Progressive Slots for Free: Jackpots for Fun

Much of the appeal of online slots, including free online slots, is the big win potential from relatively small bets on each spin. At any time, a one-coin spin could yield hundreds or even thousands of coins back in return. That’s for standard slots, though.

The progressive slots featured in free-to-play games, which can be found online, enhance the maximum prize further, with an ever-increasing ticker showing you exactly how much could be won.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that progressive slots for free have become very popular. Working in a very similar way to real-money progressive slots, the big-win potential is there for all to see, and most of the time, anyone could become the big winner.

Here, you’ll find out how progressive jackpots work, both real money and progressive jackpots free of charge, as well as the best progressive slots for free right now.

What are Progressive Jackpot Slots?

It used to be that land-based and online slots, free or real money, would be limited in their maximum payouts based on the game mechanics and how much exposure the providers can risk. To make for near-limitless jackpots, the ingenious idea of the progressive jackpot began to be implemented by developers. These jackpots continue to rise with each play, and as the amounts are often put on top of slot game tiles, they become very eye-catching.

Progressive jackpot slots work by taking a small percentage of each bet on the game and adding it to a pool. This way, whenever someone spins, the potential top prize for everyone increases. As online slots are so accessible, there can be hundreds or thousands of players keeping the jackpot increasing at once simply by playing the slot or one of the connected slots to the progressive jackpot.

When it comes to progressive slots free games, the method is very much the same, instead taking small percentages of the virtual money bets into the ever-growing pool rather than real money. You’ll often find that, once the jackpot drops on a player, the seed value (what the jackpot resets to after fully paying out) is higher than with most real money progressive jackpot slots.

Most of the time, to win a progressive jackpot for free, you just have to be playing at the right time. Often randomly triggered, you just have to be playing one of the connected games at any bet size at the time that the software randomly decides that it will drop the prize to win. Some of the more recent releases do hold their jackpots behind the familiar symbol combination wins or bonus features, though.

What are the Best Progressive Slots for Free?

Just as progressive jackpots have become popular at online casinos, you’ll find a whole host of free online games that come under the banner of the best progressive slots free to play. Keep reading to uncover more about each free progressive slot title and its gameplay.

Aztec Quest

Delve into the heart of topical jungles of Central America with your band on Conquistadors to discover the secrets and riches of the legendary Aztecs. Featuring 10,000 paylines, Sticky Wilds, and a Bonus game that can trigger its own Respins, there’s much to discover here.

Of course, the main prizes are the jackpots, of which there are four, with the Grand Jackpot being the progressive slots free prize. To trigger the drop, you’ll need to and the Grand Jackpot symbol anywhere on the reels during the Jackpot Respins Feature. Check out our review of Luckyland Slots to receive free chips to play on Aztec Quest today!

Stellar Wilds

If you’ve ever heard of the premium slot Starburst and enjoy its mechanics, you’ll likely find Stellar Wilds to be an entertaining progressive slot free to play. On top of the ever-increasing jackpot, which pays out when three Jackpot symbols land in view, the Wild symbols are particularly potent.

The space-themed free progressive slot has Wild symbols that, when they land, the Wilds expand to cover the full reel, hold in place, and trigger a Respin, continuing to Respin until new Wilds stop landing.

Frau’s Fortune: Elsa’s Bierfest

Found at House of Fun, which we rate very highly, the five-by-five Faur’s Fortune: Elsa’d Bierfest offers not one but four ever-increasing progressive jackpots.

Based in a classic German pub, to get to any of the jackpots, you need to land three or more of any of the Mixed Bonus symbols in the Free Spins mode to go to the Classic Star Jackpots Feature. You must land three of the same Mixed Bonus symbols in the feature to play its Mini Game Feature and have a shot at the free progressive jackpot.

Slotomania’s progressive slots for free

For a diverse selection of progressive slots free games, you can’t do much better than Slotomania, which has a huge bonus offer right now. Boasting multi-million, multi-billion, and even multi-trillion free progressive jackpot prizes on games, many players flock to Slotomania to try to win big.

Leading progressive slots free titles right now include Silver Lion, Legend of the Elements, King of Gold, Arctic Tiger, Temple Princess, Heroes of Cimmeria, and Straight Bullseye.

Progressive slots free of charge offer the thrills and potential of a huge, ever-growing top prize in far more accessible games. As you can see, there are many to discover online, but the titles highlighted are certainly the best on the market right now.

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