Slotegrator Releases In-depth Guide to Asian iGaming

Slotegrator, the online casino aggregation and platform service provider, has released an in-depth study of the complicated and saturated Asian iGaming market. The study, released in the form of an online ebook, is available free of cost online and covers 22 countries grouped by region from well-known markets like Vietnam and China to lesser thought-of Asian countries such as Turkey.

Asia is home to 60% of the world’s population and millions of internet users. And while each country or region has its own quirks and uniqueness, the broad study made it possible for analysts to find commonalities. Readers who may be interested in culture and detailed facts about everything from favorite games and payment methods to analytical forecasts, yearly turnover, and emerging regulations will find the easy-to-access and digest information fascinating and useful.

The study allows observers and stakeholders to appreciate the nuances of individual markets whether looking at well-known behemoths or up-and-coming emergent markets.

Easy to Digest Information

Gems are easily chipped away from the larger stone with key facts about cultural inclinations for game preference, popular payment methods, and more. Readers will learn that the players in the Republic of Georgia are most fond of cryptocurrency gambling while Vietnam is continuing with its online regulatory pilot program, the Armenian market has tripled in size in less than five years, and data feeds can be customized for players in Indonesia or elsewhere.

One theme that runs throughout the wider market is players’ desire for live games. After all, with live dealer streams accounting for as much as 30% of global iGaming, it was Asians who first popularized the vertical as it gave them a better sense of trust and comfort. The data shows us where players prefer to play mahjong and dominoes (China) and where they prefer to play live dragon tiger baccarat.

The type of sports betting that is most popular in countries such as Kazakhstan, India, and Japan is extracted for easy consumption while the study still paints the picture with a broad brush that shows what is probably well known – football betting is popular everywhere.

While the information is most useful for operators, players can also find advantages in it as well. If you know which countries poker rooms are emerging in and have some collateral information, it can be a good place to start on a fish hunt that will help poker players plumb the depths to find pockets of opportunity.

While the broad information is valuable generally, the ebook also goes granular on several subjects. One example is the type of cryptocurrency players in certain areas prefer – this is especially important in markets where gambling transactions may be problematic for players due to restrictive laws and regulations and especially where stringent enforcement occurs. Players seem to be loyal to one favored cryptocurrency so a one-size-fits-all approach is not likely to work if the available currency isn’t one of the most popular in a country.

Detailed Granular Information

Topline information for each country includes population, median age, GDP per capita, mobile subscription rates, total internet penetration, and account ownership at a financial institution.

For instance, the United Arab Emirates holds nearly 10 million people at a median age of 38.4 with a GDP per capita of more than $36,000 per year. In 2020, internet penetration was 100% and mobile subscriptions per 100 inhabitants were 186 – indicating that many people have more than one carrier or are responsible for more than one line. 88.88% of UAE inhabitants own an account at a financial institution.

While that may look like a juicy peach, ready to pluck, the information is tempered with the fact that gambling is strictly prohibited under Islamic law.

Bringing the equation back to balance is the fact that the will to bet is strong there and the government has been more open than others in the Middle East to liberalize gambling as just one facet of a new economy weaning itself off oil. Another area of innovation in the emergent economy includes the use of AI in the economy, infrastructure, education, and more overseen by a Ministry for Artificial Intelligence.

A link for the ebook can be found (here).

Source: New ebook: iGaming in Asia, Slotegrator Pro, December 6, 2022

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