all those affected, and we are proud to support the British Red Cross and their contribution to humanitarian efforts in the region. We urge everyone to donate what they can to ensure that urgent aid continues to be delivered at this time of exceptional need.

Pragmatic Play CEO Julian Jarvis

British Red Cros Gibraltar Branch Cdr Edward L Davies RN thanked Pragmatic Play for the contribution and said that it will help with the continuous efforts to support the people who have been affected by the earthquake.

 “With our vital work still ongoing, we welcome any other donations which can be made through the DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal website,” Davies concluded.

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