SportsDataIO and Mojo Ink Deal for the NFL

Leading sports data provider for gaming, media, and fantasy industries and winner of SBC’s Best Data Product award SportsDataIO has sealed a deal with sports stock market Mojo. The main purpose of the new partnership is for SportsDataIO to provide its valuable player data to Mojo. In return, the sports stock market founded by the owner of Minnesota Timberwolves Marc Lore together with co-owner Alex Rodriquez, and tech executives Bart Stein and Vinit Bharara will use the data to fuel its pricing engine.

Mojo Recently Launched in New Jersey With the NFL Season

The 103rd season of the National Football League (NFL) season started off on September 8 with the Kickoff Game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills. The company that brings together stock market mechanics and fantasy sports gambling officially launched its sports stock market platform in the Garden State after successfully raising $100 million from different investors.

New Jersey NFL aficionados now have the chance to place real money wagers on their favorite athletes’ career prospects, while making use of real-time changes in prices and instant liquidity. In other words, Mojo users are allowed to freely enter and exit any position at any given moment in time, similar to the way stocks work. Since the company has big plans to roll out in every US state where sports betting has become legal, it decided to choose the award-winning provider of data solutions to fuel it with the data it needs to power its pricing engine.

The value of athlete markets goes up and down from their initial public offering prices, influenced by the weekly performance of players, the market sentiment, and the expected value of their careers in the long run. According to Mojo’s vice president Lax Chandra, SportsDataIO has the “best-in-class player data.” Chandra added that the use of 100% accurate and opportune data like the data SportsDataIo can provide was critical for determining the opening value of a player’s stock. The VP praised the Philadelphia-headquartered company’s “comprehensive sports data solutions” mixed with the simplicity in use, calling them “essential” to Mojo’s launch right on time for the much-anticipated NFL season. 

Another Tier-One Brand That Trusts SportsDataIO 

SportsDataIO’s president Dustin Sullivan called Mojo “a sports stock market where fans can invest in athletes.” He added the company was excited to witness Mojo’s ongoing growth in the “exciting new market” while expressing their pride to have been chosen as a crucial ingredient to Mojo’s evolution. At the moment, SportsDataIO has close ties with 300 clients, including tier-one brands and clients such as FanDuel and Entain, now joined by Mojo.

Last month, NBC Sports’ Rotoworld and SportsDatalO inked an exclusive distribution partnership deal. SportsDataIO was launched one and a half decades ago and it offers access to data application programming interfaces, data visualizations, and predictive engines. 

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