Ray-Ban smart glasses

There is no denying that AI is developing at an exponential rate. In recent months, the introduction of Meta’s new generation Ray-Ban smart glasses has created a buzz in the tech world. These glasses, resembling the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, are equipped with advanced technological features, raising concerns in various industries, including our own.

What makes these glasses different?

Released just in time for the holiday season last year, these smart glasses have the capability to be fitted with prescription lenses, serving both as seeing glasses and sunglasses. However, although they appear like your normal specs, these glasses are very far from it, allowing users to engage with Meta AI, the advanced conversational assistant. 

users can share their point of view through photographs and videos

The assistant can be used to spark creativity, source information and control features on the glasses, just by using voice commands. The glasses also include a 12MP camera, where users can share their point of view through photographs and videos, which can be shared instantly to friends, family, and on social media. 

Although revolutionary and clever, this dual functionality has caught the attention of many, including gambling industry experts. Overall, the glasses have sparked concerns ranging from privacy to ethical issues, but it is in our industry where their advanced capabilities could have a significant impact.

What do the experts think?

In order to gain insight on this matter, we recently conducted a survey with a panel of our very own gambling experts from VegasSlotsOnline. From this, we found that an overwhelming majority (90%), expressed the opinion that there should be a blanket ban on the use of these smart glasses within casinos. Furthermore, nine in ten (89%) of the experts believe that the technology has the potential to significantly impact other players in a negative way.

These concerns are not limited to physical casinos. More than two-thirds (67%) of the experts are also worried about online gamblers using smart glasses to cheat.

Recent tests conducted by Reddit users and YouTubers have highlighted the inconspicuous nature of these smart glasses in casino settings, validating the experts’ concerns. Users have reported entering casinos without anyone noticing the advanced capabilities of their eyewear.

Now is the time for gambling authorities worldwide to step in

Our research clearly shows that the emergence of smart glasses could pose significant risks to player safety. Gamblers are already using these capabilities to gain an unfair advantage, reminiscent of the skills of Rain Man. With industry giants like Ray Ban and Meta leading the way in this technology, it’s likely that we’ll soon see similar innovations from other companies. Now is the time for gambling authorities worldwide to step in and establish comprehensive guidelines to ensure fair play.

On this matter a spokesperson from VegasSlotsOnline says: 

“From card-counting to obtaining real-time playing information from fellow gamblers, the technology embedded in these smart glasses creates a potential advantage that, according to our experts, ‘demands immediate action.’ As the debate continues, the online gambling community faces a new challenge in maintaining fair play and ensuring the integrity of casino games in the face of rapidly evolving technologies.”

In conclusion, the new smart glasses by Meta have sparked concerns in our industry due to their potential for misuse in casinos. With features like Meta AI and the discreet camera, our experts fear an unfair advantage for users, prompting calls for a blanket ban in casinos. The inconspicuous nature of the glasses raises the urgency for regulatory guidelines to address risks and maintain fair play in both physical and online gambling settings.

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