Social Betting App Wolfden Goes Live in Australia

A new social betting platform called Wolfden has just launched in Australia. The app, which is now available on Android and iOS sits at the junction of social media, news and wagering.

Wolfden Soft-Launched Its Platform

Wolfden aims to be a one-stop platform for everything sports and racing bettors might need. It will double as a social media for punters and will provide them with news, wagering offerings and betting tips. Fans can either download the app or access the platform on

According to Wolfden’s creators, the platform is designed in a similar manner to the United States’ Barstool Sports. Just like Barstool Sports, Wolfden is a socially-charged all-in-one app tailored to the needs of all kinds of sports fans. The creators explained that users can connect with their peers, find sports and racing content and chat through the Wolfchat feature of the Copy Bets option. The new app will also keep fans updated on the latest developments in sports through a dedicated news feed.

Wolfden’s team spent 15 months developing the innovative product and is now excited to finally showcase the results of its hard work. The new platform is powered by live odds and wagering products from ColossalBet, a leading NSW bookmaker.

The Company’s Team Wants to Engage Punters Like Never Before

Richard Irvine, Wolfden’s chief executive officer, said that the platform’s social aspects are what makes it so special. The team, therefore, wanted to make it so Wolfden covers all aspects of sports betting.

We wanted to create a social platform that is exclusively for punters. One app where you can get the latest injury and industry news. Plus tips that you can copy in one click, as well as the shared social experience that the bookie ring provided in years past.

Richard Irvine, CEO, Wolfden

Irvine and the entire Wolfden team will actively support the platform and will connect with the community through various posts on the app’s feed. The CEO added that his desire is to entertain punters with “funny, light content” that is designed to speak to their interests.

Irvine confirmed that one of the inspirations behind Wolfden was the famous Barstool Sports platform. He noted that his team’s vision is entertaining gamblers with exclusive content and big bets that will be shared on the feed.

Irvine concluded that Wolfden will be an engaging and inclusive space where sports bettors can share bets among themselves and follow real professionals in real-time.

Australians can download the app on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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